Ecclesiastes 11 (kjv)


CastH7971 thy breadH3899 uponH6440 the watersH4325: for thou shalt findH4672 it after manyH7230 daysH3117.2GiveH5414 a portionH2506 to sevenH7651, and also to eightH8083; for thou knowestH3045 not what evilH7451 shall be upon the earthH776.3If the cloudsH5645 be fullH4390 of rainH1653, they emptyH7324 themselves upon the earthH776: and if the treeH6086 fallH5307 toward the southH1864, or toward the northH6828, in the placeH4725 where the treeH6086 fallethH5307, there it shall beH1933.4He that observethH8104 the windH7307 shall not sowH2232; and he that regardethH7200 the cloudsH5645 shall not reapH7114.5As thou knowestH3045 not what is the wayH1870 of the spiritH7307, nor how the bonesH6106 do grow in the wombH990 of her that is with childH4392: even so thou knowestH3045 not the worksH4639 of GodH430 who makethH6213 all.6In the morningH1242 sowH2232 thy seedH2233, and in the eveningH6153 withholdH3240 not thine handH3027: for thou knowestH3045 not whetherH335 shall prosperH3787, either this or that, or whether they bothH8147 shall be alikeH259 goodH2896.

7Truly the lightH216 is sweetH4966, and a pleasantH2896 thing it is for the eyesH5869 to beholdH7200 the sunH8121:8But if a manH120 liveH2421 manyH7235 yearsH8141, and rejoiceH8055 in them all; yet let him rememberH2142 the daysH3117 of darknessH2822; for they shall be manyH7235. All that comethH935 is vanityH1892.

9RejoiceH8055, O young manH970, in thy youthH3208; and let thy heartH3820 cheerH2895 thee in the daysH3117 of thy youthH979, and walkH1980 in the waysH1870 of thine heartH3820, and in the sightH4758 of thine eyesH5869: but knowH3045 thou, that for all these things GodH430 will bringH935 thee into judgmentH4941.10Therefore removeH5493 sorrowH3708 from thy heartH3820, and put awayH5674 evilH7451 from thy fleshH1320: for childhoodH3208 and youthH7839 are vanityH1892.