Daniel 9 (kjv)


In the firstH259 yearH8141 of DariusH1867 the sonH1121 of AhasuerusH325, of the seedH2233 of the MedesH4074, which was made kingH4427 over the realmH4438 of the ChaldeansH3778;2In the firstH259 yearH8141 of his reignH4427 I DanielH1840 understoodH995 by booksH5612 the numberH4557 of the yearsH8141, whereof the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068 came to JeremiahH3414 the prophetH5030, that he would accomplishH4390 seventyH7657 yearsH8141 in the desolationsH2723 of JerusalemH3389.

3And I setH5414 my faceH6440 unto the LordH136 GodH430, to seekH1245 by prayerH8605 and supplicationsH8469, with fastingH6685, and sackclothH8242, and ashesH665:4And I prayedH6419 unto the LORDH3068 my GodH430, and made my confessionH3034, and saidH559, OH577 LordH136, the greatH1419 and dreadfulH3372 GodH410, keepingH8104 the covenantH1285 and mercyH2617 to them that loveH157 him, and to them that keepH8104 his commandmentsH4687;5We have sinnedH2398, and have committed iniquityH5753, and have done wickedlyH7561, and have rebelledH4775, even by departingH5493 from thy preceptsH4687 and from thy judgmentsH4941:6Neither have we hearkenedH8085 unto thy servantsH5650 the prophetsH5030, which spakeH1696 in thy nameH8034 to our kingsH4428, our princesH8269, and our fathersH1, and to all the peopleH5971 of the landH776.7O LordH136, righteousnessH6666 belongeth unto thee, but unto us confusionH1322 of facesH6440, as at this dayH3117; to the menH376 of JudahH3063, and to the inhabitantsH3427 of JerusalemH3389, and unto all IsraelH3478, that are nearH7138, and that are far offH7350, through all the countriesH776 whither thou hast drivenH5080 them, because of their trespassH4604 that they have trespassedH4603 against thee.8O LordH136, to us belongeth confusionH1322 of faceH6440, to our kingsH4428, to our princesH8269, and to our fathersH1, because we have sinnedH2398 against thee.9To the LordH136 our GodH430 belong merciesH7356 and forgivenessesH5547, though we have rebelledH4775 against him;10Neither have we obeyedH8085 the voiceH6963 of the LORDH3068 our GodH430, to walkH3212 in his lawsH8451, which he setH5414 beforeH6440 us byH3027 his servantsH5650 the prophetsH5030.11Yea, all IsraelH3478 have transgressedH5674 thy lawH8451, even by departingH5493, that they might not obeyH8085 thy voiceH6963; therefore the curseH423 is pouredH5413 upon us, and the oathH7621 that is writtenH3789 in the lawH8451 of MosesH4872 the servantH5650 of GodH430, because we have sinnedH2398 against him.12And he hath confirmedH6965 his wordsH1697, which he spakeH1696 against us, and against our judgesH8199 that judgedH8199 us, by bringingH935 upon us a greatH1419 evilH7451: for under the whole heavenH8064 hath not been doneH6213 as hath been doneH6213 upon JerusalemH3389.13As it is writtenH3789 in the lawH8451 of MosesH4872, all this evilH7451 is comeH935 upon us: yet made we not our prayerH2470 beforeH6440 the LORDH3068 our GodH430, that we might turnH7725 from our iniquitiesH5771, and understandH7919 thy truthH571.14Therefore hath the LORDH3068 watchedH8245 upon the evilH7451, and broughtH935 it upon us: for the LORDH3068 our GodH430 is righteousH6662 in all his worksH4639 which he doethH6213: for we obeyedH8085 not his voiceH6963.15And now, O LordH136 our GodH430, that hast broughtH3318 thy peopleH5971 forthH3318 out of the landH776 of EgyptH4714 with a mightyH2389 handH3027, and hast gottenH6213 thee renownH8034, as at this dayH3117; we have sinnedH2398, we have done wickedlyH7561.

16O LordH136, according to all thy righteousnessH6666, I beseech thee, let thine angerH639 and thy furyH2534 be turned awayH7725 from thy cityH5892 JerusalemH3389, thy holyH6944 mountainH2022: because for our sinsH2399, and for the iniquitiesH5771 of our fathersH1, JerusalemH3389 and thy peopleH5971 are become a reproachH2781 to all that are aboutH5439 us.17Now therefore, O our GodH430, hearH8085 the prayerH8605 of thy servantH5650, and his supplicationsH8469, and cause thy faceH6440 to shineH215 upon thy sanctuaryH4720 that is desolateH8076, for the Lord'sH136 sake.18O my GodH430, inclineH5186 thine earH241, and hearH8085; openH6491 thine eyesH5869, and beholdH7200 our desolationsH8074, and the cityH5892 which is calledH7121 by thy nameH8034: for we do not presentH5307 our supplicationsH8469 beforeH6440 thee for our righteousnessesH6666, but for thy greatH7227 merciesH7356.19O LordH136, hearH8085; O LordH136, forgiveH5545; O LordH136, hearkenH7181 and doH6213; deferH309 notH408, for thine own sake, O my GodH430: for thy cityH5892 and thy peopleH5971 are calledH7121 by thy nameH8034.

20And whiles I was speakingH1696, and prayingH6419, and confessingH3034 my sinH2403 and the sinH2403 of my peopleH5971 IsraelH3478, and presentingH5307 my supplicationH8467 beforeH6440 the LORDH3068 my GodH430 for the holyH6944 mountainH2022 of my GodH430;21Yea, whiles I was speakingH1696 in prayerH8605, even the manH376 GabrielH1403, whom I had seenH7200 in the visionH2377 at the beginningH8462, being caused to flyH3286 swiftlyH3288, touchedH5060 me about the timeH6256 of the eveningH6153 oblationH4503.22And he informedH995 me, and talkedH1696 with me, and saidH559, O DanielH1840, I am now come forthH3318 to give thee skillH7919 and understandingH998.23At the beginningH8462 of thy supplicationsH8469 the commandmentH1697 came forthH3318, and I am comeH935 to shewH5046 thee; for thou art greatly belovedH2532: therefore understandH995 the matterH1697, and considerH995 the visionH4758.24SeventyH7657 weeksH7620 are determinedH2852 upon thy peopleH5971 and upon thy holyH6944 cityH5892, to finishH3607 the transgressionH6588, and to make an endH8552 H2856 of sinsH2403, and to make reconciliationH3722 for iniquityH5771, and to bring inH935 everlastingH5769 righteousnessH6664, and to seal upH2856 the visionH2377 and prophecyH5030, and to anointH4886 the mostH6944 HolyH6944.25KnowH3045 therefore and understandH7919, that from the going forthH4161 of the commandmentH1697 to restoreH7725 and to buildH1129 JerusalemH3389 unto the MessiahH4899 the PrinceH5057 shall be sevenH7651 weeksH7620, and threescoreH8346 and twoH8147 weeksH7620: the streetH7339 shall be builtH1129 againH7725, and the wallH2742, even in troublousH6695 timesH6256.26And afterH310 threescoreH8346 and twoH8147 weeksH7620 shall MessiahH4899 be cut offH3772, but not for himself: and the peopleH5971 of the princeH5057 that shall comeH935 shall destroyH7843 the cityH5892 and the sanctuaryH6944; and the endH7093 thereof shall be with a floodH7858, and unto the endH7093 of the warH4421 desolationsH8074 are determinedH2782.27And he shall confirmH1396 the covenantH1285 with manyH7227 for oneH259 weekH7620: and in the midstH2677 of the weekH7620 he shall cause the sacrificeH2077 and the oblationH4503 to ceaseH7673, and for the overspreadingH3671 of abominationsH8251 he shall make it desolateH8074, even until the consummationH3617, and that determinedH2782 shall be pouredH5413 upon the desolateH8074.