II Kings 17 (kjv)


In the twelfthH8147 H6240 yearH8141 of AhazH271 kingH4428 of JudahH3063 began HosheaH1954 the sonH1121 of ElahH425 to reignH4427 in SamariaH8111 over IsraelH3478 nineH8672 yearsH8141.2And he didH6213 that which was evilH7451 in the sightH5869 of the LORDH3068, but not as the kingsH4428 of IsraelH3478 that were beforeH6440 him.

3Against him came upH5927 ShalmaneserH8022 kingH4428 of AssyriaH804; and HosheaH1954 became his servantH5650, and gaveH7725 him presentsH4503.4And the kingH4428 of AssyriaH804 foundH4672 conspiracyH7195 in HosheaH1954: for he had sentH7971 messengersH4397 to SoH5471 kingH4428 of EgyptH4714, and broughtH5927 no presentH4503 to the kingH4428 of AssyriaH804, as he had done yearH8141 by yearH8141: therefore the kingH4428 of AssyriaH804 shut him upH6113, and boundH631 him in prisonH1004 H3608.

5Then the kingH4428 of AssyriaH804 came upH5927 throughout all the landH776, and went upH5927 to SamariaH8111, and besiegedH6696 it threeH7969 yearsH8141.6In the ninthH8671 yearH8141 of HosheaH1954 the kingH4428 of AssyriaH804 tookH3920 SamariaH8111, and carriedH1540 IsraelH3478 awayH1540 into AssyriaH804, and placedH3427 them in HalahH2477 and in HaborH2249 by the riverH5104 of GozanH1470, and in the citiesH5892 of the MedesH4074.7For so it was, that the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 had sinnedH2398 against the LORDH3068 their GodH430, which had brought them upH5927 out of the landH776 of EgyptH4714, from under the handH3027 of PharaohH6547 kingH4428 of EgyptH4714, and had fearedH3372 otherH312 godsH430,8And walkedH3212 in the statutesH2708 of the heathenH1471, whom the LORDH3068 cast outH3423 from beforeH6440 the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478, and of the kingsH4428 of IsraelH3478, which they had madeH6213.9And the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 did secretlyH2644 those thingsH1697 that were not right against the LORDH3068 their GodH430, and they builtH1129 them high placesH1116 in all their citiesH5892, from the towerH4026 of the watchmenH5341 to the fencedH4013 cityH5892.10And they set them upH5324 imagesH4676 and grovesH842 in every highH1364 hillH1389, and under every greenH7488 treeH6086:11And there they burnt incenseH6999 in all the high placesH1116, as did the heathenH1471 whom the LORDH3068 carried awayH1540 beforeH6440 them; and wroughtH6213 wickedH7451 thingsH1697 to provoke the LORDH3068 to angerH3707:12For they servedH5647 idolsH1544, whereof the LORDH3068 had saidH559 unto them, Ye shall not doH6213 this thingH1697.13Yet the LORDH3068 testifiedH5749 against IsraelH3478, and against JudahH3063, byH3027 all the prophetsH5030, and by all the seersH2374, sayingH559, TurnH7725 ye from your evilH7451 waysH1870, and keepH8104 my commandmentsH4687 and my statutesH2708, according to all the lawH8451 which I commandedH6680 your fathersH1, and which I sentH7971 to you byH3027 my servantsH5650 the prophetsH5030.14Notwithstanding they would not hearH8085, but hardenedH7185 their necksH6203, like to the neckH6203 of their fathersH1, that did not believeH539 in the LORDH3068 their GodH430.15And they rejectedH3988 his statutesH2706, and his covenantH1285 that he madeH3772 with their fathersH1, and his testimoniesH5715 which he testifiedH5749 against them; and they followedH3212 H310 vanityH1892, and became vainH1891, and went afterH310 the heathenH1471 that were round aboutH5439 them, concerning whom the LORDH3068 had chargedH6680 them, that they should not doH6213 like them.16And they leftH5800 all the commandmentsH4687 of the LORDH3068 their GodH430, and madeH6213 them molten imagesH4541, even twoH8147 calvesH5695, and madeH6213 a groveH842, and worshippedH7812 all the hostH6635 of heavenH8064, and servedH5647 BaalH1168.17And they caused their sonsH1121 and their daughtersH1323 to passH5674 through the fireH784, and usedH7080 divinationH7081 and enchantmentsH5172, and soldH4376 themselves to doH6213 evilH7451 in the sightH5869 of the LORDH3068, to provoke him to angerH3707.18Therefore the LORDH3068 was veryH3966 angryH599 with IsraelH3478, and removedH5493 them out of his sightH6440: there was none leftH7604 but the tribeH7626 of JudahH3063 only.19Also JudahH3063 keptH8104 not the commandmentsH4687 of the LORDH3068 their GodH430, but walkedH3212 in the statutesH2708 of IsraelH3478 which they madeH6213.20And the LORDH3068 rejectedH3988 all the seedH2233 of IsraelH3478, and afflictedH6031 them, and deliveredH5414 them into the handH3027 of spoilersH8154, until he had castH7993 them out of his sightH6440.21For he rentH7167 IsraelH3478 from the houseH1004 of DavidH1732; and they made JeroboamH3379 the sonH1121 of NebatH5028 kingH4427: and JeroboamH3379 draveH5080 H5077 IsraelH3478 from followingH310 the LORDH3068, and made them sinH2398 a greatH1419 sinH2401.22For the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 walkedH3212 in all the sinsH2403 of JeroboamH3379 which he didH6213; they departedH5493 not from them;23Until the LORDH3068 removedH5493 IsraelH3478 out of his sightH6440, as he had saidH1696 byH3027 all his servantsH5650 the prophetsH5030. So was IsraelH3478 carried awayH1540 out of their own landH127 to AssyriaH804 unto this dayH3117.

24And the kingH4428 of AssyriaH804 broughtH935 men from BabylonH894, and from CuthahH3575, and from AvaH5755, and from HamathH2574, and from SepharvaimH5617, and placedH3427 them in the citiesH5892 of SamariaH8111 instead of the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478: and they possessedH3423 SamariaH8111, and dweltH3427 in the citiesH5892 thereof.25And so it was at the beginningH8462 of their dwellingH3427 there, that they fearedH3372 not the LORDH3068: therefore the LORDH3068 sentH7971 lionsH738 among them, which slewH2026 some of them.26Wherefore they spakeH559 to the kingH4428 of AssyriaH804, sayingH559, The nationsH1471 which thou hast removedH1540, and placedH3427 in the citiesH5892 of SamariaH8111, knowH3045 not the mannerH4941 of the GodH430 of the landH776: therefore he hath sentH7971 lionsH738 among them, and, behold, they slayH4191 them, because they knowH3045 not the mannerH4941 of the GodH430 of the landH776.27Then the kingH4428 of AssyriaH804 commandedH6680, sayingH559, CarryH3212 thither oneH259 of the priestsH3548 whom ye broughtH1540 from thence; and let them goH3212 and dwellH3427 there, and let him teachH3384 them the mannerH4941 of the GodH430 of the landH776.28Then oneH259 of the priestsH3548 whom they had carried awayH1540 from SamariaH8111 cameH935 and dweltH3427 in BethelH1008, and taughtH3384 them how they should fearH3372 the LORDH3068.29Howbeit every nationH1471 madeH6213 godsH430 of their own, and putH3240 them in the housesH1004 of the high placesH1116 which the SamaritansH8118 had madeH6213, every nationH1471 in their citiesH5892 wherein they dweltH3427.30And the menH582 of BabylonH894 madeH6213 SuccothbenothH5524, and the menH582 of CuthH3575 madeH6213 NergalH5370, and the menH582 of HamathH2574 madeH6213 AshimaH807,31And the AvitesH5757 madeH6213 NibhazH5026 and TartakH8662, and the SepharvitesH5616 burntH8313 their childrenH1121 in fireH784 to AdrammelechH152 and AnammelechH6048, the godsH430 of SepharvaimH5617.32So they fearedH3373 the LORDH3068, and madeH6213 unto themselves of the lowestH7098 of them priestsH3548 of the high placesH1116, which sacrificedH6213 for them in the housesH1004 of the high placesH1116.33They fearedH3373 the LORDH3068, and servedH5647 their own godsH430, after the mannerH4941 of the nationsH1471 whom they carried awayH1540 from thence.34Unto this dayH3117 they doH6213 after the formerH7223 mannersH4941: they fearH3373 not the LORDH3068, neither doH6213 they after their statutesH2708, or after their ordinancesH4941, or after the lawH8451 and commandmentH4687 which the LORDH3068 commandedH6680 the childrenH1121 of JacobH3290, whom he namedH7760 H8034 IsraelH3478;35With whom the LORDH3068 had madeH3772 a covenantH1285, and chargedH6680 them, sayingH559, Ye shall not fearH3372 otherH312 godsH430, nor bowH7812 yourselves to them, nor serveH5647 them, nor sacrificeH2076 to them:36But the LORDH3068, who brought you upH5927 out of the landH776 of EgyptH4714 with greatH1419 powerH3581 and a stretched outH5186 armH2220, him shall ye fearH3372, and him shall ye worshipH7812, and to him shall ye do sacrificeH2076.37And the statutesH2706, and the ordinancesH4941, and the lawH8451, and the commandmentH4687, which he wroteH3789 for you, ye shall observeH8104 to doH6213 for evermoreH3117; and ye shall not fearH3372 otherH312 godsH430.38And the covenantH1285 that I have madeH3772 with you ye shall not forgetH7911; neither shall ye fearH3372 otherH312 godsH430.39But the LORDH3068 your GodH430 ye shall fearH3372; and he shall deliverH5337 you out of the handH3027 of all your enemiesH341.40Howbeit they did not hearkenH8085, but they didH6213 after their formerH7223 mannerH4941.41So these nationsH1471 fearedH3373 the LORDH3068, and servedH5647 their graven imagesH6456, both their childrenH1121, and their children'sH1121 childrenH1121: as didH6213 their fathersH1, so doH6213 they unto this dayH3117.