Daniel 5 (kjv)


BelshazzarH1113 the kingH4430 madeH5648 a greatH7229 feastH3900 to a thousandH506 of his lordsH7261, and drankH8355 wineH2562 beforeH6903 the thousandH506.2BelshazzarH1113, whiles he tastedH2942 the wineH2562, commandedH560 to bringH858 the goldenH1722 and silverH3702 vesselsH3984 which his fatherH2 NebuchadnezzarH5020 had takenH5312 out ofH4481 the templeH1965 which was in JerusalemH3390; that the kingH4430, and his princesH7261, his wivesH7695, and his concubinesH3904, might drinkH8355 therein.3ThenH116 they broughtH858 the goldenH1722 vesselsH3984 that were takenH5312 out ofH4481 the templeH1965 of the houseH1005 of GodH426 which was at JerusalemH3390; and the kingH4430, and his princesH7261, his wivesH7695, and his concubinesH3904, drankH8355 in them.4They drankH8355 wineH2562, and praisedH7624 the godsH426 of goldH1722, and of silverH3702, of brassH5174, of ironH6523, of woodH636, and of stoneH69.

5In the same hourH8160 came forthH5312 fingersH677 of a man'sH606 handH3028, and wroteH3790 over againstH6903 the candlestickH5043 uponH5922 the plaisterH1528 of the wallH3797 of the king'sH4430 palaceH1965: and the kingH4430 sawH2370 the partH6447 of the handH3028 that wroteH3790.6ThenH116 the king'sH4430 countenanceH2122 was changedH8133, and his thoughtsH7476 troubledH927 him, so that the jointsH7001 of his loinsH2783 were loosedH8271, and his kneesH755 smoteH5368 oneH1668 against anotherH1668.7The kingH4430 criedH7123 aloudH2429 to bringH5954 in the astrologersH826, the ChaldeansH3779, and the soothsayersH1505. And the kingH4430 spakeH6032, and saidH560 to the wiseH2445 men of BabylonH895, WhosoeverH606 H3606 shall readH7123 thisH1836 writingH3792, and shewH2324 me the interpretationH6591 thereof, shall be clothedH3848 with scarletH711, and have a chainH2002 of goldH1722 aboutH5922 his neckH6676, and shall be the thirdH8523 rulerH7981 in the kingdomH4437.8ThenH116 cameH5954 in allH3606 the king'sH4430 wiseH2445 men: but they couldH3546 notH3809 readH7123 the writingH3792, nor make knownH3046 to the kingH4430 the interpretationH6591 thereof.9ThenH116 was kingH4430 BelshazzarH1113 greatlyH7690 troubledH927, and his countenanceH2122 was changedH8133 in himH5922, and his lordsH7261 were astoniedH7672.

10Now the queenH4433, by reasonH6903 of the wordsH4406 of the kingH4430 and his lordsH7261, cameH5954 into the banquetH4961 houseH1005: and the queenH4433 spakeH6032 and saidH560, O kingH4430, liveH2418 for everH5957: let notH409 thy thoughtsH7476 troubleH927 thee, nor let thy countenanceH2122 be changedH8133:11There isH383 a manH1400 in thy kingdomH4437, in whom is the spiritH7308 of the holyH6922 godsH426; and in the daysH3118 of thy fatherH2 lightH5094 and understandingH7924 and wisdomH2452, like the wisdomH2452 of the godsH426, was foundH7912 in him; whom the kingH4430 NebuchadnezzarH5020 thy fatherH2, the kingH4430, I say, thy fatherH2, madeH6966 masterH7229 of the magiciansH2749, astrologersH826, ChaldeansH3779, and soothsayersH1505;12Forasmuch asH6903 H3606 an excellentH3493 spiritH7308, and knowledgeH4486, and understandingH7924, interpretingH6590 of dreamsH2493, and shewingH263 of hard sentencesH280, and dissolvingH8271 of doubtsH7001, were foundH7912 in the same DanielH1841, whom the kingH4430 namedH7761 H8036 BelteshazzarH1096: nowH3705 let DanielH1841 be calledH7123, and he will shewH2324 the interpretationH6591.13ThenH116 was DanielH1841 brought inH5954 beforeH6925 the kingH4430. And the kingH4430 spakeH6032 and saidH560 unto DanielH1841, Art thouH607 that DanielH1841, which art ofH4481 the childrenH1123 of the captivityH1547 of JudahH3061, whom the kingH4430 my fatherH2 broughtH858 out ofH4481 JewryH3061?14I have even heardH8086 of thee, that the spiritH7308 of the godsH426 is in theeH5922, and that lightH5094 and understandingH7924 and excellentH3493 wisdomH2452 is foundH7912 in thee.15And nowH3705 the wiseH2445 men, the astrologersH826, have been broughtH5954 in beforeH6925 me, that they should readH7123 thisH1836 writingH3792, and make knownH3046 unto me the interpretationH6591 thereof: but they couldH3546 notH3809 shewH2324 the interpretationH6591 of the thingH4406:16And IH576 have heardH8086 of theeH5922, that thou canstH3202 makeH6590 interpretationsH6591, and dissolveH8271 doubtsH7001: nowH3705 ifH2006 thou canstH3202 readH7123 the writingH3792, and make knownH3046 to me the interpretationH6591 thereof, thou shalt be clothedH3848 with scarletH711, and have a chainH2002 of goldH1722 aboutH5922 thy neckH6676, and shalt be the thirdH8531 rulerH7981 in the kingdomH4437.

17ThenH116 DanielH1841 answeredH6032 and saidH560 beforeH6925 the kingH4430, Let thy giftsH4978 beH1934 to thyself, and giveH3052 thy rewardsH5023 to anotherH321; yetH1297 I will readH7123 the writingH3792 unto the kingH4430, and make knownH3046 to him the interpretationH6591.18O thouH607 kingH4430, the most highH5943 GodH426 gaveH3052 NebuchadnezzarH5020 thy fatherH2 a kingdomH4437, and majestyH7238, and gloryH3367, and honourH1923:19And forH4481 the majestyH7238 that he gaveH3052 him, allH3606 peopleH5972, nationsH524, and languagesH3961, trembledH1934 H2112 and fearedH1763 beforeH4481 himH6925: whom he wouldH1934 H6634 he slewH1934 H6992; and whom he wouldH1934 H6634 he kept aliveH1934 H2418; and whom he wouldH1934 H6634 he set upH1934 H7313; and whom he wouldH1934 H6634 he put downH1934 H8214.20But when his heartH3825 was lifted upH7313, and his mindH7308 hardenedH8631 in prideH2103, he was deposedH5182 fromH4481 his kinglyH4437 throneH3764, and they tookH5709 his gloryH3367 from himH4481:21And he was drivenH2957 fromH4481 the sonsH1123 of menH606; and his heartH3825 was madeH7739 likeH5974 the beastsH2423, and his dwellingH4070 was with the wild assesH6167: they fedH2939 him with grassH6211 like oxenH8450, and his bodyH1655 was wetH6647 with the dewH2920 of heavenH8065; tillH5705 he knewH3046 that the most highH5943 GodH426 ruledH7990 in the kingdomH4437 of menH606, and that he appointethH6966 overH5922 it whomsoeverH4479 he willH6634.22And thouH607 his sonH1247, O BelshazzarH1113, hast notH3809 humbledH8214 thine heartH3825, thoughH6903 thou knewestH3046 allH3606 thisH1836;23But hast lifted upH7313 thyself againstH5922 the LordH4756 of heavenH8065; and they have broughtH858 the vesselsH3984 of his houseH1005 beforeH6925 thee, and thouH607, and thy lordsH7261, thy wivesH7695, and thy concubinesH3904, have drunkH8355 wineH2562 in them; and thou hast praisedH7624 the godsH426 of silverH3702, and goldH1722, of brassH5174, ironH6523, woodH636, and stoneH69, which seeH2370 notH3809, norH3809 hearH8086, norH3809 knowH3046: and the GodH426 in whose handH3028 thy breathH5396 is, and whose are allH3606 thy waysH735, hast thou notH3809 glorifiedH1922:24ThenH116 was the partH6447 of the handH3028 sentH7972 fromH4481 himH6925; and thisH1836 writingH3792 was writtenH7560.

25And thisH1836 is the writingH3792 that was writtenH7560, MENEH4484, MENEH4484, TEKELH8625, UPHARSINH6537.26ThisH1836 is the interpretationH6591 of the thingH4406: MENEH4484; GodH426 hath numberedH4483 thy kingdomH4437, and finishedH8000 it.27TEKELH8625; Thou art weighedH8625 in the balancesH3977, and art foundH7912 wantingH2627.28PERESH6537; Thy kingdomH4437 is dividedH6537, and givenH3052 to the MedesH4076 and PersiansH6540.29ThenH116 commandedH560 BelshazzarH1113, and they clothedH3848 DanielH1841 with scarletH711, and put a chainH2002 of goldH1722 aboutH5922 his neckH6676, and made a proclamationH3745 concerningH5922 him, that he should beH1934 the thirdH8531 rulerH7990 in the kingdomH4437.

30In that nightH3916 was BelshazzarH1113 the kingH4430 of the ChaldeansH3779 slainH6992.31And DariusH1868 the MedianH4077 tookH6902 the kingdomH4437, being about threescoreH8361 and twoH8648 yearsH8140 oldH1247.