Jeremiah 34 (kjv)


The wordH1697 which came unto JeremiahH3414 from the LORDH3068, when NebuchadnezzarH5019 kingH4428 of BabylonH894, and all his armyH2428, and all the kingdomsH4467 of the earthH776 of his dominionH3027 H4475, and all the peopleH5971, foughtH3898 against JerusalemH3389, and against all the citiesH5892 thereof, sayingH559,2Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068, the GodH430 of IsraelH3478; GoH1980 and speakH559 to ZedekiahH6667 kingH4428 of JudahH3063, and tellH559 him, Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068; Behold, I will giveH5414 this cityH5892 into the handH3027 of the kingH4428 of BabylonH894, and he shall burnH8313 it with fireH784:3And thou shalt not escape outH4422 of his handH3027, but shalt surelyH8610 be takenH8610, and deliveredH5414 into his handH3027; and thine eyesH5869 shall beholdH7200 the eyesH5869 of the kingH4428 of BabylonH894, and he shall speakH1696 with thee mouthH6310 to mouthH6310, and thou shalt goH935 to BabylonH894.4Yet hearH8085 the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068, O ZedekiahH6667 kingH4428 of JudahH3063; Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068 of thee, Thou shalt not dieH4191 by the swordH2719:5But thou shalt dieH4191 in peaceH7965: and with the burningsH4955 of thy fathersH1, the formerH7223 kingsH4428 which were beforeH6440 thee, so shall they burnH8313 odours for thee; and they will lamentH5594 thee, saying, AhH1945 lordH113! for I have pronouncedH1696 the wordH1697, saithH5002 the LORDH3068.6Then JeremiahH3414 the prophetH5030 spakeH1696 all these wordsH1697 unto ZedekiahH6667 kingH4428 of JudahH3063 in JerusalemH3389,7When the kingH4428 of Babylon'sH894 armyH2428 foughtH3898 against JerusalemH3389, and against all the citiesH5892 of JudahH3063 that were leftH3498, against LachishH3923, and against AzekahH5825: for these defencedH4013 citiesH5892 remainedH7604 of the citiesH5892 of JudahH3063.

8This is the wordH1697 that came unto JeremiahH3414 from the LORDH3068, afterH310 that the kingH4428 ZedekiahH6667 had madeH3772 a covenantH1285 with all the peopleH5971 which were at JerusalemH3389, to proclaimH7121 libertyH1865 unto them;9That every manH376 should let his manservantH5650, and every manH376 his maidservantH8198, being an HebrewH5680 or an HebrewessH5680, goH7971 freeH2670; that none should serveH5647 himself of them, to wit, of a JewH3064 his brotherH251.10Now when all the princesH8269, and all the peopleH5971, which had enteredH935 into the covenantH1285, heardH8085 that every oneH376 should let his manservantH5650, and every oneH376 his maidservantH8198, goH7971 freeH2670, that none should serveH5647 themselves of them any more, then they obeyedH8085, and let them goH7971.

11But afterwardH310 they turnedH7725, and caused the servantsH5650 and the handmaidsH8198, whom they had let goH7971 freeH2670, to returnH7725, and brought them into subjectionH3533 H3533 for servantsH5650 and for handmaidsH8198.

12Therefore the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068 came to JeremiahH3414 from the LORDH3068, sayingH559,13Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068, the GodH430 of IsraelH3478; I madeH3772 a covenantH1285 with your fathersH1 in the dayH3117 that I brought them forthH3318 out of the landH776 of EgyptH4714, out of the houseH1004 of bondmenH5650, sayingH559,14At the endH7093 of sevenH7651 yearsH8141 let ye goH7971 every manH376 his brotherH251 an HebrewH5680, which hath been soldH4376 unto thee; and when he hath servedH5647 thee sixH8337 yearsH8141, thou shalt let him goH7971 freeH2670 from thee: but your fathersH1 hearkenedH8085 not unto me, neither inclinedH5186 their earH241.15And ye were nowH3117 turnedH7725, and had doneH6213 rightH3477 in my sightH5869, in proclaimingH7121 libertyH1865 every manH376 to his neighbourH7453; and ye had madeH3772 a covenantH1285 beforeH6440 me in the houseH1004 which is calledH7121 by my nameH8034:16But ye turnedH7725 and pollutedH2490 my nameH8034, and caused every manH376 his servantH5650, and every manH376 his handmaidH8198, whom ye had setH7971 at libertyH2670 at their pleasureH5315, to returnH7725, and brought them into subjectionH3533, to be unto you for servantsH5650 and for handmaidsH8198.17Therefore thus saithH559 the LORDH3068; Ye have not hearkenedH8085 unto me, in proclaimingH7121 libertyH1865, every oneH376 to his brotherH251, and every manH376 to his neighbourH7453: behold, I proclaimH7121 a libertyH1865 for you, saithH5002 the LORDH3068, to the swordH2719, to the pestilenceH1698, and to the famineH7458; and I will makeH5414 you to be removedH2189 H2113 into all the kingdomsH4467 of the earthH776.18And I will giveH5414 the menH582 that have transgressedH5674 my covenantH1285, which have not performedH6965 the wordsH1697 of the covenantH1285 which they had madeH3772 beforeH6440 me, when they cutH3772 the calfH5695 in twainH8147, and passedH5674 between the partsH1335 thereof,19The princesH8269 of JudahH3063, and the princesH8269 of JerusalemH3389, the eunuchsH5631, and the priestsH3548, and all the peopleH5971 of the landH776, which passedH5674 between the partsH1335 of the calfH5695;20I will even giveH5414 them into the handH3027 of their enemiesH341, and into the handH3027 of them that seekH1245 their lifeH5315: and their dead bodiesH5038 shall be for meatH3978 unto the fowlsH5775 of the heavenH8064, and to the beastsH929 of the earthH776.21And ZedekiahH6667 kingH4428 of JudahH3063 and his princesH8269 will I giveH5414 into the handH3027 of their enemiesH341, and into the handH3027 of them that seekH1245 their lifeH5315, and into the handH3027 of the kingH4428 of Babylon'sH894 armyH2428, which are gone upH5927 from you.22Behold, I will commandH6680, saithH5002 the LORDH3068, and cause them to returnH7725 to this cityH5892; and they shall fightH3898 against it, and takeH3920 it, and burnH8313 it with fireH784: and I will makeH5414 the citiesH5892 of JudahH3063 a desolationH8077 without an inhabitantH3427.