I Kings 17 (kjv)


And ElijahH452 the TishbiteH8664, who was of the inhabitantsH8453 of GileadH1568, saidH559 unto AhabH256, As the LORDH3068 GodH430 of IsraelH3478 livethH2416, beforeH6440 whom I standH5975, there shall not be dewH2919 nor rainH4306 these yearsH8141, but accordingH6310 to my wordH1697.2And the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068 came unto him, sayingH559,

3GetH3212 thee hence, and turnH6437 thee eastwardH6924, and hideH5641 thyself by the brookH5158 CherithH3747, that is beforeH6440 JordanH3383.4And it shall be, that thou shalt drinkH8354 of the brookH5158; and I have commandedH6680 the ravensH6158 to feedH3557 thee there.5So he wentH3212 and didH6213 according unto the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068: for he wentH3212 and dweltH3427 by the brookH5158 CherithH3747, that is beforeH6440 JordanH3383.6And the ravensH6158 broughtH935 him breadH3899 and fleshH1320 in the morningH1242, and breadH3899 and fleshH1320 in the eveningH6153; and he drankH8354 of the brookH5158.7And it came to pass afterH7093 a whileH3117, that the brookH5158 dried upH3001, because there had been no rainH1653 in the landH776.

8And the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068 came unto him, sayingH559,9AriseH6965, getH3212 thee to ZarephathH6886, which belongeth to ZidonH6721, and dwellH3427 there: behold, I have commandedH6680 a widowH490 womanH802 there to sustainH3557 thee.10So he aroseH6965 and wentH3212 to ZarephathH6886. And when he cameH935 to the gateH6607 of the cityH5892, behold, the widowH490 womanH802 was there gatheringH7197 of sticksH6086: and he calledH7121 to her, and saidH559, FetchH3947 me, I pray thee, a littleH4592 waterH4325 in a vesselH3627, that I may drinkH8354.11And as she was goingH3212 to fetchH3947 it, he calledH7121 to her, and saidH559, BringH3947 me, I pray thee, a morselH6595 of breadH3899 in thine handH3027.12And she saidH559, As the LORDH3068 thy GodH430 livethH2416, I haveH3426 not a cakeH4580, but an handfulH4393 H3709 of mealH7058 in a barrelH3537, and a littleH4592 oilH8081 in a cruseH6835: and, behold, I am gatheringH7197 twoH8147 sticksH6086, that I may go inH935 and dressH6213 it for me and my sonH1121, that we may eatH398 it, and dieH4191.13And ElijahH452 saidH559 unto her, FearH3372 not; goH935 and doH6213 as thou hast saidH1697: but makeH6213 me thereofH8033 a littleH6996 cakeH5692 firstH7223, and bringH3318 it unto me, and afterH314 makeH6213 for thee and for thy sonH1121.14For thus saithH559 the LORDH3068 GodH430 of IsraelH3478, The barrelH3537 of mealH7058 shall not wasteH3615, neither shall the cruseH6835 of oilH8081 failH2637, until the dayH3117 that the LORDH3068 sendethH5414 rainH1653 uponH6440 the earthH127.15And she wentH3212 and didH6213 according to the sayingH1697 of ElijahH452: and she, and he, and her houseH1004, did eatH398 many daysH3117.16And the barrelH3537 of mealH7058 wastedH3615 not, neither did the cruseH6835 of oilH8081 failH2638, according to the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068, which he spakeH1696 byH3027 ElijahH452.

17And it came to pass afterH310 these thingsH1697, that the sonH1121 of the womanH802, the mistressH1172 of the houseH1004, fell sickH2470; and his sicknessH2483 was soH3966 soreH2389, that there was no breathH5397 leftH3498 in him.18And she saidH559 unto ElijahH452, What have I to do with thee, O thou manH376 of GodH430? art thou comeH935 unto me to callH2142 my sinH5771 to remembranceH2142, and to slayH4191 my sonH1121?19And he saidH559 unto her, GiveH5414 me thy sonH1121. And he tookH3947 him out of her bosomH2436, and carried him upH5927 into a loftH5944, where he abodeH3427, and laidH7901 him upon his own bedH4296.20And he criedH7121 unto the LORDH3068, and saidH559, O LORDH3068 my GodH430, hast thou also brought evilH7489 upon the widowH490 with whom I sojournH1481, by slayingH4191 her sonH1121?21And he stretchedH4058 himself upon the childH3206 threeH7969 timesH6471, and criedH7121 unto the LORDH3068, and saidH559, O LORDH3068 my GodH430, I pray thee, let this child'sH3206 soulH5315 comeH7725 into himH7130 againH7725.22And the LORDH3068 heardH8085 the voiceH6963 of ElijahH452; and the soulH5315 of the childH3206 cameH7725 into himH7130 againH7725, and he revivedH2421.23And ElijahH452 tookH3947 the childH3206, and brought him downH3381 out of the chamberH5944 into the houseH1004, and deliveredH5414 him unto his motherH517: and ElijahH452 saidH559, SeeH7200, thy sonH1121 livethH2416.

24And the womanH802 saidH559 to ElijahH452, Now by thisH2088 I knowH3045 that thou art a manH376 of GodH430, and that the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068 in thy mouthH6310 is truthH571.