Daniel 12 (kjv)


And at that timeH6256 shall MichaelH4317 stand upH5975, the greatH1419 princeH8269 which standethH5975 for the childrenH1121 of thy peopleH5971: and there shall beH1961 a timeH6256 of troubleH6869, such as never was since there was a nationH1471 even to that same timeH6256: and at that timeH6256 thy peopleH5971 shall be deliveredH4422, every one that shall be foundH4672 writtenH3789 in the bookH5612.2And manyH7227 of them that sleepH3463 in the dustH6083 of the earthH127 shall awakeH6974, some to everlastingH5769 lifeH2416, and some to shameH2781 and everlastingH5769 contemptH1860.3And they that be wiseH7919 shall shineH2094 as the brightnessH2096 of the firmamentH7549; and they that turn manyH7227 to righteousnessH6663 as the starsH3556 for everH5769 and everH5703.4But thou, O DanielH1840, shut upH5640 the wordsH1697, and sealH2856 the bookH5612, even to the timeH6256 of the endH7093: manyH7227 shall run to and froH7751, and knowledgeH1847 shall be increasedH7235.

5Then I DanielH1840 lookedH7200, and, behold, there stoodH5975 otherH312 twoH8147, the oneH259 on this sideH2008 of the bankH8193 of the riverH2975, and the otherH259 on that side of the bankH8193 of the riverH2975.6And one saidH559 to the manH376 clothedH3847 in linenH906, which was uponH4605 the watersH4325 of the riverH2975, How long shall it be to the endH7093 of these wondersH6382?7And I heardH8085 the manH376 clothedH3847 in linenH906, which was uponH4605 the watersH4325 of the riverH2975, when he held upH7311 his right handH3225 and his left handH8040 unto heavenH8064, and swareH7650 by him that livethH2416 for everH5769 that it shall be for a timeH4150, timesH4150, and an halfH2677; and when he shall have accomplishedH3615 to scatterH5310 the powerH3027 of the holyH6944 peopleH5971, all these things shall be finishedH3615.8And I heardH8085, but I understoodH995 not: then saidH559 I, O my LordH113, what shall be the endH319 of these things?9And he saidH559, Go thy wayH3212, DanielH1840: for the wordsH1697 are closed upH5640 and sealedH2856 till the timeH6256 of the endH7093.10ManyH7227 shall be purifiedH1305, and made whiteH3835, and triedH6884; but the wickedH7563 shall do wickedlyH7561: and none of the wickedH7563 shall understandH995; but the wiseH7919 shall understandH995.11And from the timeH6256 that the dailyH8548 sacrifice shall be taken awayH5493, and the abominationH8251 that maketh desolateH8074 set upH5414, there shall be a thousandH505 two hundredH3967 and ninetyH8673 daysH3117.12BlessedH835 is he that waitethH2442, and comethH5060 to the thousandH505 threeH7969 hundredH3967 and fiveH2568 and thirtyH7970 daysH3117.13But go thou thy wayH3212 till the endH7093 be: for thou shalt restH5117, and standH5975 in thy lotH1486 at the endH7093 of the daysH3117.