Daniel 1 (kjv)


In the thirdH7969 yearH8141 of the reignH4438 of JehoiakimH3079 kingH4428 of JudahH3063 cameH935 NebuchadnezzarH5019 kingH4428 of BabylonH894 unto JerusalemH3389, and besiegedH6696 it.2And the LordH136 gaveH5414 JehoiakimH3079 kingH4428 of JudahH3063 into his handH3027, with partH7117 of the vesselsH3627 of the houseH1004 of GodH430: which he carriedH935 into the landH776 of ShinarH8152 to the houseH1004 of his godH430; and he broughtH935 the vesselsH3627 into the treasureH214 houseH1004 of his godH430.

3And the kingH4428 spakeH559 unto AshpenazH828 the masterH7227 of his eunuchsH5631, that he should bringH935 certain of the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478, and of the king'sH4410 seedH2233, and of the princesH6579;4ChildrenH3206 in whom was no blemishH3971 H3971, but wellH2896 favouredH4758, and skilfulH7919 in all wisdomH2451, and cunningH3045 in knowledgeH1847, and understandingH995 scienceH4093, and such as had abilityH3581 in them to standH5975 in the king'sH4428 palaceH1964, and whom they might teachH3925 the learningH5612 and the tongueH3956 of the ChaldeansH3778.5And the kingH4428 appointedH4487 them a dailyH3117 H3117 provisionH1697 of the king'sH4428 meatH6598, and of the wineH3196 which he drankH4960: so nourishingH1431 them threeH7969 yearsH8141, that at the endH7117 thereof they might standH5975 beforeH6440 the kingH4428.6Now among these were of the childrenH1121 of JudahH3063, DanielH1840, HananiahH2608, MishaelH4332, and AzariahH5838:7Unto whom the princeH8269 of the eunuchsH5631 gaveH7760 namesH8034: for he gaveH7760 unto DanielH1840 the name of BelteshazzarH1095; and to HananiahH2608, of ShadrachH7714; and to MishaelH4332, of MeshachH4335; and to AzariahH5838, of AbednegoH5664.

8But DanielH1840 purposedH7760 in his heartH3820 that he would not defileH1351 himself with the portionH6598 of the king'sH4428 meatH6598, nor with the wineH3196 which he drankH4960: therefore he requestedH1245 of the princeH8269 of the eunuchsH5631 that he might not defileH1351 himself.9Now GodH430 had broughtH5414 DanielH1840 into favourH2617 and tender loveH7356 withH6440 the princeH8269 of the eunuchsH5631.10And the princeH8269 of the eunuchsH5631 saidH559 unto DanielH1840, I fearH3373 my lordH113 the kingH4428, who hath appointedH4487 your meatH3978 and your drinkH4960: for why should he seeH7200 your facesH6440 worse likingH2196 than the childrenH3206 which are of your sortH1524? then shall ye make me endangerH2325 my headH7218 to the kingH4428.11Then saidH559 DanielH1840 to MelzarH4453, whom the princeH8269 of the eunuchsH5631 had setH4487 over DanielH1840, HananiahH2608, MishaelH4332, and AzariahH5838,12ProveH5254 thy servantsH5650, I beseech thee, tenH6235 daysH3117; and let them giveH5414 us pulseH2235 to eatH398, and waterH4325 to drinkH8354.13Then let our countenancesH4758 be looked uponH7200 beforeH6440 thee, and the countenanceH4758 of the childrenH3206 that eatH398 of the portionH6598 of the king'sH4428 meatH6598: and as thou seestH7200, dealH6213 with thy servantsH5650.14So he consentedH8085 to them in this matterH1697, and provedH5254 them tenH6235 daysH3117.15And at the endH7117 of tenH6235 daysH3117 their countenancesH4758 appearedH7200 fairerH2896 and fatterH1277 in fleshH1320 than all the childrenH3206 which did eatH398 the portionH6598 of the king'sH4428 meatH6598.16Thus MelzarH4453 took awayH5375 the portion of their meatH6598, and the wineH3196 that they should drinkH4960; and gaveH5414 them pulseH2235.

17As for these fourH702 childrenH3206, GodH430 gaveH5414 them knowledgeH4093 and skillH7919 in all learningH5612 and wisdomH2451: and DanielH1840 had understandingH995 in all visionsH2377 and dreamsH2472.18Now at the endH7117 of the daysH3117 that the kingH4428 had saidH559 he should bringH935 them in, then the princeH8269 of the eunuchsH5631 broughtH935 them in beforeH6440 NebuchadnezzarH5019.19And the kingH4428 communedH1696 with them; and among them all was foundH4672 none like DanielH1840, HananiahH2608, MishaelH4332, and AzariahH5838: therefore stoodH5975 they beforeH6440 the kingH4428.20And in all mattersH1697 of wisdomH2451 and understandingH998, that the kingH4428 enquiredH1245 of them, he foundH4672 them ten timesH6235 betterH3027 than all the magiciansH2748 and astrologersH825 that were in all his realmH4438.21And DanielH1840 continued even unto the firstH259 yearH8141 of kingH4428 CyrusH3566.