Jeremiah 43 (kjv)


And it came to pass, that when JeremiahH3414 had made an endH3615 of speakingH1696 unto all the peopleH5971 all the wordsH1697 of the LORDH3068 their GodH430, for which the LORDH3068 their GodH430 had sentH7971 him to them, even all these wordsH1697,2Then spakeH559 AzariahH5838 the sonH1121 of HoshaiahH1955, and JohananH3110 the sonH1121 of KareahH7143, and all the proudH2086 menH582, sayingH559 unto JeremiahH3414, Thou speakestH1696 falselyH8267: the LORDH3068 our GodH430 hath not sentH7971 thee to sayH559, GoH935 not into EgyptH4714 to sojournH1481 there:3But BaruchH1263 the sonH1121 of NeriahH5374 setteth thee onH5496 against us, for toH4616 deliverH5414 us into the handH3027 of the ChaldeansH3778, that they might put us to deathH4191, and carry us away captivesH1540 into BabylonH894.4So JohananH3110 the sonH1121 of KareahH7143, and all the captainsH8269 of the forcesH2428, and all the peopleH5971, obeyedH8085 not the voiceH6963 of the LORDH3068, to dwellH3427 in the landH776 of JudahH3063.5But JohananH3110 the sonH1121 of KareahH7143, and all the captainsH8269 of the forcesH2428, tookH3947 all the remnantH7611 of JudahH3063, that were returnedH7725 from all nationsH1471, whither they had been drivenH5080, to dwellH1481 in the landH776 of JudahH3063;6Even menH1397, and womenH802, and childrenH2945, and the king'sH4428 daughtersH1323, and every personH5315 that NebuzaradanH5018 the captainH7227 of the guardH2876 had leftH3240 with GedaliahH1436 the sonH1121 of AhikamH296 the sonH1121 of ShaphanH8227, and JeremiahH3414 the prophetH5030, and BaruchH1263 the sonH1121 of NeriahH5374.7So they cameH935 into the landH776 of EgyptH4714: for they obeyedH8085 not the voiceH6963 of the LORDH3068: thus cameH935 they even to TahpanhesH8471.

8Then came the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068 unto JeremiahH3414 in TahpanhesH8471, sayingH559,9TakeH3947 greatH1419 stonesH68 in thine handH3027, and hideH2934 them in the clayH4423 in the brickkilnH4404, which is at the entryH6607 of Pharaoh'sH6547 houseH1004 in TahpanhesH8471, in the sightH5869 of the menH582 of JudahH3064;10And sayH559 unto them, Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068 of hostsH6635, the GodH430 of IsraelH3478; Behold, I will sendH7971 and takeH3947 NebuchadrezzarH5019 the kingH4428 of BabylonH894, my servantH5650, and will setH7760 his throneH3678 uponH4605 these stonesH68 that I have hidH2934; and he shall spreadH5186 his royal pavilionH8237 over them.11And when he comethH935, he shall smiteH5221 the landH776 of EgyptH4714, and deliver such as are for deathH4194 to deathH4194; and such as are for captivityH7628 to captivityH7628; and such as are for the swordH2719 to the swordH2719.12And I will kindleH3341 a fireH784 in the housesH1004 of the godsH430 of EgyptH4714; and he shall burnH8313 them, and carry them away captivesH7617: and he shall arrayH5844 himself with the landH776 of EgyptH4714, as a shepherdH7462 putteth onH5844 his garmentH899; and he shall go forthH3318 from thence in peaceH7965.13He shall breakH7665 also the imagesH4676 of BethshemeshH1053, that is in the landH776 of EgyptH4714; and the housesH1004 of the godsH430 of the EgyptiansH4714 shall he burnH8313 with fireH784.