Jeremiah 36 (kjv)


And it came to pass in the fourthH7243 yearH8141 of JehoiakimH3079 the sonH1121 of JosiahH2977 kingH4428 of JudahH3063, that this wordH1697 came unto JeremiahH3414 from the LORDH3068, sayingH559,2TakeH3947 thee a rollH4039 of a bookH5612, and writeH3789 therein all the wordsH1697 that I have spokenH1696 unto thee against IsraelH3478, and against JudahH3063, and against all the nationsH1471, from the dayH3117 I spakeH1696 unto thee, from the daysH3117 of JosiahH2977, even unto this dayH3117.3It may be that the houseH1004 of JudahH3063 will hearH8085 all the evilH7451 which I purposeH2803 to doH6213 unto them; that they may returnH7725 every manH376 from his evilH7451 wayH1870; that I may forgiveH5545 their iniquityH5771 and their sinH2403.4Then JeremiahH3414 calledH7121 BaruchH1263 the sonH1121 of NeriahH5374: and BaruchH1263 wroteH3789 from the mouthH6310 of JeremiahH3414 all the wordsH1697 of the LORDH3068, which he had spokenH1696 unto him, upon a rollH4039 of a bookH5612.

5And JeremiahH3414 commandedH6680 BaruchH1263, sayingH559, I am shut upH6113; I cannotH3201 goH935 into the houseH1004 of the LORDH3068:6Therefore goH935 thou, and readH7121 in the rollH4039, which thou hast writtenH3789 from my mouthH6310, the wordsH1697 of the LORDH3068 in the earsH241 of the peopleH5971 in the LORD'SH3068 houseH1004 upon the fastingH6685 dayH3117: and also thou shalt readH7121 them in the earsH241 of all JudahH3063 that come outH935 of their citiesH5892.7It may be they will presentH5307 their supplicationH8467 beforeH6440 the LORDH3068, and will returnH7725 every oneH376 from his evilH7451 wayH1870: for greatH1419 is the angerH639 and the furyH2534 that the LORDH3068 hath pronouncedH1696 against this peopleH5971.8And BaruchH1263 the sonH1121 of NeriahH5374 didH6213 according to all that JeremiahH3414 the prophetH5030 commandedH6680 him, readingH7121 in the bookH5612 the wordsH1697 of the LORDH3068 in the LORD'SH3068 houseH1004.9And it came to pass in the fifthH2549 yearH8141 of JehoiakimH3079 the sonH1121 of JosiahH2977 kingH4428 of JudahH3063, in the ninthH8671 monthH2320, that they proclaimedH7121 a fastH6685 beforeH6440 the LORDH3068 to all the peopleH5971 in JerusalemH3389, and to all the peopleH5971 that cameH935 from the citiesH5892 of JudahH3063 unto JerusalemH3389.10Then readH7121 BaruchH1263 in the bookH5612 the wordsH1697 of JeremiahH3414 in the houseH1004 of the LORDH3068, in the chamberH3957 of GemariahH1587 the sonH1121 of ShaphanH8227 the scribeH5608, in the higherH5945 courtH2691, at the entryH6607 of the newH2319 gateH8179 of the LORD'SH3068 houseH1004, in the earsH241 of all the peopleH5971.

11When MichaiahH4321 the sonH1121 of GemariahH1587, the sonH1121 of ShaphanH8227, had heardH8085 out of the bookH5612 all the wordsH1697 of the LORDH3068,12Then he went downH3381 into the king'sH4428 houseH1004, into the scribe'sH5608 chamberH3957: and, lo, all the princesH8269 satH3427 there, even ElishamaH476 the scribeH5608, and DelaiahH1806 the sonH1121 of ShemaiahH8098, and ElnathanH494 the sonH1121 of AchborH5907, and GemariahH1587 the sonH1121 of ShaphanH8227, and ZedekiahH6667 the sonH1121 of HananiahH2608, and all the princesH8269.13Then MichaiahH4321 declaredH5046 unto them all the wordsH1697 that he had heardH8085, when BaruchH1263 readH7121 the bookH5612 in the earsH241 of the peopleH5971.

14Therefore all the princesH8269 sentH7971 JehudiH3065 the sonH1121 of NethaniahH5418, the sonH1121 of ShelemiahH8018, the sonH1121 of CushiH3570, unto BaruchH1263, sayingH559, TakeH3947 in thine handH3027 the rollH4039 wherein thou hast readH7121 in the earsH241 of the peopleH5971, and comeH3212. So BaruchH1263 the sonH1121 of NeriahH5374 tookH3947 the rollH4039 in his handH3027, and cameH935 unto them.15And they saidH559 unto him, Sit downH3427 now, and readH7121 it in our earsH241. So BaruchH1263 readH7121 it in their earsH241.16Now it came to pass, when they had heardH8085 all the wordsH1697, they were afraidH6342 bothH413 oneH376 and otherH7453, and saidH559 unto BaruchH1263, We will surelyH5046 tellH5046 the kingH4428 of all these wordsH1697.17And they askedH7592 BaruchH1263, sayingH559, TellH5046 us now, How didst thou writeH3789 all these wordsH1697 at his mouthH6310?18Then BaruchH1263 answeredH559 them, He pronouncedH7121 all these wordsH1697 unto me with his mouthH6310, and I wroteH3789 them with inkH1773 in the bookH5612.

19Then saidH559 the princesH8269 unto BaruchH1263, GoH3212, hideH5641 thee, thou and JeremiahH3414; and let no manH376 knowH3045 whereH375 ye be.

20And they went inH935 to the kingH4428 into the courtH2691, but they laid upH6485 the rollH4039 in the chamberH3957 of ElishamaH476 the scribeH5608, and toldH5046 all the wordsH1697 in the earsH241 of the kingH4428.21So the kingH4428 sentH7971 JehudiH3065 to fetchH3947 the rollH4039: and he tookH3947 it out of ElishamaH476 the scribe'sH5608 chamberH3957. And JehudiH3065 readH7121 it in the earsH241 of the kingH4428, and in the earsH241 of all the princesH8269 which stoodH5975 besideH5921 the kingH4428.22Now the kingH4428 satH3427 in the winterhouseH1004 H2779 in the ninthH8671 monthH2320: and there was a fire on the hearthH254 burningH1197 beforeH6440 him.23And it came to pass, that when JehudiH3065 had readH7121 threeH7969 or fourH702 leavesH1817, he cutH7167 it with the penknifeH8593 H5608, and castH7993 it into the fireH784 that was on the hearthH254, until all the rollH4039 was consumedH8552 in the fireH784 that was on the hearthH254.24Yet they were not afraidH6342, nor rentH7167 their garmentsH899, neither the kingH4428, nor any of his servantsH5650 that heardH8085 all these wordsH1697.25Nevertheless ElnathanH494 and DelaiahH1806 and GemariahH1587 had made intercessionH6293 to the kingH4428 that he would not burnH8313 the rollH4039: but he would not hearH8085 them.26But the kingH4428 commandedH6680 JerahmeelH3396 the sonH1121 of HammelechH4429, and SeraiahH8304 the sonH1121 of AzrielH5837, and ShelemiahH8018 the sonH1121 of AbdeelH5655, to takeH3947 BaruchH1263 the scribeH5608 and JeremiahH3414 the prophetH5030: but the LORDH3068 hidH5641 them.

27Then the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068 came to JeremiahH3414, afterH310 that the kingH4428 had burnedH8313 the rollH4039, and the wordsH1697 which BaruchH1263 wroteH3789 at the mouthH6310 of JeremiahH3414, sayingH559,28TakeH3947 thee againH7725 anotherH312 rollH4039, and writeH3789 in it all the formerH7223 wordsH1697 that were in the firstH7223 rollH4039, which JehoiakimH3079 the kingH4428 of JudahH3063 hath burnedH8313.29And thou shalt sayH559 to JehoiakimH3079 kingH4428 of JudahH3063, Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068; Thou hast burnedH8313 this rollH4039, sayingH559, Why hast thou writtenH3789 therein, sayingH559, The kingH4428 of BabylonH894 shall certainlyH935 comeH935 and destroyH7843 this landH776, and shall cause to ceaseH7673 from thence manH120 and beastH929?30Therefore thus saithH559 the LORDH3068 of JehoiakimH3079 kingH4428 of JudahH3063; He shall have none to sitH3427 upon the throneH3678 of DavidH1732: and his dead bodyH5038 shall be cast outH7993 in the dayH3117 to the heatH2721, and in the nightH3915 to the frostH7140.31And I will punishH6485 him and his seedH2233 and his servantsH5650 for their iniquityH5771; and I will bringH935 upon them, and upon the inhabitantsH3427 of JerusalemH3389, and upon the menH376 of JudahH3063, all the evilH7451 that I have pronouncedH1696 against them; but they hearkenedH8085 not.

32Then tookH3947 JeremiahH3414 anotherH312 rollH4039, and gaveH5414 it to BaruchH1263 the scribeH5608, the sonH1121 of NeriahH5374; who wroteH3789 therein from the mouthH6310 of JeremiahH3414 all the wordsH1697 of the bookH5612 which JehoiakimH3079 kingH4428 of JudahH3063 had burnedH8313 in the fireH784: and there were addedH3254 besides unto them manyH7227 likeH1992 wordsH1697.