I Kings 14 (kjv)


At that timeH6256 AbijahH29 the sonH1121 of JeroboamH3379 fell sickH2470.

2And JeroboamH3379 saidH559 to his wifeH802, AriseH6965, I pray thee, and disguiseH8138 thyself, that thou be not knownH3045 to be the wifeH802 of JeroboamH3379; and getH1980 thee to ShilohH7887: behold, there is AhijahH281 the prophetH5030, which toldH1696 me that I should be kingH4428 over this peopleH5971.3And takeH3947 with theeH3027 tenH6235 loavesH3899, and cracknelsH5350, and a cruseH1228 of honeyH1706, and goH935 to him: he shall tellH5046 thee what shall become of the childH5288.4And Jeroboam'sH3379 wifeH802 did soH6213, and aroseH6965, and wentH3212 to ShilohH7887, and cameH935 to the houseH1004 of AhijahH281. But AhijahH281 couldH3201 not seeH7200; for his eyesH5869 were setH6965 by reason of his ageH7869.

5And the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto AhijahH281, Behold, the wifeH802 of JeroboamH3379 comethH935 to askH1875 a thingH1697 of thee for her sonH1121; for he is sickH2470: thusH2090 and thus shalt thou sayH1696 unto her: for it shall be, when she cometh inH935, that she shall feign herself to be anotherH5234 woman.6And it was so, when AhijahH281 heardH8085 the soundH6963 of her feetH7272, as she came inH935 at the doorH6607, that he saidH559, Come inH935, thou wifeH802 of JeroboamH3379; why feignest thou thyself to be anotherH5234? for I am sentH7971 to thee with heavyH7186 tidings.7GoH3212, tellH559 JeroboamH3379, Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068 GodH430 of IsraelH3478, Forasmuch asH3282 I exaltedH7311 thee from amongH8432 the peopleH5971, and madeH5414 thee princeH5057 over my peopleH5971 IsraelH3478,8And rentH7167 the kingdomH4467 awayH7167 from the houseH1004 of DavidH1732, and gaveH5414 it thee: and yet thou hast not been as my servantH5650 DavidH1732, who keptH8104 my commandmentsH4687, and who followedH1980 H310 me with all his heartH3824, to doH6213 that only which was rightH3477 in mine eyesH5869;9But hast doneH6213 evilH7489 above all that were beforeH6440 thee: for thou hast goneH3212 and madeH6213 thee otherH312 godsH430, and molten imagesH4541, to provoke me to angerH3707, and hast castH7993 me behindH310 thy backH1458:10Therefore, behold, I will bringH935 evilH7451 upon the houseH1004 of JeroboamH3379, and will cut offH3772 from JeroboamH3379 him that pissethH8366 against the wallH7023, and him that is shut upH6113 and leftH5800 in IsraelH3478, and will take awayH1197 the remnantH310 of the houseH1004 of JeroboamH3379, as a man taketh awayH1197 dungH1557, till it be all goneH8552.11Him that diethH4191 of JeroboamH3379 in the cityH5892 shall the dogsH3611 eatH398; and him that diethH4191 in the fieldH7704 shall the fowlsH5775 of the airH8064 eatH398: for the LORDH3068 hath spokenH1696 it.12AriseH6965 thou therefore, getH3212 thee to thine own houseH1004: and when thy feetH7272 enterH935 into the cityH5892, the childH3206 shall dieH4191.13And all IsraelH3478 shall mournH5594 for him, and buryH6912 him: for he only of JeroboamH3379 shall comeH935 to the graveH6913, because in him there is foundH4672 some goodH2896 thingH1697 toward the LORDH3068 GodH430 of IsraelH3478 in the houseH1004 of JeroboamH3379.14Moreover the LORDH3068 shall raise him upH6965 a kingH4428 over IsraelH3478, who shall cut offH3772 the houseH1004 of JeroboamH3379 that dayH3117: but what? even now.15For the LORDH3068 shall smiteH5221 IsraelH3478, as a reedH7070 is shakenH5110 in the waterH4325, and he shall root upH5428 IsraelH3478 out of this goodH2896 landH127, which he gaveH5414 to their fathersH1, and shall scatterH2219 them beyondH5676 the riverH5104, because they have madeH6213 their grovesH842, provoking the LORDH3068 to angerH3707.16And he shall giveH5414 IsraelH3478 upH5414 becauseH1558 of the sinsH2403 of JeroboamH3379, who did sinH2398, and who made IsraelH3478 to sinH2398.

17And Jeroboam'sH3379 wifeH802 aroseH6965, and departedH3212, and cameH935 to TirzahH8656: and when she cameH935 to the thresholdH5592 of the doorH1004, the childH5288 diedH4191;18And they buriedH6912 him; and all IsraelH3478 mournedH5594 for him, according to the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068, which he spakeH1696 by the handH3027 of his servantH5650 AhijahH281 the prophetH5030.

19And the restH3499 of the actsH1697 of JeroboamH3379, how he warredH3898, and how he reignedH4427, behold, they are writtenH3789 in the bookH5612 of the chroniclesH1697 H3117 of the kingsH4428 of IsraelH3478.20And the daysH3117 which JeroboamH3379 reignedH4427 were twoH8147 and twentyH6242 yearsH8141: and he sleptH7901 with his fathersH1, and NadabH5070 his sonH1121 reignedH4427 in his stead.

21And RehoboamH7346 the sonH1121 of SolomonH8010 reignedH4427 in JudahH3063. RehoboamH7346 was fortyH705 and oneH259 yearsH8141 oldH1121 when he began to reignH4427, and he reignedH4427 seventeenH7651 H6240 yearsH8141 in JerusalemH3389, the cityH5892 which the LORDH3068 did chooseH977 out of all the tribesH7626 of IsraelH3478, to putH7760 his nameH8034 there. And his mother'sH517 nameH8034 was NaamahH5279 an AmmonitessH5985.22And JudahH3063 didH6213 evilH7451 in the sightH5869 of the LORDH3068, and they provoked him to jealousyH7065 with their sinsH2403 which they had committedH2398, above all that their fathersH1 had doneH6213.23For they also builtH1129 them high placesH1116, and imagesH4676, and grovesH842, on every highH1364 hillH1389, and under every greenH7488 treeH6086.24And there were also sodomitesH6945 in the landH776: and they didH6213 according to all the abominationsH8441 of the nationsH1471 which the LORDH3068 cast outH3423 beforeH6440 the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478.

25And it came to pass in the fifthH2549 yearH8141 of kingH4428 RehoboamH7346, that ShishakH7895 kingH4428 of EgyptH4714 came upH5927 against JerusalemH3389:26And he took awayH3947 the treasuresH214 of the houseH1004 of the LORDH3068, and the treasuresH214 of the king'sH4428 houseH1004; he even took awayH3947 all: and he took awayH3947 all the shieldsH4043 of goldH2091 which SolomonH8010 had madeH6213.27And kingH4428 RehoboamH7346 madeH6213 in their stead brasenH5178 shieldsH4043, and committedH6485 them unto the handsH3027 of the chiefH8269 of the guardH7323, which keptH8104 the doorH6607 of the king'sH4428 houseH1004.28And it was so, whenH1767 the kingH4428 wentH935 into the houseH1004 of the LORDH3068, that the guardH7323 bareH5375 them, and brought them backH7725 into the guardH7323 chamberH8372.

29Now the restH3499 of the actsH1697 of RehoboamH7346, and all that he didH6213, are they not writtenH3789 in the bookH5612 of the chroniclesH1697 H3117 of the kingsH4428 of JudahH3063?30And there was warH4421 between RehoboamH7346 and JeroboamH3379 all their daysH3117.31And RehoboamH7346 sleptH7901 with his fathersH1, and was buriedH6912 with his fathersH1 in the cityH5892 of DavidH1732. And his mother'sH517 nameH8034 was NaamahH5279 an AmmonitessH5985. And AbijamH38 his sonH1121 reignedH4427 in his stead.