Isaiah 5 (kjv)


Now will I singH7891 to my wellbelovedH3039 a songH7892 of my belovedH1730 touching his vineyardH3754. My wellbelovedH3039 hath a vineyardH3754 in a very fruitfulH1121 H8081 hillH7161:2And he fencedH5823 it, and gathered out the stonesH5619 thereof, and plantedH5193 it with the choicest vineH8321, and builtH1129 a towerH4026 in the midstH8432 of it, and also madeH2672 a winepressH3342 therein: and he lookedH6960 that it should bring forthH6213 grapesH6025, and it brought forthH6213 wild grapesH891.3And now, O inhabitantsH3427 of JerusalemH3389, and menH376 of JudahH3063, judgeH8199, I pray you, betwixt me and my vineyardH3754.4What could have been doneH6213 more to my vineyardH3754, that I have not doneH6213 in it? whereforeH4069, when I lookedH6960 that it should bring forthH6213 grapesH6025, brought it forthH6213 wild grapesH891?5And now go to; I will tellH3045 you what I will doH6213 to my vineyardH3754: I will take awayH5493 the hedgeH4881 thereof, and it shall be eaten upH1197; and break downH6555 the wallH1447 thereof, and it shall be trodden downH4823:6And I will layH7896 it wasteH1326: it shall not be prunedH2168, nor diggedH5737; but there shall come upH5927 briersH8068 and thornsH7898: I will also commandH6680 the cloudsH5645 that they rainH4305 no rainH4306 upon it.7For the vineyardH3754 of the LORDH3068 of hostsH6635 is the houseH1004 of IsraelH3478, and the menH376 of JudahH3063 his pleasantH8191 plantH5194: and he lookedH6960 for judgmentH4941, but behold oppressionH4939; for righteousnessH6666, but behold a cryH6818.

8WoeH1945 unto them that joinH5060 houseH1004 to houseH1004, that layH7126 fieldH7704 to fieldH7704, till there be noH657 placeH4725, that they may be placedH3427 alone in the midstH7130 of the earthH776!9In mine earsH241 said the LORDH3068 of hostsH6635, Of a truthH3808 manyH7227 housesH1004 shall be desolateH8047, even greatH1419 and fairH2896, without inhabitantH3427.10YeaH3588, tenH6235 acresH6776 of vineyardH3754 shall yieldH6213 oneH259 bathH1324, and the seedH2233 of an homerH2563 shall yieldH6213 an ephahH374.

11WoeH1945 unto them that rise up earlyH7925 in the morningH1242, that they may followH7291 strong drinkH7941; that continueH309 until nightH5399, till wineH3196 inflameH1814 them!12And the harpH3658, and the violH5035, the tabretH8596, and pipeH2485, and wineH3196, are in their feastsH4960: but they regardH5027 not the workH6467 of the LORDH3068, neither considerH7200 the operationH4639 of his handsH3027.

13Therefore my peopleH5971 are gone into captivityH1540, because they have no knowledgeH1847: and their honourableH3519 menH4962 are famishedH7458, and their multitudeH1995 dried upH6704 with thirstH6772.14Therefore hellH7585 hath enlargedH7337 herselfH5315, and openedH6473 her mouthH6310 without measureH2706: and their gloryH1926, and their multitudeH1995, and their pompH7588, and he that rejoicethH5938, shall descendH3381 into it.15And the mean manH120 shall be brought downH7817, and the mighty manH376 shall be humbledH8213, and the eyesH5869 of the loftyH1364 shall be humbledH8213:16But the LORDH3068 of hostsH6635 shall be exaltedH1361 in judgmentH4941, and GodH410 that is holyH6918 shall be sanctifiedH6942 in righteousnessH6666.17Then shall the lambsH3532 feedH7462 after their mannerH1699, and the waste placesH2723 of the fat onesH4220 shall strangersH1481 eatH398.18WoeH1945 unto them that drawH4900 iniquityH5771 with cordsH2256 of vanityH7723, and sinH2403 as it were with a cartH5699 ropeH5688:19That sayH559, Let him make speedH4116, and hastenH2363 his workH4639, that we may seeH7200 it: and let the counselH6098 of the Holy OneH6918 of IsraelH3478 draw nighH7126 and comeH935, that we may knowH3045 it!

20WoeH1945 unto them that callH559 evilH7451 goodH2896, and goodH2896 evilH7451; that putH7760 darknessH2822 for lightH216, and lightH216 for darknessH2822; that putH7760 bitterH4751 for sweetH4966, and sweetH4966 for bitterH4751!21WoeH1945 unto them that are wiseH2450 in their own eyesH5869, and prudentH995 in their own sightH6440!22WoeH1945 unto them that are mightyH1368 to drinkH8354 wineH3196, and menH582 of strengthH2428 to mingleH4537 strong drinkH7941:23Which justifyH6663 the wickedH7563 forH6118 rewardH7810, and take awayH5493 the righteousnessH6666 of the righteousH6662 from him!24Therefore as the fireH784 devourethH398 the stubbleH7179, and the flameH3956 H3852 consumethH7503 the chaffH2842, so their rootH8328 shall be as rottennessH4716, and their blossomH6525 shall go upH5927 as dustH80: because they have cast awayH3988 the lawH8451 of the LORDH3068 of hostsH6635, and despisedH5006 the wordH565 of the Holy OneH6918 of IsraelH3478.25Therefore is the angerH639 of the LORDH3068 kindledH2734 against his peopleH5971, and he hath stretched forthH5186 his handH3027 against them, and hath smittenH5221 them: and the hillsH2022 did trembleH7264, and their carcasesH5038 were tornH5478 in the midstH7130 of the streetsH2351. For all this his angerH639 is not turned awayH7725, but his handH3027 is stretched outH5186 still.

26And he will lift upH5375 an ensignH5251 to the nationsH1471 from farH7350, and will hissH8319 unto them from the endH7097 of the earthH776: and, behold, they shall comeH935 with speedH4120 swiftlyH7031:27None shall be wearyH5889 nor stumbleH3782 among them; none shall slumberH5123 nor sleepH3462; neither shall the girdleH232 of their loinsH2504 be loosedH6605, nor the latchetH8288 of their shoesH5275 be brokenH5423:28Whose arrowsH2671 are sharpH8150, and all their bowsH7198 bentH1869, their horsesH5483' hoofsH6541 shall be countedH2803 like flintH6862, and their wheelsH1534 like a whirlwindH5492:29Their roaringH7581 shall be like a lionH3833, they shall roarH7580 H7580 like young lionsH3715: yea, they shall roarH5098, and lay holdH270 of the preyH2964, and shall carry it away safeH6403, and none shall deliverH5337 it.30And in that dayH3117 they shall roarH5098 against them like the roaringH5100 of the seaH3220: and if one lookH5027 unto the landH776, behold darknessH2822 and sorrowH6862, and the lightH216 is darkenedH2821 in the heavensH6183 thereof.