Isaiah 49 (kjv)


ListenH8085, O islesH339, unto me; and hearkenH7181, ye peopleH3816, from farH7350; The LORDH3068 hath calledH7121 me from the wombH990; from the bowelsH4578 of my motherH517 hath he made mentionH2142 of my nameH8034.2And he hath madeH7760 my mouthH6310 like a sharpH2299 swordH2719; in the shadowH6738 of his handH3027 hath he hidH2244 me, and madeH7760 me a polishedH1305 shaftH2671; in his quiverH827 hath he hidH5641 me;3And saidH559 unto me, Thou art my servantH5650, O IsraelH3478, in whom I will be glorifiedH6286.4Then I saidH559, I have labouredH3021 in vainH7385, I have spentH3615 my strengthH3581 for noughtH8414, and in vainH1892: yet surelyH403 my judgmentH4941 is with the LORDH3068, and my workH6468 with my GodH430.

5And now, saithH559 the LORDH3068 that formedH3335 me from the wombH990 to be his servantH5650, to bringH7725 JacobH3290 againH7725 to him, Though IsraelH3478 be not gatheredH622, yet shall I be gloriousH3513 in the eyesH5869 of the LORDH3068, and my GodH430 shall be my strengthH5797.6And he saidH559, It is a light thingH7043 that thou shouldest be my servantH5650 to raise upH6965 the tribesH7626 of JacobH3290, and to restoreH7725 the preservedH5341 H5336 of IsraelH3478: I will also giveH5414 thee for a lightH216 to the GentilesH1471, that thou mayest be my salvationH3444 unto the endH7097 of the earthH776.7Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068, the RedeemerH1350 of IsraelH3478, and his Holy OneH6918, to him whom manH5315 despisethH960, to him whom the nationH1471 abhorrethH8581, to a servantH5650 of rulersH4910, KingsH4428 shall seeH7200 and ariseH6965, princesH8269 also shall worshipH7812, because of the LORDH3068 that is faithfulH539, and the Holy OneH6918 of IsraelH3478, and he shall chooseH977 thee.8Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068, In an acceptableH7522 timeH6256 have I heardH6030 thee, and in a dayH3117 of salvationH3444 have I helpedH5826 thee: and I will preserveH5341 thee, and giveH5414 thee for a covenantH1285 of the peopleH5971, to establishH6965 the earthH776, to cause to inheritH5157 the desolateH8074 heritagesH5159;9That thou mayest sayH559 to the prisonersH631, Go forthH3318; to them that are in darknessH2822, ShewH1540 yourselves. They shall feedH7462 in the waysH1870, and their pasturesH4830 shall be in all high placesH8205.10They shall not hungerH7456 nor thirstH6770; neither shall the heatH8273 nor sunH8121 smiteH5221 them: for he that hath mercyH7355 on them shall leadH5090 them, even by the springsH4002 of waterH4325 shall he guideH5095 them.11And I will makeH7760 all my mountainsH2022 a wayH1870, and my highwaysH4546 shall be exaltedH7311.12Behold, these shall comeH935 from farH7350: and, lo, these from the northH6828 and from the westH3220; and these from the landH776 of SinimH5515.

13SingH7442, O heavensH8064; and be joyfulH1523, O earthH776; and break forthH6476 into singingH7440, O mountainsH2022: for the LORDH3068 hath comfortedH5162 his peopleH5971, and will have mercyH7355 upon his afflictedH6041.14But ZionH6726 saidH559, The LORDH3068 hath forsakenH5800 me, and my LordH136 hath forgottenH7911 me.15Can a womanH802 forgetH7911 her sucking childH5764, that she should not have compassionH7355 on the sonH1121 of her wombH990? yea, they may forgetH7911, yet will I not forgetH7911 thee.16Behold, I have gravenH2710 thee upon the palms of my handsH3709; thy wallsH2346 are continuallyH8548 before me.17Thy childrenH1121 shall make hasteH4116; thy destroyersH2040 and they that made thee wasteH2717 shall go forthH3318 of thee.

18Lift upH5375 thine eyesH5869 round aboutH5439, and beholdH7200: all these gather themselves togetherH6908, and comeH935 to thee. As I liveH2416, saithH5002 the LORDH3068, thou shalt surely clotheH3847 thee with them all, as with an ornamentH5716, and bindH7194 them on thee, as a brideH3618 doeth.19For thy wasteH2723 and thy desolate placesH8074, and the landH776 of thy destructionH2035, shall even now be too narrowH3334 by reason of the inhabitantsH3427, and they that swallowed thee upH1104 shall be far awayH7368.20The childrenH1121 which thou shalt have, after thou hast lostH7923 the other, shall sayH559 again in thine earsH241, The placeH4725 is too straitH6862 for me: giveH5066 placeH4725 to me that I may dwellH3427.21Then shalt thou sayH559 in thine heartH3824, Who hath begottenH3205 me these, seeing I have lost my childrenH7921, and am desolateH1565, a captiveH1540, and removing to and froH5493? and who hath brought upH1431 these? Behold, I was leftH7604 alone; these, whereH375 had they been?22Thus saithH559 the LordH136 GODH3069, Behold, I will lift upH5375 mine handH3027 to the GentilesH1471, and set upH7311 my standardH5251 to the peopleH5971: and they shall bringH935 thy sonsH1121 in their armsH2684, and thy daughtersH1323 shall be carriedH5375 upon their shouldersH3802.23And kingsH4428 shall be thy nursing fathersH539, and their queensH8282 thy nursing mothersH3243: they shall bow downH7812 to thee with their faceH639 toward the earthH776, and lick upH3897 the dustH6083 of thy feetH7272; and thou shalt knowH3045 that I am the LORDH3068: for they shall not be ashamedH954 that waitH6960 for me.

24Shall the preyH4455 be takenH3947 from the mightyH1368, or the lawfulH6662 captiveH7628 deliveredH4422?25But thus saithH559 the LORDH3068, Even the captivesH7628 of the mightyH1368 shall be taken awayH3947, and the preyH4455 of the terribleH6184 shall be deliveredH4422: for I will contendH7378 with him that contendethH3401 with thee, and I will saveH3467 thy childrenH1121.26And I will feedH398 them that oppressH3238 thee with their own fleshH1320; and they shall be drunkenH7937 with their own bloodH1818, as with sweet wineH6071: and all fleshH1320 shall knowH3045 that I the LORDH3068 am thy SaviourH3467 and thy RedeemerH1350, the mighty OneH46 of JacobH3290.