I Kings 2 (kjv)


Now the daysH3117 of DavidH1732 drew nighH7126 that he should dieH4191; and he chargedH6680 SolomonH8010 his sonH1121, sayingH559,2I goH1980 the wayH1870 of all the earthH776: be thou strongH2388 therefore, and shew thyself a manH376;

3And keepH8104 the chargeH4931 of the LORDH3068 thy GodH430, to walkH3212 in his waysH1870, to keepH8104 his statutesH2708, and his commandmentsH4687, and his judgmentsH4941, and his testimoniesH5715, as it is writtenH3789 in the lawH8451 of MosesH4872, that thou mayest prosperH7919 in all that thou doestH6213, and whithersoever thou turnestH6437 thyself:4That the LORDH3068 may continueH6965 his wordH1697 which he spakeH1696 concerning me, sayingH559, If thy childrenH1121 take heedH8104 to their wayH1870, to walkH3212 beforeH6440 me in truthH571 with all their heartH3824 and with all their soulH5315, there shall not failH3772 thee (saidH559 he) a manH376 on the throneH3678 of IsraelH3478.

5Moreover thou knowestH3045 also what JoabH3097 the sonH1121 of ZeruiahH6870 didH6213 to me, and what he didH6213 to the twoH8147 captainsH8269 of the hostsH6635 of IsraelH3478, unto AbnerH74 the sonH1121 of NerH5369, and unto AmasaH6021 the sonH1121 of JetherH3500, whom he slewH2026, and shedH7760 the bloodH1818 of warH4421 in peaceH7965, and putH5414 the bloodH1818 of warH4421 upon his girdleH2290 that was about his loinsH4975, and in his shoesH5275 that were on his feetH7272.6DoH6213 therefore according to thy wisdomH2451, and let not his hoar headH7872 go downH3381 to the graveH7585 in peaceH7965.

7But shewH6213 kindnessH2617 unto the sonsH1121 of BarzillaiH1271 the GileaditeH1569, and let them be of those that eatH398 at thy tableH7979: for so they cameH7126 to me when I fledH1272 becauseH6440 of AbsalomH53 thy brotherH251.

8And, behold, thou hast with thee ShimeiH8096 the sonH1121 of GeraH1617, a BenjamiteH1145 of BahurimH980, which cursedH7043 me with a grievousH4834 curseH7045 in the dayH3117 when I wentH3212 to MahanaimH4266: but he came downH3381 to meetH7125 me at JordanH3383, and I swareH7650 to him by the LORDH3068, sayingH559, I will not put thee to deathH4191 with the swordH2719.9Now therefore hold him not guiltlessH5352: for thou art a wiseH2450 manH376, and knowestH3045 what thou oughtest to doH6213 unto him; but his hoar headH7872 bring thou downH3381 to the graveH7585 with bloodH1818.

10So DavidH1732 sleptH7901 with his fathersH1, and was buriedH6912 in the cityH5892 of DavidH1732.11And the daysH3117 that DavidH1732 reignedH4427 over IsraelH3478 were fortyH705 yearsH8141: sevenH7651 yearsH8141 reignedH4427 he in HebronH2275, and thirtyH7970 and threeH7969 yearsH8141 reignedH4427 he in JerusalemH3389.

12Then satH3427 SolomonH8010 upon the throneH3678 of DavidH1732 his fatherH1; and his kingdomH4438 was establishedH3559 greatlyH3966.

13And AdonijahH138 the sonH1121 of HaggithH2294 cameH935 to BathshebaH1339 the motherH517 of SolomonH8010. And she saidH559, ComestH935 thou peaceablyH7965? And he saidH559, PeaceablyH7965.14He saidH559 moreover, I have somewhat to sayH1697 unto thee. And she saidH559, Say onH1696.15And he saidH559, Thou knowestH3045 that the kingdomH4410 was mine, and that all IsraelH3478 setH7760 their facesH6440 on me, that I should reignH4427: howbeit the kingdomH4410 is turned aboutH5437, and is become my brother'sH251: for it was his from the LORDH3068.16And now I askH7592 oneH259 petitionH7596 of thee, denyH7725 meH6440 not. And she saidH559 unto him, Say onH1696.17And he saidH559, SpeakH559, I pray thee, unto SolomonH8010 the kingH4428, (for he will not sayH7725 theeH6440 nayH7725 that he giveH5414 me AbishagH49 the ShunammiteH7767 to wifeH802.18And BathshebaH1339 saidH559, WellH2896; I will speakH1696 for thee unto the kingH4428.19BathshebaH1339 therefore wentH935 unto kingH4428 SolomonH8010, to speakH1696 unto him for AdonijahH138. And the kingH4428 rose upH6965 to meetH7125 her, and bowedH7812 himself unto her, and sat downH3427 on his throneH3678, and caused a seatH3678 to be setH7760 for the king'sH4428 motherH517; and she satH3427 on his right handH3225.20Then she saidH559, I desireH7592 oneH259 smallH6996 petitionH7596 of thee; I pray thee, sayH7725 meH6440 not nayH7725. And the kingH4428 saidH559 unto her, Ask onH7592, my motherH517: for I will not sayH7725 theeH6440 nayH7725.21And she saidH559, Let AbishagH49 the ShunammiteH7767 be givenH5414 to AdonijahH138 thy brotherH251 to wifeH802.22And kingH4428 SolomonH8010 answeredH6030 and saidH559 unto his motherH517, And why dost thou askH7592 AbishagH49 the ShunammiteH7767 for AdonijahH138? askH7592 for him the kingdomH4410 also; for he is mine elderH1419 brotherH251; even for him, and for AbiatharH54 the priestH3548, and for JoabH3097 the sonH1121 of ZeruiahH6870.23Then kingH4428 SolomonH8010 swareH7650 by the LORDH3068, sayingH559, GodH430 doH6213 so to me, and more alsoH3254, if AdonijahH138 have not spokenH1696 this wordH1697 against his own lifeH5315.24Now therefore, as the LORDH3068 livethH2416, which hath establishedH3559 me, and setH3427 me on the throneH3678 of DavidH1732 my fatherH1, and who hath madeH6213 me an houseH1004, as he promisedH1696, AdonijahH138 shall be put to deathH4191 this dayH3117.25And kingH4428 SolomonH8010 sentH7971 by the handH3027 of BenaiahH1141 the sonH1121 of JehoiadaH3077; and he fellH6293 upon him that he diedH4191.

26And unto AbiatharH54 the priestH3548 saidH559 the kingH4428, GetH3212 thee to AnathothH6068, unto thine own fieldsH7704; for thou art worthyH376 of deathH4194: but I will not at this timeH3117 put thee to deathH4191, because thou barestH5375 the arkH727 of the LordH136 GODH3069 beforeH6440 DavidH1732 my fatherH1, and because thou hast been afflictedH6031 in all wherein my fatherH1 was afflictedH6031.27So SolomonH8010 thrust outH1644 AbiatharH54 from being priestH3548 unto the LORDH3068; that he might fulfilH4390 the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068, which he spakeH1696 concerning the houseH1004 of EliH5941 in ShilohH7887.

28Then tidingsH8052 cameH935 to JoabH3097: for JoabH3097 had turnedH5186 afterH310 AdonijahH138, though he turnedH5186 not afterH310 AbsalomH53. And JoabH3097 fledH5127 unto the tabernacleH168 of the LORDH3068, and caught holdH2388 on the hornsH7161 of the altarH4196.29And it was toldH5046 kingH4428 SolomonH8010 that JoabH3097 was fledH5127 unto the tabernacleH168 of the LORDH3068; and, behold, he is byH681 the altarH4196. Then SolomonH8010 sentH7971 BenaiahH1141 the sonH1121 of JehoiadaH3077, sayingH559, GoH3212, fallH6293 upon him.30And BenaiahH1141 cameH935 to the tabernacleH168 of the LORDH3068, and saidH559 unto him, Thus saithH559 the kingH4428, Come forthH3318. And he saidH559, Nay; but I will dieH4191 here. And BenaiahH1141 broughtH7725 the kingH4428 wordH1697 againH7725, sayingH559, Thus saidH1696 JoabH3097, and thus he answeredH6030 me.31And the kingH4428 saidH559 unto him, DoH6213 as he hath saidH1696, and fallH6293 upon him, and buryH6912 him; that thou mayest take awayH5493 the innocentH2600 bloodH1818, which JoabH3097 shedH8210, from me, and from the houseH1004 of my fatherH1.32And the LORDH3068 shall returnH7725 his bloodH1818 upon his own headH7218, who fellH6293 upon twoH8147 menH582 more righteousH6662 and betterH2896 than he, and slewH2026 them with the swordH2719, my fatherH1 DavidH1732 not knowingH3045 thereof, to wit, AbnerH74 the sonH1121 of NerH5369, captainH8269 of the hostH6635 of IsraelH3478, and AmasaH6021 the sonH1121 of JetherH3500, captainH8269 of the hostH6635 of JudahH3063.33Their bloodH1818 shall therefore returnH7725 upon the headH7218 of JoabH3097, and upon the headH7218 of his seedH2233 for everH5769: but upon DavidH1732, and upon his seedH2233, and upon his houseH1004, and upon his throneH3678, shall there be peaceH7965 forH5704 everH5769 from the LORDH3068.34So BenaiahH1141 the sonH1121 of JehoiadaH3077 went upH5927, and fellH6293 upon him, and slewH4191 him: and he was buriedH6912 in his own houseH1004 in the wildernessH4057.

35And the kingH4428 putH5414 BenaiahH1141 the sonH1121 of JehoiadaH3077 in his room over the hostH6635: and ZadokH6659 the priestH3548 did the kingH4428 putH5414 in the room of AbiatharH54.

36And the kingH4428 sentH7971 and calledH7121 for ShimeiH8096, and saidH559 unto him, BuildH1129 thee an houseH1004 in JerusalemH3389, and dwellH3427 there, and go not forthH3318 thence any whitherH575.37For it shall be, that on the dayH3117 thou goest outH3318, and passest overH5674 the brookH5158 KidronH6939, thou shalt knowH3045 for certainH3045 that thou shalt surelyH4191 dieH4191: thy bloodH1818 shall be upon thine own headH7218.38And ShimeiH8096 saidH559 unto the kingH4428, The sayingH1697 is goodH2896: as my lordH113 the kingH4428 hath saidH1696, so will thy servantH5650 doH6213. And ShimeiH8096 dweltH3427 in JerusalemH3389 manyH7227 daysH3117.39And it came to pass at the endH7093 of threeH7969 yearsH8141, that twoH8147 of the servantsH5650 of ShimeiH8096 ran awayH1272 unto AchishH397 sonH1121 of MaachahH4601 kingH4428 of GathH1661. And they toldH5046 ShimeiH8096, sayingH559, Behold, thy servantsH5650 be in GathH1661.40And ShimeiH8096 aroseH6965, and saddledH2280 his assH2543, and wentH3212 to GathH1661 to AchishH397 to seekH1245 his servantsH5650: and ShimeiH8096 wentH3212, and broughtH935 his servantsH5650 from GathH1661.41And it was toldH5046 SolomonH8010 that ShimeiH8096 had goneH1980 from JerusalemH3389 to GathH1661, and was come againH7725.42And the kingH4428 sentH7971 and calledH7121 for ShimeiH8096, and saidH559 unto him, Did I not make thee to swearH7650 by the LORDH3068, and protestedH5749 unto thee, sayingH559, KnowH3045 for a certainH3045, on the dayH3117 thou goest outH3318, and walkestH1980 abroad any whitherH575, that thou shalt surelyH4191 dieH4191? and thou saidstH559 unto me, The wordH1697 that I have heardH8085 is goodH2896.43Why then hast thou not keptH8104 the oathH7621 of the LORDH3068, and the commandmentH4687 that I have chargedH6680 thee with?44The kingH4428 saidH559 moreover to ShimeiH8096, Thou knowestH3045 all the wickednessH7451 which thine heartH3824 is privy toH3045, that thou didstH6213 to DavidH1732 my fatherH1: therefore the LORDH3068 shall returnH7725 thy wickednessH7451 upon thine own headH7218;45And kingH4428 SolomonH8010 shall be blessedH1288, and the throneH3678 of DavidH1732 shall be establishedH3559 beforeH6440 the LORDH3068 forH5704 everH5769.46So the kingH4428 commandedH6680 BenaiahH1141 the sonH1121 of JehoiadaH3077; which went outH3318, and fellH6293 upon him, that he diedH4191. And the kingdomH4467 was establishedH3559 in the handH3027 of SolomonH8010.