Jeremiah 46 (kjv)


The wordH1697 of the LORDH3068 which came to JeremiahH3414 the prophetH5030 against the GentilesH1471;2Against EgyptH4714, against the armyH2428 of PharaohnechoH6549 kingH4428 of EgyptH4714, which was by the riverH5104 EuphratesH6578 in CarchemishH3751, which NebuchadrezzarH5019 kingH4428 of BabylonH894 smoteH5221 in the fourthH7243 yearH8141 of JehoiakimH3079 the sonH1121 of JosiahH2977 kingH4428 of JudahH3063.3OrderH6186 ye the bucklerH4043 and shieldH6793, and draw nearH5066 to battleH4421.4HarnessH631 the horsesH5483; and get upH5927, ye horsemenH6571, and stand forthH3320 with your helmetsH3553; furbishH4838 the spearsH7420, and put onH3847 the brigandinesH5630.5Wherefore have I seenH7200 them dismayedH2844 and turnedH5472 away backH268? and their mighty onesH1368 are beaten downH3807, and are fledH5127 apaceH4498, and look not backH6437: for fearH4032 was round aboutH5439, saithH5002 the LORDH3068.6Let not the swiftH7031 flee awayH5127, nor the mighty manH1368 escapeH4422; they shall stumbleH3782, and fallH5307 toward the northH6828 byH3027 the riverH5104 EuphratesH6578.7Who is this that cometh upH5927 as a floodH2975, whose watersH4325 are movedH1607 as the riversH5104?8EgyptH4714 riseth upH5927 like a floodH2975, and his watersH4325 are movedH1607 like the riversH5104; and he saithH559, I will go upH5927, and will coverH3680 the earthH776; I will destroyH6 the cityH5892 and the inhabitantsH3427 thereof.9Come upH5927, ye horsesH5483; and rageH1984, ye chariotsH7393; and let the mighty menH1368 come forthH3318; the EthiopiansH3568 and the LibyansH6316, that handleH8610 the shieldH4043; and the LydiansH3866, that handleH8610 and bendH1869 the bowH7198.10For this is the dayH3117 of the LordH136 GODH3069 of hostsH6635, a dayH3117 of vengeanceH5360, that he may avengeH5358 him of his adversariesH6862: and the swordH2719 shall devourH398, and it shall be satiateH7646 and made drunkH7301 with their bloodH1818: for the LordH136 GODH3069 of hostsH6635 hath a sacrificeH2077 in the northH6828 countryH776 by the riverH5104 EuphratesH6578.11Go upH5927 into GileadH1568, and takeH3947 balmH6875, O virginH1330, the daughterH1323 of EgyptH4714: in vainH7723 shalt thou use manyH7235 medicinesH7499; for thou shalt not be curedH8585.12The nationsH1471 have heardH8085 of thy shameH7036, and thy cryH6682 hath filledH4390 the landH776: for the mighty manH1368 hath stumbledH3782 against the mightyH1368, and they are fallenH5307 bothH8147 togetherH3162.

13The wordH1697 that the LORDH3068 spakeH1696 to JeremiahH3414 the prophetH5030, how NebuchadrezzarH5019 kingH4428 of BabylonH894 should comeH935 and smiteH5221 the landH776 of EgyptH4714.14DeclareH5046 ye in EgyptH4714, and publishH8085 in MigdolH4024, and publishH8085 in NophH5297 and in TahpanhesH8471: sayH559 ye, Stand fastH3320, and prepareH3559 thee; for the swordH2719 shall devourH398 round aboutH5439 thee.15Why are thy valiantH47 men swept awayH5502? they stoodH5975 not, because the LORDH3068 did driveH1920 them.16He made manyH7235 to fallH3782, yea, oneH376 fellH5307 upon anotherH7453: and they saidH559, AriseH6965, and let us go againH7725 to our own peopleH5971, and to the landH776 of our nativityH4138, fromH6440 the oppressingH3238 swordH2719.17They did cryH7121 there, PharaohH6547 kingH4428 of EgyptH4714 is but a noiseH7588; he hath passedH5674 the time appointedH4150.18As I liveH2416, saithH5002 the KingH4428, whose nameH8034 is the LORDH3068 of hostsH6635, Surely as TaborH8396 is among the mountainsH2022, and as CarmelH3760 by the seaH3220, so shall he comeH935.19O thou daughterH1323 dwellingH3427 in EgyptH4714, furnishH6213 thyself to go into captivityH3627 H1473: for NophH5297 shall be wasteH8047 and desolateH3341 without an inhabitantH3427.20EgyptH4714 is like a very fairH3304 heiferH5697, but destructionH7171 comethH935; it cometh outH935 of the northH6828.21Also her hired menH7916 are in the midstH7130 of her like fattedH4770 bullocksH5695; for they also are turned backH6437, and are fled awayH5127 togetherH3162: they did not standH5975, because the dayH3117 of their calamityH343 was comeH935 upon them, and the timeH6256 of their visitationH6486.22The voiceH6963 thereof shall goH3212 like a serpentH5175; for they shall marchH3212 with an armyH2428, and comeH935 against her with axesH7134, as hewersH2404 of woodH6086.23They shall cut downH3772 her forestH3293, saithH5002 the LORDH3068, though it cannot be searchedH2713; because they are moreH7231 than the grasshoppersH697, and are innumerableH369 H4557.24The daughterH1323 of EgyptH4714 shall be confoundedH3001; she shall be deliveredH5414 into the handH3027 of the peopleH5971 of the northH6828.25The LORDH3068 of hostsH6635, the GodH430 of IsraelH3478, saithH559; Behold, I will punishH6485 the multitudeH527 H528 of NoH4996, and PharaohH6547, and EgyptH4714, with their godsH430, and their kingsH4428; even PharaohH6547, and all them that trustH982 in him:26And I will deliverH5414 them into the handH3027 of those that seekH1245 their livesH5315, and into the handH3027 of NebuchadrezzarH5019 kingH4428 of BabylonH894, and into the handH3027 of his servantsH5650: and afterwardH310 it shall be inhabitedH7931, as in the daysH3117 of oldH6924, saithH5002 the LORDH3068.

27But fearH3372 not thou, O my servantH5650 JacobH3290, and be not dismayedH2865, O IsraelH3478: for, behold, I will saveH3467 thee from afar offH7350, and thy seedH2233 from the landH776 of their captivityH7628; and JacobH3290 shall returnH7725, and be in restH8252 and at easeH7599, and none shall make him afraidH2729.28FearH3372 thou not, O JacobH3290 my servantH5650, saithH5002 the LORDH3068: for I am with thee; for I will makeH6213 a full endH3617 of all the nationsH1471 whither I have drivenH5080 thee: but I will not makeH6213 a full endH3617 of thee, but correctH3256 thee in measureH4941; yet will I not leave thee whollyH5352 unpunishedH5352.