I Kings 21 (kjv)


And it came to pass afterH310 these thingsH1697, that NabothH5022 the JezreeliteH3158 had a vineyardH3754, which was in JezreelH3157, hard byH681 the palaceH1964 of AhabH256 kingH4428 of SamariaH8111.2And AhabH256 spakeH1696 unto NabothH5022, sayingH559, GiveH5414 me thy vineyardH3754, that I may have it for a gardenH1588 of herbsH3419, because it is nearH7138 untoH681 my houseH1004: and I will giveH5414 thee for it a betterH2896 vineyardH3754 than it; or, if it seem goodH2896 to theeH5869, I will giveH5414 thee the worthH4242 of it in moneyH3701.3And NabothH5022 saidH559 to AhabH256, The LORDH3068 forbidH2486 it me, that I should giveH5414 the inheritanceH5159 of my fathersH1 unto thee.4And AhabH256 cameH935 into his houseH1004 heavyH5620 and displeasedH2198 because of the wordH1697 which NabothH5022 the JezreeliteH3158 had spokenH1696 to him: for he had saidH559, I will not giveH5414 thee the inheritanceH5159 of my fathersH1. And he laid him downH7901 upon his bedH4296, and turned awayH5437 his faceH6440, and would eatH398 no breadH3899.

5But JezebelH348 his wifeH802 cameH935 to him, and saidH1696 unto him, Why is thy spiritH7307 so sadH5620, that thou eatestH398 no breadH3899?6And he saidH1696 unto her, Because I spakeH1696 unto NabothH5022 the JezreeliteH3158, and saidH559 unto him, GiveH5414 me thy vineyardH3754 for moneyH3701; or else, if it pleaseH2655 thee, I will giveH5414 thee another vineyardH3754 for it: and he answeredH559, I will not giveH5414 thee my vineyardH3754.7And JezebelH348 his wifeH802 saidH559 unto him, Dost thou now governH6213 the kingdomH4410 of IsraelH3478? ariseH6965, and eatH398 breadH3899, and let thine heartH3820 be merryH3190: I will giveH5414 thee the vineyardH3754 of NabothH5022 the JezreeliteH3158.8So she wroteH3789 lettersH5612 in Ahab'sH256 nameH8034, and sealedH2856 them with his sealH2368, and sentH7971 the lettersH5612 unto the eldersH2205 and to the noblesH2715 that were in his cityH5892, dwellingH3427 with NabothH5022.9And she wroteH3789 in the lettersH5612, sayingH559, ProclaimH7121 a fastH6685, and setH3427 NabothH5022 on highH7218 among the peopleH5971:10And setH3427 twoH8147 menH582, sonsH1121 of BelialH1100, before him, to bear witnessH5749 against him, sayingH559, Thou didst blasphemeH1288 GodH430 and the kingH4428. And then carry him outH3318, and stoneH5619 him, that he may dieH4191.11And the menH582 of his cityH5892, even the eldersH2205 and the noblesH2715 who were the inhabitantsH3427 in his cityH5892, didH6213 as JezebelH348 had sentH7971 unto them, and as it was writtenH3789 in the lettersH5612 which she had sentH7971 unto them.12They proclaimedH7121 a fastH6685, and setH3427 NabothH5022 on highH7218 among the peopleH5971.13And there cameH935 in twoH8147 menH582, childrenH1121 of BelialH1100, and satH3427 before him: and the menH582 of BelialH1100 witnessedH5749 against him, even against NabothH5022, in the presence of the peopleH5971, sayingH559, NabothH5022 did blasphemeH1288 GodH430 and the kingH4428. Then they carried him forthH3318 outH2351 of the cityH5892, and stonedH5619 him with stonesH68, that he diedH4191.14Then they sentH7971 to JezebelH348, sayingH559, NabothH5022 is stonedH5619, and is deadH4191.

15And it came to pass, when JezebelH348 heardH8085 that NabothH5022 was stonedH5619, and was deadH4191, that JezebelH348 saidH559 to AhabH256, AriseH6965, take possessionH3423 of the vineyardH3754 of NabothH5022 the JezreeliteH3158, which he refusedH3985 to giveH5414 thee for moneyH3701: for NabothH5022 is not aliveH2416, but deadH4191.16And it came to pass, when AhabH256 heardH8085 that NabothH5022 was deadH4191, that AhabH256 rose upH6965 to go downH3381 to the vineyardH3754 of NabothH5022 the JezreeliteH3158, to take possessionH3423 of it.

17And the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068 came to ElijahH452 the TishbiteH8664, sayingH559,18AriseH6965, go downH3381 to meetH7125 AhabH256 kingH4428 of IsraelH3478, which is in SamariaH8111: behold, he is in the vineyardH3754 of NabothH5022, whither he is gone downH3381 to possessH3423 it.19And thou shalt speakH1696 unto him, sayingH559, Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068, Hast thou killedH7523, and also taken possessionH3423? And thou shalt speakH1696 unto him, sayingH559, Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068, In the placeH4725 where dogsH3611 lickedH3952 the bloodH1818 of NabothH5022 shall dogsH3611 lickH3952 thy bloodH1818, even thine.20And AhabH256 saidH559 to ElijahH452, Hast thou foundH4672 me, O mine enemyH341? And he answeredH559, I have foundH4672 thee: because thou hast soldH4376 thyself to workH6213 evilH7451 in the sightH5869 of the LORDH3068.21Behold, I will bringH935 evilH7451 upon thee, and will take awayH1197 thy posterityH310, and will cut offH3772 from AhabH256 him that pissethH8366 against the wallH7023, and him that is shut upH6113 and leftH5800 in IsraelH3478,22And will makeH5414 thine houseH1004 like the houseH1004 of JeroboamH3379 the sonH1121 of NebatH5028, and like the houseH1004 of BaashaH1201 the sonH1121 of AhijahH281, for the provocationH3708 wherewith thou hast provoked me to angerH3707, and made IsraelH3478 to sinH2398.23And of JezebelH348 also spakeH1696 the LORDH3068, sayingH559, The dogsH3611 shall eatH398 JezebelH348 by the wallH2426 of JezreelH3157.24Him that diethH4191 of AhabH256 in the cityH5892 the dogsH3611 shall eatH398; and him that diethH4191 in the fieldH7704 shall the fowlsH5775 of the airH8064 eatH398.

25But there was none like unto AhabH256, which did sellH4376 himself to workH6213 wickednessH7451 in the sightH5869 of the LORDH3068, whom JezebelH348 his wifeH802 stirred upH5496.26And he did veryH3966 abominablyH8581 in followingH3212 H310 idolsH1544, according to all things as didH6213 the AmoritesH567, whom the LORDH3068 cast outH3423 beforeH6440 the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478.27And it came to pass, when AhabH256 heardH8085 those wordsH1697, that he rentH7167 his clothesH899, and putH7760 sackclothH8242 upon his fleshH1320, and fastedH6684, and layH7901 in sackclothH8242, and wentH1980 softlyH328.28And the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068 came to ElijahH452 the TishbiteH8664, sayingH559,29SeestH7200 thou how AhabH256 humblethH3665 himself beforeH6440 me? becauseH3282 he humblethH3665 himself beforeH6440 me, I will not bringH935 the evilH7451 in his daysH3117: but in his son'sH1121 daysH3117 will I bringH935 the evilH7451 upon his houseH1004.