I Corinthians 10 (kjv)


MoreoverG1161, brethrenG80, I wouldG2309 notG3756 that yeG5209 should be ignorantG50, how thatG3754 allG3956 ourG2257 fathersG3962 wereG2258 underG5259 the cloudG3507, andG2532 allG3956 passedG1330 throughG1223 the seaG2281;2AndG2532 wereG907 allG3956 baptizedG907 untoG1519 MosesG3475 inG1722 the cloudG3507 andG2532 inG1722 the seaG2281;3AndG2532 didG5315 allG3956 eatG5315 the sameG846 spiritualG4152 meatG1033;4AndG2532 didG4095 allG3956 drinkG4095 the sameG846 spiritualG4152 drinkG4188: forG1063 they drankG4095 ofG1537 that spiritualG4152 RockG4073 that followed themG190: andG1161 that RockG4073 wasG2258 ChristG5547.5ButG235 withG1722 manyG4119 of themG846 GodG2316 wasG2106 notG3756 well pleasedG2106: forG1063 they were overthrownG2693 inG1722 the wildernessG2048.6NowG1161 these thingsG5023 wereG1096 ourG2257 examplesG5179, to the intentG1519 weG2248 shouldG1511 notG3361 lust after evilG2556 thingsG1938, asG2531 they alsoG2548 lustedG1937.7NeitherG3366 be yeG1096 idolatersG1496, asG2531 were someG5100 of themG846; asG5613 it is writtenG1125, The peopleG2992 sat downG2523 to eatG5315 andG2532 drinkG4095, andG2532 rose upG450 to playG3815.8NeitherG3366 let us commit fornicationG4203, asG2531 someG5100 of themG846 committedG4203, andG2532 fellG4098 inG1722 oneG3391 dayG2250 threeG5140 and twentyG1501 thousandG5505.9NeitherG3366 let us temptG1598 ChristG5547, asG2531 someG5100 of themG846 alsoG2532 temptedG3985, andG2532 were destroyedG622 ofG5259 serpentsG3789.10NeitherG3366 murmur yeG1111, asG2531 someG5100 of themG846 alsoG2532 murmuredG1111, andG2532 were destroyedG622 ofG5259 the destroyerG3644.11NowG1161 allG3956 these thingsG5023 happenedG4819 unto themG1565 for ensamplesG5179: andG1161 they are writtenG1125 forG4314 ourG2257 admonitionG3559, uponG1519 whomG3739 the endsG5056 of the worldG165 are comeG2658.12WhereforeG5620 letG991 him that thinkethG1380 he standethG2476 take heedG991 lestG3361 he fallG4098.13There hathG2983 noG3756 temptationG3986 takenG2983 youG5209 butG1508 such as is common to manG442: butG1161 GodG2316 is faithfulG4103, whoG3739 willG1439 notG3756 sufferG1439 youG5209 to be temptedG3985 aboveG5228 thatG3739 ye are ableG1410; butG235 willG4160 withG4862 the temptationG3986 alsoG2532 makeG4160 a way to escapeG1545, that yeG5209 may be ableG1410 to bearG5297 it.14WhereforeG1355, myG3450 dearly belovedG27, fleeG5343 fromG575 idolatryG1495.15I speakG3004 asG5613 to wise menG5429; judgeG2919 yeG5210 whatG3739 I sayG5346.16The cupG4221 of blessingG2129 whichG3739 we blessG2127, is itG2076 notG3780 the communionG2842 of the bloodG129 of ChristG5547? The breadG740 whichG3739 we breakG2806, is itG2076 notG3780 the communionG2842 of the bodyG4983 of ChristG5547?17ForG3754 weG2070 being manyG4183 areG2070 oneG1520 breadG740, and oneG1520 bodyG4983: forG1063 we areG3348 allG3956 partakersG3348 ofG1537 that oneG1520 breadG740.18BeholdG991 IsraelG2474 afterG2596 the fleshG4561: areG1526 notG3780 theyG1526 which eatG2068 of the sacrificesG2378 partakersG2844 of the altarG2379?19WhatG5101 say IG5346 thenG3767? thatG3754 the idolG1497 isG2076 any thingG5100, orG2228 thatG3754 which is offered in sacrifice to idolsG1494 isG2076 any thingG5100?20ButG235 I say, thatG3754 the things whichG3739 the GentilesG1484 sacrificeG2380, they sacrificeG2380 to devilsG1140, andG2532 notG3756 to GodG2316: andG1161 I wouldG2309 notG3756 that yeG5209 should haveG1096 fellowshipG2844 with devilsG1140.21Ye cannotG3756 G1410 drinkG4095 the cupG4221 of the LordG2962, andG2532 the cupG4221 of devilsG1140: ye cannotG3756 G1410 be partakersG3348 of the Lord'sG2962 tableG5132, andG2532 of the tableG5132 of devilsG1140.22Do we provokeG2228 G3863 the LordG2962 to jealousyG3863? are weG2070 stronger thanG3361 G2478 heG846?23All thingsG3956 are lawfulG1832 for meG3427, butG235 all thingsG3956 areG4851 notG3756 expedientG4851: all thingsG3956 are lawfulG1832 for meG3427, butG235 all thingsG3956 edifyG3618 notG3756.24LetG2212 no manG3367 seekG2212 his ownG1438, butG235 every manG1538 another'sG2087 wealth.25WhatsoeverG3956 is soldG4453 inG1722 the shamblesG3111, that eatG2068, askingG350 noG3367 questionG350 forG1223 conscienceG4893 sakeG1223:26ForG1063 the earthG1093 is the Lord'sG2962, andG2532 the fulnessG4138 thereofG846.27G1161 If anyG1536 of them that believe notG571 bidG2564 youG5209 to a feast, andG2532 ye be disposedG2309 to goG4198; whatsoeverG3956 is set beforeG3908 youG5213, eatG2068, askingG350 noG3367 questionG350 forG1223 conscienceG4893 sakeG1223.28ButG1161 ifG1437 any manG5100 sayG2036 unto youG5213, ThisG5124 isG2076 offered in sacrifice unto idolsG1494, eatG2068 notG3361 forG1223 his sakeG1565 that shewed itG3377, andG2532 for conscience sakeG4893: forG1063 the earthG1093 is the Lord'sG2962, andG2532 the fulnessG4138 thereofG846:29ConscienceG4893,G1161 I sayG3004, notG3780 thine ownG1438, butG235 of the otherG2087: forG1063 whyG2444 isG2919 myG3450 libertyG1657 judgedG2919 ofG5259 anotherG243 man's conscienceG4893?30ForG1161 ifG1487 IG1473 by graceG5485 be a partakerG3348, whyG5101 am I evil spoken ofG987 for thatG5228 for whichG3739 IG1473 give thanksG2168?31WhetherG1535 thereforeG3767 ye eatG2068, orG1535 drinkG4095, orG1535 whatsoeverG5100 ye doG4160, doG4160 allG3956 toG1519 the gloryG1391 of GodG2316.32GiveG1096 none offenceG677, neitherG2532 to the JewsG2453, norG2532 to the GentilesG1672, norG2532 to the churchG1577 of GodG2316:33Even asG2531 IG2504 pleaseG700 allG3956 men in allG3956 things, notG3361 seekingG2212 mine ownG1683 profitG4851, butG235 the profitG3588 of manyG4183, thatG2443 they may be savedG4982.