Amos 6 (kjv)


WoeH1945 to them that are at easeH7600 in ZionH6726, and trustH982 in the mountainH2022 of SamariaH8111, which are namedH5344 chiefH7225 of the nationsH1471, to whom the houseH1004 of IsraelH3478 cameH935 !2PassH5674 ye unto CalnehH3641, and seeH7200; and from thence goH3212 ye to HamathH2574 the greatH7227 H2579: then go downH3381 to GathH1661 of the PhilistinesH6430: be they betterH2896 than these kingdomsH4467? or their borderH1366 greaterH7227 than your borderH1366?3Ye that put far awayH5077 the evilH7451 dayH3117, and cause the seatH7675 of violenceH2555 to come nearH5066;4That lieH7901 upon bedsH4296 of ivoryH8127, and stretchH5628 themselves upon their couchesH6210, and eatH398 the lambsH3733 out of the flockH6629, and the calvesH5695 out of the midstH8432 of the stallH4770;5That chantH6527 to the soundH6310 of the violH5035, and inventH2803 to themselves instrumentsH3627 of musickH7892, like DavidH1732;6That drinkH8354 wineH3196 in bowlsH4219, and anointH4886 themselves with the chiefH7225 ointmentsH8081: but they are not grievedH2470 for the afflictionH7667 of JosephH3130.

7Therefore now shall they go captiveH1540 with the firstH7218 that go captiveH1540, and the banquetH4797 of them that stretchedH5628 themselves shall be removedH5493.8The LordH136 GODH3069 hath swornH7650 by himselfH5315, saithH5002 the LORDH3068 the GodH430 of hostsH6635, I abhorH8374 the excellencyH1347 of JacobH3290, and hateH8130 his palacesH759: therefore will I deliver upH5462 the cityH5892 with all that is thereinH4393.9And it shall come to pass, if there remainH3498 tenH6235 menH582 in oneH259 houseH1004, that they shall dieH4191.10And a man's uncleH1730 shall take him upH5375, and he that burnethH5635 him, to bring outH3318 the bonesH6106 out of the houseH1004, and shall sayH559 unto him that is by the sidesH3411 of the houseH1004, Is there yet any with thee? and he shall sayH559, NoH657. Then shall he sayH559, Hold thy tongueH2013: for we may not make mentionH2142 of the nameH8034 of the LORDH3068.11For, behold, the LORDH3068 commandethH6680, and he will smiteH5221 the greatH1419 houseH1004 with breachesH7447, and the littleH6996 houseH1004 with cleftsH1233.

12Shall horsesH5483 runH7323 upon the rockH5553? will one plowH2790 there with oxenH1241? for ye have turnedH2015 judgmentH4941 into gallH7219, and the fruitH6529 of righteousnessH6666 into hemlockH3939:13Ye which rejoiceH8056 in a thingH1697 of noughtH3808, which sayH559, Have we not takenH3947 to us hornsH7161 by our own strengthH2392?14But, behold, I will raise upH6965 against you a nationH1471, O houseH1004 of IsraelH3478, saithH5002 the LORDH3068 the GodH430 of hostsH6635; and they shall afflictH3905 you from the entering inH935 of HemathH2574 unto the riverH5158 of the wildernessH6160.