Daniel 8 (kjv)


In the thirdH7969 yearH8141 of the reignH4438 of kingH4428 BelshazzarH1112 a visionH2377 appearedH7200 unto me, even unto me DanielH1840, afterH310 that which appearedH7200 unto me at the firstH8462.2And I sawH7200 in a visionH2377; and it came to pass, when I sawH7200, that I was at ShushanH7800 in the palaceH1002, which is in the provinceH4082 of ElamH5867; and I sawH7200 in a visionH2377, and I was by the riverH180 of UlaiH195.3Then I lifted upH5375 mine eyesH5869, and sawH7200, and, behold, there stoodH5975 beforeH6440 the riverH180 aH259 ramH352 which had two hornsH7161: and the two hornsH7161 were highH1364; but oneH259 was higherH1364 than the otherH8145, and the higherH1364 came upH5927 lastH314.4I sawH7200 the ramH352 pushingH5055 westwardH3220, and northwardH6828, and southwardH5045; so that no beastsH2416 might standH5975 beforeH6440 him, neither was there any that could deliverH5337 out of his handH3027; but he didH6213 according to his willH7522, and became greatH1431.5And as I was consideringH995, behold, an heH5795 goatH6842 cameH935 from the westH4628 on the faceH6440 of the whole earthH776, and touchedH5060 not the groundH776: and the goatH6842 had a notableH2380 hornH7161 between his eyesH5869.6And he cameH935 to the ramH352 that hadH1167 two hornsH7161, which I had seenH7200 standingH5975 beforeH6440 the riverH180, and ranH7323 unto him in the furyH2534 of his powerH3581.7And I sawH7200 him comeH5060 close untoH681 the ramH352, and he was moved with cholerH4843 against him, and smoteH5221 the ramH352, and brakeH7665 his twoH8147 hornsH7161: and there was no powerH3581 in the ramH352 to standH5975 beforeH6440 him, but he cast him downH7993 to the groundH776, and stampedH7429 upon him: and there was none that could deliverH5337 the ramH352 out of his handH3027.8Therefore the heH6842 goatH5795 waxed veryH3966 greatH1431: and when he was strongH6105, the greatH1419 hornH7161 was brokenH7665; and for it came upH5927 fourH702 notable onesH2380 toward the fourH702 windsH7307 of heavenH8064.9And out of oneH259 of them came forthH3318 a littleH4704 hornH7161, which waxed exceedingH3499 greatH1431, toward the southH5045, and toward the eastH4217, and toward the pleasantH6643 land.10And it waxed greatH1431, even to the hostH6635 of heavenH8064; and it cast downH5307 some of the hostH6635 and of the starsH3556 to the groundH776, and stampedH7429 upon them.11Yea, he magnifiedH1431 himself even to the princeH8269 of the hostH6635, and by him the dailyH8548 sacrifice was taken awayH7311 H7311, and the placeH4349 of his sanctuaryH4720 was cast downH7993.12And an hostH6635 was givenH5414 him against the dailyH8548 sacrifice by reason of transgressionH6588, and it cast downH7993 the truthH571 to the groundH776; and it practisedH6213, and prosperedH6743.

13Then I heardH8085 oneH259 saintH6918 speakingH1696, and anotherH259 saintH6918 saidH559 unto that certainH6422 saint which spakeH1696, How long shall be the visionH2377 concerning the dailyH8548 sacrifice, and the transgressionH6588 of desolationH8074, to giveH5414 both the sanctuaryH6944 and the hostH6635 to be trodden under footH4823?14And he saidH559 unto me, Unto two thousandH505 and threeH7969 hundredH3967 daysH6153 H1242; then shall the sanctuaryH6944 be cleansedH6663.

15And it came to pass, when I, even I DanielH1840, had seenH7200 the visionH2377, and soughtH1245 for the meaningH998, then, behold, there stoodH5975 before me as the appearanceH4758 of a manH1397.16And I heardH8085 a man'sH120 voiceH6963 between the banks of UlaiH195, which calledH7121, and saidH559, GabrielH1403, make thisH1975 man to understandH995 the visionH4758.17So he cameH935 nearH681 where I stoodH5977: and when he cameH935, I was afraidH1204, and fellH5307 upon my faceH6440: but he saidH559 unto me, UnderstandH995, O sonH1121 of manH120: for at the timeH6256 of the endH7093 shall be the visionH2377.18Now as he was speakingH1696 with me, I was in a deep sleepH7290 on my faceH6440 toward the groundH776: but he touchedH5060 me, and setH5975 me uprightH5977.19And he saidH559, Behold, I will make thee knowH3045 what shall be in the last endH319 of the indignationH2195: for at the time appointedH4150 the endH7093 shall be.20The ramH352 which thou sawestH7200 havingH1167 two hornsH7161 are the kingsH4428 of MediaH4074 and PersiaH6539.21And the roughH8163 goatH6842 is the kingH4428 of GreciaH3120: and the greatH1419 hornH7161 that is between his eyesH5869 is the firstH7223 kingH4428.22Now that being brokenH7665, whereas fourH702 stood upH5975 for it, fourH702 kingdomsH4438 shall stand upH5975 out of the nationH1471, but not in his powerH3581.23And in the latter timeH319 of their kingdomH4438, when the transgressorsH6586 are come to the fullH8552, a kingH4428 of fierceH5794 countenanceH6440, and understandingH995 dark sentencesH2420, shall stand upH5975.24And his powerH3581 shall be mightyH6105, but not by his own powerH3581: and he shall destroyH7843 wonderfullyH6381, and shall prosperH6743, and practiseH6213, and shall destroyH7843 the mightyH6099 and the holyH6918 peopleH5971.25And through his policyH7922 also he shall cause craftH4820 to prosperH6743 in his handH3027; and he shall magnifyH1431 himself in his heartH3824, and by peaceH7962 shall destroyH7843 manyH7227: he shall also stand upH5975 against the PrinceH8269 of princesH8269; but he shall be brokenH7665 withoutH657 handH3027.26And the visionH4758 of the eveningH6153 and the morningH1242 which was toldH559 is trueH571: wherefore shut thou upH5640 the visionH2377; for it shall be for manyH7227 daysH3117.27And I DanielH1840 faintedH1961, and was sickH2470 certain daysH3117; afterward I rose upH6965, and didH6213 the king'sH4428 businessH4399; and I was astonishedH8074 at the visionH4758, but none understoodH995 it.