I Peter 1 (kjv)


PeterG4074, an apostleG652 of JesusG2424 ChristG5547, to the strangersG3927 scatteredG1290 throughout PontusG4195, GalatiaG1053, CappadociaG2587, AsiaG773, andG2532 BithyniaG978,2ElectG1588 accordingG2596 to the foreknowledgeG4268 of GodG2316 the FatherG3962, throughG1722 sanctificationG38 of the SpiritG4151, untoG1519 obedienceG5218 andG2532 sprinklingG4473 of the bloodG129 of JesusG2424 ChristG5547: GraceG5485 unto youG5213, andG2532 peaceG1515, be multipliedG4129.3BlessedG2128 be the GodG2316 andG2532 FatherG3962 of ourG2257 LordG2962 JesusG2424 ChristG5547, whichG3588 according toG2596 hisG846 abundantG4183 mercyG1656 hath begottenG313 usG2248 againG313 untoG1519 a livelyG2198 hopeG1680 byG1223 the resurrectionG386 of JesusG2424 ChristG5547 fromG1537 the deadG3498,4ToG1519 an inheritanceG2817 incorruptibleG862, andG2532 undefiledG283, andG2532 that fadeth not awayG263, reservedG5083 inG1722 heavenG3772 forG1519 youG5209,5WhoG3588 are keptG5432 byG1722 the powerG1411 of GodG2316 throughG1223 faithG4102 untoG1519 salvationG4991 readyG2092 to be revealedG601 inG1722 the lastG2078 timeG2540.6WhereinG1722 G3739 ye greatly rejoiceG21, though nowG737 for a seasonG3641, ifG1487 needG1163 beG2076, ye are in heavinessG3076 throughG1722 manifoldG4164 temptationsG3986:7ThatG2443 the trialG1383 of yourG5216 faithG4102, being muchG4183 more preciousG5093 than of goldG5553 that perishethG622, thoughG1223 G1161 it be triedG1381 with fireG4442, might be foundG2147 untoG1519 praiseG1868 andG2532 honourG5092 andG2532 gloryG1391 atG1722 the appearingG602 of JesusG2424 ChristG5547:8WhomG3739 havingG1492 notG3756 seenG1492 G1492, ye loveG25; inG1519 whomG3739, though nowG737 ye seeG3708 him notG3361, yetG1161 believingG4100, ye rejoiceG21 with joyG5479 unspeakableG412 andG2532 full of gloryG1392:9ReceivingG2865 the endG5056 of yourG5216 faithG4102, even the salvationG4991 of your soulsG5590.10OfG4012 whichG3739 salvationG4991 the prophetsG4396 have enquiredG1567 andG2532 searched diligentlyG1830, whoG3588 prophesiedG4395 ofG4012 the graceG5485 that should come untoG1519 youG5209:11SearchingG2045 whatG1519 G5101, orG2228 what mannerG4169 of timeG2540 the SpiritG4151 of ChristG5547 whichG3588 was inG1722 themG846 did signifyG1213, when it testified beforehandG4303 the sufferingsG3804 ofG1519 ChristG5547, andG2532 the gloryG1391 that should followG3326 G5023.12Unto whomG3739 it was revealedG601, thatG3754 notG3756 unto themselvesG1438, butG1161 unto usG2254 they did ministerG1247 the thingsG846, whichG3739 areG312 nowG3568 reportedG312 unto youG5213 byG1223 them that have preached the gospelG2097 unto youG5209 withG1722 the HolyG40 GhostG4151 sent downG649 fromG575 heavenG3772; which thingsG3739 the angelsG32 desireG1937 to lookG3879 intoG1519.13WhereforeG1352 gird upG328 the loinsG3751 of yourG5216 mindG1271, be soberG3525, and hopeG1679 to the endG5049 forG1909 the graceG5485 that is to be broughtG5342 unto youG5213 atG1722 the revelationG602 of JesusG2424 ChristG5547;14AsG5613 obedientG5218 childrenG5043, notG3361 fashioning yourselves according toG4964 the formerG4386 lustsG1939 inG1722 yourG5216 ignoranceG52:15ButG235 asG2596 he which hath calledG2564 youG5209 is holyG40, soG2532 beG1096 yeG846 holyG40 inG1722 allG3956 manner of conversationG391;16BecauseG1360 it is writtenG1125, Be yeG1096 holyG40; forG3754 IG1473 amG1510 holyG40.17AndG2532 ifG1487 ye call onG1941 the FatherG3962, whoG3588 without respect of personsG678 judgethG2919 according toG2596 every man'sG1538 workG2041, passG390 the timeG5550 of yourG5216 sojourningG3940 here inG1722 fearG5401:18Forasmuch as ye knowG1492 thatG3754 ye wereG3084 notG3756 redeemedG3084 with corruptible thingsG5349, as silverG694 andG2228 goldG5553, fromG1537 yourG5216 vainG3152 conversationG391 received by tradition from your fathersG3970;19ButG235 with the preciousG5093 bloodG129 of ChristG5547, asG5613 of a lambG286 without blemishG299 andG2532 without spotG784:20Who verilyG3303 was foreordainedG4267 beforeG4253 the foundationG2602 of the worldG2889, butG1161 was manifestG5319 inG1909 these lastG2078 timesG5550 forG1223 youG5209,21WhoG3588 byG1223 himG846 do believeG4100 inG1519 GodG2316, that raisedG1453 himG846 upG1453 fromG1537 the deadG3498, andG2532 gaveG1325 himG846 gloryG1391; thatG5620 yourG5216 faithG4102 andG2532 hopeG1680 might beG1511 inG1519 GodG2316.22Seeing ye have purifiedG48 yourG5216 soulsG5590 inG1722 obeyingG5218 the truthG225 throughG1223 the SpiritG4151 untoG1519 unfeignedG505 love of the brethrenG5360, see that ye loveG25 one anotherG240 withG1537 a pureG2513 heartG2588 ferventlyG1619:23Being born againG313, notG3756 ofG1537 corruptibleG5349 seedG4701, butG235 of incorruptibleG862, byG1223 the wordG3056 of GodG2316, which livethG2198 andG2532 abidethG3306 forG1519 everG165.24ForG1360 allG3956 fleshG4561 is asG5613 grassG5528, andG2532 allG3956 the gloryG1391 of manG444 asG5613 the flowerG438 of grassG5528. The grassG5528 witherethG3583, andG2532 the flowerG438 thereofG846 falleth awayG1601:25ButG1161 the wordG4487 of the LordG2962 endurethG3306 forG1519 everG165. AndG1161 thisG5124 isG2076 the wordG4487 whichG3588 by the gospel is preachedG2097 untoG1519 youG5209.