Daniel 7 (kjv)


In the firstH2298 yearH8140 of BelshazzarH1113 kingH4430 of BabylonH895 DanielH1841 hadH2370 a dreamH2493 and visionsH2376 of his headH7217 uponH5922 his bedH4903: thenH116 he wroteH3790 the dreamH2493, and toldH560 the sumH7217 of the mattersH4406.2DanielH1841 spakeH6032 and saidH560, I sawH2370 H1934 in my visionH2376 byH5974 nightH3916, and, beholdH718, the fourH703 windsH7308 of the heavenH8065 stroveH1519 upon the greatH7229 seaH3221.3And fourH703 greatH7260 beastsH2423 came upH5559 fromH4481 the seaH3221, diverseH8133 oneH1668 fromH4481 anotherH1668.4The firstH6933 was like a lionH744, and had eagle'sH5403 wingsH1611: I beheldH1934 H2370 tillH5705 the wingsH1611 thereof were pluckedH4804, and it was lifted upH5191 fromH4481 the earthH772, and made standH6966 uponH5922 the feetH7271 as a manH606, and a man'sH606 heartH3825 was givenH3052 to it.5And beholdH718 anotherH317 beastH2423, a secondH8578, likeH1821 to a bearH1678, and it raised upH6966 itself on oneH2298 sideH7859, and it had threeH8532 ribsH5967 in the mouthH6433 of it betweenH997 the teethH8128 of it: and they saidH560 thusH3652 unto it, AriseH6966, devourH399 muchH7690 fleshH1321.6AfterH870 thisH1836 I beheldH1934 H2370, and loH718 anotherH317, like a leopardH5245, which had uponH5922 the backH1355 of it fourH703 wingsH1611 of a fowlH5776; the beastH2423 had also fourH703 headsH7217; and dominionH7985 was givenH3052 to it.7AfterH870 thisH1836 I sawH1934 H2370 in the nightH3916 visionsH2376, and beholdH718 a fourthH7244 beastH2423, dreadfulH1763 and terribleH574, and strongH8624 exceedinglyH3493; and it had greatH7260 ironH6523 teethH8128: it devouredH399 and brake in piecesH1855, and stampedH7512 the residueH7606 with the feetH7271 of it: and itH1932 was diverseH8133 fromH4481 allH3606 the beastsH2423 that were beforeH6925 it; and it had tenH6236 hornsH7162.8I consideredH1934 H7920 the hornsH7162, and, beholdH431, there came upH5559 amongH997 them anotherH317 littleH2192 hornH7162, beforeH6925 H4481 whom there were threeH8532 ofH4481 the firstH6933 hornsH7162 plucked up by the rootsH6132: and, beholdH431, in thisH1668 hornH7162 were eyesH5870 like the eyesH5870 of manH606, and a mouthH6433 speakingH4449 great thingsH7260.

9I beheldH1934 H2370 tillH5705 the thronesH3764 were cast downH7412, and the AncientH6268 of daysH3118 did sitH3488, whose garmentH3831 was whiteH2358 as snowH8517, and the hairH8177 of his headH7217 like the pureH5343 woolH6015: his throneH3764 was like the fieryH5135 flameH7631, and his wheelsH1535 as burningH1815 fireH5135.10A fieryH5135 streamH5103 issuedH5047 and came forthH5312 fromH4481 beforeH6925 him: thousandH506 thousandsH506 ministeredH8120 unto him, and ten thousandH7240 times ten thousandH7240 stoodH6966 beforeH6925 him: the judgmentH1780 was setH3488, and the booksH5609 were openedH6606.11I beheldH1934 H2370 thenH116 becauseH4481 of the voiceH7032 of the greatH7260 wordsH4406 which the hornH7162 spakeH4449: I beheldH1934 H2370 even tillH5705 the beastH2423 was slainH6992, and his bodyH1655 destroyedH7, and givenH3052 to the burningH3346 flameH785.12As concerning the restH7606 of the beastsH2423, they had their dominionH7985 taken awayH5709: yet their livesH2417 were prolongedH3052 forH5705 a seasonH2166 and timeH5732.13I sawH1934 H2370 in the nightH3916 visionsH2376, and, beholdH718, one like the SonH1247 of manH606 cameH858 withH5974 the cloudsH6050 of heavenH8065, and cameH4291 toH5705 the AncientH6268 of daysH3118, and they brought him nearH7127 beforeH6925 him.14And there was givenH3052 him dominionH7985, and gloryH3367, and a kingdomH4437, that allH3606 peopleH5972, nationsH524, and languagesH3961, should serveH6399 him: his dominionH7985 is an everlastingH5957 dominionH7985, which shall notH3809 pass awayH5709, and his kingdomH4437 that which shall notH3809 be destroyedH2255.

15IH576 DanielH1841 was grievedH3735 in my spiritH7308 in the midstH1459 of my bodyH5085, and the visionsH2376 of my headH7217 troubledH927 me.16I came nearH7127 untoH5922 oneH2298 ofH4481 them that stood byH6966, and askedH1156 himH4481 the truthH3330 of allH3606 thisH1836. So he toldH560 me, and made me knowH3046 the interpretationH6591 of the thingsH4406.17TheseH459 greatH7260 beastsH2423, whichH581 are fourH703, are fourH703 kingsH4430, which shall ariseH6966 out ofH4481 the earthH772.18But the saintsH6922 of the most HighH5946 shall takeH6902 the kingdomH4437, and possessH2631 the kingdomH4437 forH5705 everH5957, even forH5705 everH5957 and everH5957.19ThenH116 I wouldH6634 know the truthH3321 ofH5922 the fourthH7244 beastH2423, which wasH1934 diverseH8133 fromH4481 allH3606 the others, exceedingH3493 dreadfulH1763, whose teethH8128 were of ironH6523, and his nailsH2953 of brassH5174; which devouredH399, brake in piecesH1855, and stampedH7512 the residueH7606 with his feetH7271;20And ofH5922 the tenH6236 hornsH7162 that were in his headH7217, and of the otherH317 which came upH5559, and beforeH4481 H6925 whom threeH8532 fellH5308; even of that hornH7162 thatH1797 had eyesH5870, and a mouthH6433 that spakeH4449 very great thingsH7260, whose lookH2376 was moreH4481 stoutH7229 thanH4481 his fellowsH2273.21I beheldH1934 H2370, and the sameH1797 hornH7162 madeH5648 warH7129 withH5974 the saintsH6922, and prevailedH3202 against them;22UntilH5705 the AncientH6268 of daysH3118 cameH858 H1768, and judgmentH1780 was givenH3052 to the saintsH6922 of the most HighH5946; and the timeH2166 cameH4291 that the saintsH6922 possessedH2631 the kingdomH4437.23ThusH3652 he saidH560, The fourthH7244 beastH2423 shall beH1934 the fourthH7244 kingdomH4437 upon earthH772, which shall be diverseH8133 fromH4481 allH3606 kingdomsH4437, and shall devourH399 the wholeH3606 earthH772, and shall tread it downH1759, and break it in piecesH1855.24And the tenH6236 hornsH7162 out ofH4481 this kingdomH4437 are tenH6236 kingsH4430 that shall ariseH6966: and anotherH321 shall riseH6966 afterH311 them; and he shall be diverseH8133 fromH4481 the firstH6933, and he shall subdueH8214 threeH8532 kingsH4430.25And he shall speakH4449 great wordsH4406 againstH6655 the most HighH5943, and shall wear outH1080 the saintsH6922 of the most HighH5946, and thinkH5452 to changeH8133 timesH2166 and lawsH1882: and they shall be givenH3052 into his handH3028 untilH5705 a timeH5732 and timesH5732 and the dividingH6387 of timeH5732.26But the judgmentH1780 shall sitH3488, and they shall take awayH5709 his dominionH7985, to consumeH8046 and to destroyH7 it untoH5705 the endH5491.27And the kingdomH4437 and dominionH7985, and the greatnessH7238 of the kingdomH4437 underH8460 the wholeH3606 heavenH8065, shall be givenH3052 to the peopleH5972 of the saintsH6922 of the most HighH5946, whose kingdomH4437 is an everlastingH5957 kingdomH4437, and allH3606 dominionsH7985 shall serveH6399 and obeyH8086 him.28HithertoH5705 H3542 is the endH5491 of the matterH4406. As for meH576 DanielH1841, my cogitationsH7476 muchH7690 troubledH927 me, and my countenanceH2122 changedH8133 in meH5922: but I keptH5202 the matterH4406 in my heartH3821.