Daniel 11 (kjv)


Also I in the firstH259 yearH8141 of DariusH1867 the MedeH4075, even I, stoodH5977 to confirmH2388 and to strengthenH4581 him.2And now will I shewH5046 thee the truthH571. Behold, there shall stand upH5975 yet threeH7969 kingsH4428 in PersiaH6539; and the fourthH7243 shall be farH6239 richerH6238 than they allH1419: and by his strengthH2393 through his richesH6239 he shall stir upH5782 all against the realmH4438 of GreciaH3120.3And a mightyH1368 kingH4428 shall stand upH5975, that shall ruleH4910 with greatH7227 dominionH4474, and doH6213 according to his willH7522.4And when he shall stand upH5975, his kingdomH4438 shall be brokenH7665, and shall be dividedH2673 toward the fourH702 windsH7307 of heavenH8064; and not to his posterityH319, nor according to his dominionH4915 which he ruledH4910: for his kingdomH4438 shall be plucked upH5428, even for othersH312 beside those.

5And the kingH4428 of the southH5045 shall be strongH2388, and one of his princesH8269; and he shall be strongH2388 above him, and have dominionH4910; his dominionH4475 shall be a greatH7227 dominionH4474.6And in the endH7093 of yearsH8141 they shall join themselves togetherH2266; for the king'sH4428 daughterH1323 of the southH5045 shall comeH935 to the kingH4428 of the northH6828 to makeH6213 an agreementH4339: but she shall not retainH6113 the powerH3581 of the armH2220; neither shall he standH5975, nor his armH2220: but she shall be given upH5414, and they that broughtH935 her, and he that begatH3205 her, and he that strengthenedH2388 her in these timesH6256.7But out of a branchH5342 of her rootsH8328 shall one stand upH5975 in his estateH3653, which shall comeH935 with an armyH2428, and shall enterH935 into the fortressH4581 of the kingH4428 of the northH6828, and shall dealH6213 against them, and shall prevailH2388:8And shall also carryH935 captivesH7628 into EgyptH4714 their godsH430, with their princesH5257, and with their preciousH2532 vesselsH3627 of silverH3701 and of goldH2091; and he shall continueH5975 more yearsH8141 than the kingH4428 of the northH6828.9So the kingH4428 of the southH5045 shall comeH935 into his kingdomH4438, and shall returnH7725 into his own landH127.10But his sonsH1121 shall be stirred upH1624, and shall assembleH622 a multitudeH1995 of greatH7227 forcesH2428: and one shall certainlyH935 comeH935, and overflowH7857, and pass throughH5674: then shall he returnH7725, and be stirred upH1624, even to his fortressH4581.11And the kingH4428 of the southH5045 shall be moved with cholerH4843, and shall come forthH3318 and fightH3898 with him, even with the kingH4428 of the northH6828: and he shall set forthH5975 a greatH7227 multitudeH1995; but the multitudeH1995 shall be givenH5414 into his handH3027.12And when he hath taken awayH5375 the multitudeH1995, his heartH3824 shall be lifted upH7311 H7311; and he shall cast downH5307 many ten thousandsH7239: but he shall not be strengthenedH5810 by it.13For the kingH4428 of the northH6828 shall returnH7725, and shall set forthH5975 a multitudeH1995 greaterH7227 than the formerH7223, and shall certainlyH935 comeH935 afterH7093 certainH6256 yearsH8141 with a greatH1419 armyH2428 and with muchH7227 richesH7399.14And in those timesH6256 there shall manyH7227 stand upH5975 against the kingH4428 of the southH5045: also the robbersH1121 H6530 of thy peopleH5971 shall exaltH5375 themselves to establishH5975 the visionH2377; but they shall fallH3782.15So the kingH4428 of the northH6828 shall comeH935, and cast upH8210 a mountH5550, and takeH3920 the most fencedH4013 citiesH5892: and the armsH2220 of the southH5045 shall not withstandH5975, neither his chosenH4005 peopleH5971, neither shall there be any strengthH3581 to withstandH5975.16But he that comethH935 against him shall doH6213 according to his own willH7522, and none shall standH5975 beforeH6440 him: and he shall standH5975 in the gloriousH6643 landH776, which by his handH3027 shall be consumedH3617.17He shall also setH7760 his faceH6440 to enterH935 with the strengthH8633 of his whole kingdomH4438, and upright onesH3477 with him; thus shall he doH6213: and he shall giveH5414 him the daughterH1323 of womenH802, corruptingH7843 her: but she shall not standH5975 on his side, neither be for him.18After this shall he turnH7760 H7725 his faceH6440 unto the islesH339, and shall takeH3920 manyH7227: but a princeH7101 for his own behalf shall cause the reproachH2781 offered by him to ceaseH7673; withoutH1115 his own reproachH2781 he shall cause it to turnH7725 upon him.19Then he shall turnH7725 his faceH6440 toward the fortH4581 of his own landH776: but he shall stumbleH3782 and fallH5307, and not be foundH4672.20Then shall stand upH5975 in his estateH3653 a raiserH5674 of taxesH5065 in the gloryH1925 of the kingdomH4438: but within fewH259 daysH3117 he shall be destroyedH7665, neither in angerH639, nor in battleH4421.21And in his estateH3653 shall stand upH5975 a vile personH959, to whom they shall not giveH5414 the honourH1935 of the kingdomH4438: but he shall comeH935 in peaceablyH7962, and obtainH2388 the kingdomH4438 by flatteriesH2519.22And with the armsH2220 of a floodH7858 shall they be overflownH7857 from beforeH6440 him, and shall be brokenH7665; yea, also the princeH5057 of the covenantH1285.23And after the leagueH2266 made with him he shall workH6213 deceitfullyH4820: for he shall come upH5927, and shall become strongH6105 with a smallH4592 peopleH1471.24He shall enterH935 peaceablyH7962 even upon the fattest placesH4924 of the provinceH4082; and he shall doH6213 that which his fathersH1 have not doneH6213, nor his fathersH1' fathersH1; he shall scatterH967 among them the preyH961, and spoilH7998, and richesH7399: yea, and he shall forecastH2803 his devicesH4284 against the strong holdsH4013, even for a timeH6256.25And he shall stir upH5782 his powerH3581 and his courageH3824 against the kingH4428 of the southH5045 with a greatH1419 armyH2428; and the kingH4428 of the southH5045 shall be stirred upH1624 to battleH4421 with a veryH3966 greatH1419 and mightyH6099 armyH2428; but he shall not standH5975: for they shall forecastH2803 devicesH4284 against him.26Yea, they that feedH398 of the portion of his meatH6598 shall destroyH7665 him, and his armyH2428 shall overflowH7857: and manyH7227 shall fallH5307 down slainH2491.27And bothH8147 these kingsH4428' heartsH3824 shall be to do mischiefH4827 H7451, and they shall speakH1696 liesH3577 at oneH259 tableH7979; but it shall not prosperH6743: for yet the endH7093 shall be at the time appointedH4150.28Then shall he returnH7725 into his landH776 with greatH1419 richesH7399; and his heartH3824 shall be against the holyH6944 covenantH1285; and he shall doH6213 exploits, and returnH7725 to his own landH776.29At the time appointedH4150 he shall returnH7725, and comeH935 toward the southH5045; but it shall not be as the formerH7223, or as the latterH314.

30For the shipsH6716 of ChittimH3794 shall comeH935 against him: therefore he shall be grievedH3512, and returnH7725, and have indignationH2194 against the holyH6944 covenantH1285: so shall he doH6213; he shall even returnH7725, and have intelligenceH995 with them that forsakeH5800 the holyH6944 covenantH1285.31And armsH2220 shall standH5975 on his part, and they shall polluteH2490 the sanctuaryH4720 of strengthH4581, and shall take awayH5493 the dailyH8548 sacrifice, and they shall placeH5414 the abominationH8251 that maketh desolateH8074.32And such as do wickedlyH7561 against the covenantH1285 shall he corruptH2610 by flatteriesH2514: but the peopleH5971 that do knowH3045 their GodH430 shall be strongH2388, and doH6213 exploits.33And they that understandH7919 among the peopleH5971 shall instructH995 manyH7227: yet they shall fallH3782 by the swordH2719, and by flameH3852, by captivityH7628, and by spoilH961, many daysH3117.34Now when they shall fallH3782, they shall be holpenH5826 with a littleH4592 helpH5828: but manyH7227 shall cleaveH3867 to them with flatteriesH2519.35And some of them of understandingH7919 shall fallH3782, to tryH6884 them, and to purgeH1305, and to make them whiteH3835, even to the timeH6256 of the endH7093: because it is yet for a time appointedH4150.36And the kingH4428 shall doH6213 according to his willH7522; and he shall exaltH7311 himself, and magnifyH1431 himself above every godH410, and shall speakH1696 marvellous thingsH6381 against the GodH410 of godsH410, and shall prosperH6743 till the indignationH2195 be accomplishedH3615: for that that is determinedH2782 shall be doneH6213.37Neither shall he regardH995 the GodH430 of his fathersH1, nor the desireH2532 of womenH802, nor regardH995 any godH433: for he shall magnifyH1431 himself above all.38But in his estateH3653 shall he honourH3513 the GodH433 of forcesH4581: and a godH433 whom his fathersH1 knewH3045 not shall he honourH3513 with goldH2091, and silverH3701, and with preciousH3368 stonesH68, and pleasant thingsH2532.39Thus shall he doH6213 in the most strongH4581 holdsH4013 with a strangeH5236 godH433, whom he shall acknowledgeH5234 H5234 and increaseH7235 with gloryH3519: and he shall cause them to ruleH4910 over manyH7227, and shall divideH2505 the landH127 for gainH4242.40And at the timeH6256 of the endH7093 shall the kingH4428 of the southH5045 pushH5055 at him: and the kingH4428 of the northH6828 shall come against him like a whirlwindH8175, with chariotsH7393, and with horsemenH6571, and with manyH7227 shipsH591; and he shall enterH935 into the countriesH776, and shall overflowH7857 and pass overH5674.41He shall enterH935 also into the gloriousH6643 landH776, and manyH7227 countries shall be overthrownH3782: but these shall escapeH4422 out of his handH3027, even EdomH123, and MoabH4124, and the chiefH7225 of the childrenH1121 of AmmonH5983.42He shall stretch forthH7971 his handH3027 also upon the countriesH776: and the landH776 of EgyptH4714 shall not escapeH6413.43But he shall have powerH4910 over the treasuresH4362 of goldH2091 and of silverH3701, and over all the preciousH2532 things of EgyptH4714: and the LibyansH3864 and the EthiopiansH3569 shall be at his stepsH4703.44But tidingsH8052 out of the eastH4217 and out of the northH6828 shall troubleH926 him: therefore he shall go forthH3318 with greatH1419 furyH2534 to destroyH8045, and utterly to make awayH2763 manyH7227.45And he shall plantH5193 the tabernaclesH168 of his palaceH643 between the seasH3220 in the gloriousH6643 holyH6944 mountainH2022; yet he shall comeH935 to his endH7093, and none shall helpH5826 him.