Ecclesiastes 12 (kjv)


RememberH2142 now thy CreatorH1254 in the daysH3117 of thy youthH979, while the evilH7451 daysH3117 comeH935 not, nor the yearsH8141 draw nighH5060, when thou shalt sayH559, I have no pleasureH2656 in them;2While the sunH8121, or the lightH216, or the moonH3394, or the starsH3556, be not darkenedH2821, nor the cloudsH5645 returnH7725 afterH310 the rainH1653:3In the dayH3117 when the keepersH8104 of the houseH1004 shall trembleH2111, and the strongH2428 menH582 shall bowH5791 themselves, and the grindersH2912 ceaseH988 because they are fewH4591, and those that look outH7200 of the windowsH699 be darkenedH2821,4And the doorsH1817 shall be shutH5462 in the streetsH7784, when the soundH6963 of the grindingH2913 is lowH8217, and he shall rise upH6965 at the voiceH6963 of the birdH6833, and all the daughtersH1323 of musickH7892 shall be brought lowH7817;5Also when they shall be afraidH3372 of that which is highH1364, and fearsH2849 shall be in the wayH1870, and the almond treeH8247 shall flourishH5006, and the grasshopperH2284 shall be a burdenH5445, and desireH35 shall failH6565: because manH120 goethH1980 to his longH5769 homeH1004, and the mournersH5594 go aboutH5437 the streetsH7784:6Or everH3808 the silverH3701 cordH2256 be loosedH7576 H7368, or the goldenH2091 bowlH1543 be brokenH7533, or the pitcherH3537 be brokenH7665 at the fountainH4002, or the wheelH1534 brokenH7533 at the cisternH953.7Then shall the dustH6083 returnH7725 to the earthH776 as it was: and the spiritH7307 shall returnH7725 unto GodH430 who gaveH5414 it.

8VanityH1892 of vanitiesH1892, saithH559 the preacherH6953; all is vanityH1892.9And moreoverH3148, because the preacherH6953 was wiseH2450, he still taughtH3925 the peopleH5971 knowledgeH1847; yea, he gave good heedH239, and sought outH2713, and set in orderH8626 manyH7235 proverbsH4912.10The preacherH6953 soughtH1245 to find outH4672 acceptableH2656 wordsH1697: and that which was writtenH3789 was uprightH3476, even wordsH1697 of truthH571.11The wordsH1697 of the wiseH2450 are as goadsH1861, and as nailsH4930 fastenedH5193 by the mastersH1167 of assembliesH627, which are givenH5414 from oneH259 shepherdH7462.12And furtherH3148, by theseH1992, my sonH1121, be admonishedH2094: of makingH6213 manyH7235 booksH5612 there is no endH7093; and muchH7235 studyH3854 is a wearinessH3024 of the fleshH1320.

13Let us hearH8085 the conclusionH5490 of the whole matterH1697: FearH3372 GodH430, and keepH8104 his commandmentsH4687: for this is the whole duty of manH120.14For GodH430 shall bringH935 every workH4639 into judgmentH4941, with every secret thingH5956, whether it be goodH2896, or whether it be evilH7451.