Joel 2 (kjv)


BlowH8628 ye the trumpetH7782 in ZionH6726, and sound an alarmH7321 in my holyH6944 mountainH2022: let all the inhabitantsH3427 of the landH776 trembleH7264: for the dayH3117 of the LORDH3068 comethH935, for it is nigh at handH7138;2A dayH3117 of darknessH2822 and of gloominessH653, a dayH3117 of cloudsH6051 and of thick darknessH6205, as the morningH7837 spreadH6566 upon the mountainsH2022: a greatH7227 peopleH5971 and a strongH6099; there hath not beenH1961 everH5769 the like, neither shall be any moreH3254 afterH310 it, even to the yearsH8141 of manyH1755 generationsH1755.3A fireH784 devourethH398 beforeH6440 them; and behindH310 them a flameH3852 burnethH3857: the landH776 is as the gardenH1588 of EdenH5731 beforeH6440 them, and behindH310 them a desolateH8077 wildernessH4057; yea, and nothing shall escapeH6413 them.4The appearanceH4758 of them is as the appearanceH4758 of horsesH5483; and as horsemenH6571, so shall they runH7323.5Like the noiseH6963 of chariotsH4818 on the topsH7218 of mountainsH2022 shall they leapH7540, like the noiseH6963 of a flameH3851 of fireH784 that devourethH398 the stubbleH7179, as a strongH6099 peopleH5971 set in battleH4421 arrayH6186.6Before their faceH6440 the peopleH5971 shall be much painedH2342: all facesH6440 shall gatherH6908 blacknessH6289.7They shall runH7323 like mighty menH1368; they shall climbH5927 the wallH2346 like menH582 of warH4421; and they shall marchH3212 every oneH376 on his waysH1870, and they shall not breakH5670 their ranksH734:8Neither shall oneH376 thrustH1766 anotherH251; they shall walkH3212 every oneH1397 in his pathH4546: and when they fallH5307 upon the swordH7973, they shall not be woundedH1214.9They shall run to and froH8264 in the cityH5892; they shall runH7323 upon the wallH2346, they shall climb upH5927 upon the housesH1004; they shall enter inH935 at the windowsH2474 like a thiefH1590.10The earthH776 shall quakeH7264 beforeH6440 them; the heavensH8064 shall trembleH7493: the sunH8121 and the moonH3394 shall be darkH6937, and the starsH3556 shall withdrawH622 their shiningH5051:11And the LORDH3068 shall utterH5414 his voiceH6963 beforeH6440 his armyH2428: for his campH4264 is veryH3966 greatH7227: for he is strongH6099 that executethH6213 his wordH1697: for the dayH3117 of the LORDH3068 is greatH1419 and veryH3966 terribleH3372; and who can abideH3557 it?

12Therefore also now, saithH5002 the LORDH3068, turnH7725 ye even to me with all your heartH3824, and with fastingH6685, and with weepingH1065, and with mourningH4553:13And rendH7167 your heartH3824, and not your garmentsH899, and turnH7725 unto the LORDH3068 your GodH430: for he is graciousH2587 and mercifulH7349, slowH750 to angerH639, and of greatH7227 kindnessH2617, and repentethH5162 him of the evilH7451.14Who knowethH3045 if he will returnH7725 and repentH5162, and leaveH7604 a blessingH1293 behindH310 him; even a meat offeringH4503 and a drink offeringH5262 unto the LORDH3068 your GodH430?

15BlowH8628 the trumpetH7782 in ZionH6726, sanctifyH6942 a fastH6685, callH7121 a solemn assemblyH6116:16GatherH622 the peopleH5971, sanctifyH6942 the congregationH6951, assembleH6908 the eldersH2205, gatherH622 the childrenH5768, and those that suckH3243 the breastsH7699: let the bridegroomH2860 go forthH3318 of his chamberH2315, and the brideH3618 out of her closetH2646.17Let the priestsH3548, the ministersH8334 of the LORDH3068, weepH1058 between the porchH197 and the altarH4196, and let them sayH559, SpareH2347 thy peopleH5971, O LORDH3068, and giveH5414 not thine heritageH5159 to reproachH2781, that the heathenH1471 should rule overH4910 them: wherefore should they sayH559 among the peopleH5971, Where is their GodH430?

18Then will the LORDH3068 be jealousH7065 for his landH776, and pityH2550 his peopleH5971.19Yea, the LORDH3068 will answerH6030 and sayH559 unto his peopleH5971, Behold, I will sendH7971 you cornH1715, and wineH8492, and oilH3323, and ye shall be satisfiedH7646 therewith: and I will no more makeH5414 you a reproachH2781 among the heathenH1471:20But I will remove far offH7368 from you the northernH6830 army, and will driveH5080 him into a landH776 barrenH6723 and desolateH8077, with his faceH6440 toward the eastH6931 seaH3220, and his hinder partH5490 toward the utmostH314 seaH3220, and his stinkH889 shall come upH5927, and his ill savourH6709 shall come upH5927, because he hath doneH6213 great thingsH1431.

21FearH3372 not, O landH127; be gladH1523 and rejoiceH8055: for the LORDH3068 will doH6213 great thingsH1431.22Be not afraidH3372, ye beastsH929 of the fieldH7704: for the pasturesH4999 of the wildernessH4057 do springH1876, for the treeH6086 bearethH5375 her fruitH6529, the fig treeH8384 and the vineH1612 do yieldH5414 their strengthH2428.23Be gladH1523 then, ye childrenH1121 of ZionH6726, and rejoiceH8055 in the LORDH3068 your GodH430: for he hath givenH5414 you the former rainH4175 moderatelyH6666, and he will cause to come downH3381 for you the rainH1653, the former rainH4175, and the latter rainH4456 in the firstH7223 month.24And the floorsH1637 shall be fullH4390 of wheatH1250, and the fatsH3342 shall overflowH7783 with wineH8492 and oilH3323.25And I will restoreH7999 to you the yearsH8141 that the locustH697 hath eatenH398, the cankerwormH3218, and the caterpillerH2625, and the palmerwormH1501, my greatH1419 armyH2428 which I sentH7971 among you.26And ye shall eatH398 in plentyH398, and be satisfiedH7646, and praiseH1984 the nameH8034 of the LORDH3068 your GodH430, that hath dealtH6213 wondrouslyH6381 with you: and my peopleH5971 shall neverH5769 be ashamedH954.27And ye shall knowH3045 that I am in the midstH7130 of IsraelH3478, and that I am the LORDH3068 your GodH430, and none else: and my peopleH5971 shall neverH5769 be ashamedH954.

28And it shall come to pass afterwardH310, that I will pour outH8210 my spiritH7307 upon all fleshH1320; and your sonsH1121 and your daughtersH1323 shall prophesyH5012, your old menH2205 shall dreamH2492 dreamsH2472, your young menH970 shall seeH7200 visionsH2384:29And also upon the servantsH5650 and upon the handmaidsH8198 in those daysH3117 will I pour outH8210 my spiritH7307.30And I will shewH5414 wondersH4159 in the heavensH8064 and in the earthH776, bloodH1818, and fireH784, and pillarsH8490 of smokeH6227.31The sunH8121 shall be turnedH2015 into darknessH2822, and the moonH3394 into bloodH1818, beforeH6440 the greatH1419 and the terribleH3372 dayH3117 of the LORDH3068 comeH935.32And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall callH7121 on the nameH8034 of the LORDH3068 shall be deliveredH4422: for in mountH2022 ZionH6726 and in JerusalemH3389 shall be deliveranceH6413, as the LORDH3068 hath saidH559, and in the remnantH8300 whom the LORDH3068 shall callH7121.