Isaiah 21 (kjv)


The burdenH4853 of the desertH4057 of the seaH3220. As whirlwindsH5492 in the southH5045 passH2498 through; so it comethH935 from the desertH4057, from a terribleH3372 landH776.2A grievousH7186 visionH2380 is declaredH5046 unto me; the treacherous dealerH898 dealeth treacherouslyH898, and the spoilerH7703 spoilethH7703. Go upH5927, O ElamH5867: besiegeH6696, O MediaH4074; all the sighingH585 thereof have I made to ceaseH7673.3Therefore are my loinsH4975 filledH4390 with painH2479: pangsH6735 have taken holdH270 upon me, as the pangsH6735 of a woman that travailethH3205: I was bowed downH5753 at the hearingH8085 of it; I was dismayedH926 at the seeingH7200 of it.4My heartH3824 pantedH8582, fearfulnessH6427 affrightedH1204 me: the nightH5399 of my pleasureH2837 hath he turnedH7760 into fearH2731 unto me.5PrepareH6186 the tableH7979, watchH6822 in the watchtowerH6844, eatH398, drinkH8354: ariseH6965, ye princesH8269, and anointH4886 the shieldH4043.

6For thus hath the LordH136 saidH559 unto me, GoH3212, setH5975 a watchmanH6822, let him declareH5046 what he seethH7200.7And he sawH7200 a chariotH7393 with a coupleH6776 of horsemenH6571, a chariotH7393 of assesH2543, and a chariotH7393 of camelsH1581; and he hearkenedH7181 diligentlyH7182 with muchH7227 heedH7182:8And he criedH7121, A lionH738: My lordH136, I standH5975 continuallyH8548 upon the watchtowerH4707 in the daytimeH3119, and I am setH5324 in my wardH4931 whole nightsH3915:9And, behold, here comethH935 a chariotH7393 of menH376, with a coupleH6776 of horsemenH6571. And he answeredH6030 and saidH559, BabylonH894 is fallenH5307, is fallenH5307; and all the graven imagesH6456 of her godsH430 he hath brokenH7665 unto the groundH776.10O my threshingH4098, and the cornH1121 of my floorH1637: that which I have heardH8085 of the LORDH3068 of hostsH6635, the GodH430 of IsraelH3478, have I declaredH5046 unto you.

11The burdenH4853 of DumahH1746. He callethH7121 to me out of SeirH8165, WatchmanH8104, what of the nightH3915? WatchmanH8104, what of the nightH3915?12The watchmanH8104 saidH559, The morningH1242 comethH857, and also the nightH3915: if ye will enquireH1158, enquireH1158 ye: returnH7725, comeH857.

13The burdenH4853 upon ArabiaH6152. In the forestH3293 in ArabiaH6152 shall ye lodgeH3885, O ye travelling companiesH736 of DedanimH1720.14The inhabitantsH3427 of the landH776 of TemaH8485 broughtH857 waterH4325 to himH7125 that was thirstyH6771, they preventedH6923 with their breadH3899 him that fledH5074.15For they fledH5074 fromH6440 the swordsH2719, fromH6440 the drawnH5203 swordH2719, and fromH6440 the bentH1869 bowH7198, and fromH6440 the grievousnessH3514 of warH4421.16For thus hath the LordH136 saidH559 unto me, Within a yearH8141, according to the yearsH8141 of an hirelingH7916, and all the gloryH3519 of KedarH6938 shall failH3615:17And the residueH7605 of the numberH4557 of archersH7198, the mighty menH1368 of the childrenH1121 of KedarH6938, shall be diminishedH4591: for the LORDH3068 GodH430 of IsraelH3478 hath spokenH1696 it.