Song of Solomon 1 (kjv)


The songH7892 of songsH7892, which is Solomon'sH8010.2Let him kissH5401 me with the kissesH5390 of his mouthH6310: for thy loveH1730 is betterH2896 than wineH3196.3Because of the savourH7381 of thy goodH2896 ointmentsH8081 thy nameH8034 is as ointmentH8081 poured forthH7324, therefore do the virginsH5959 loveH157 thee.4DrawH4900 me, we will runH7323 afterH310 thee: the kingH4428 hath broughtH935 me into his chambersH2315: we will be gladH1523 and rejoiceH8055 in thee, we will rememberH2142 thy loveH1730 more than wineH3196: the uprightH4339 loveH157 thee.

5I am blackH7838, but comelyH5000, O ye daughtersH1323 of JerusalemH3389, as the tentsH168 of KedarH6938, as the curtainsH3407 of SolomonH8010.6LookH7200 not upon me, because I am blackH7840, because the sunH8121 hath lookedH7805 upon me: my mother'sH517 childrenH1121 were angryH2787 with me; they madeH7760 me the keeperH5201 of the vineyardsH3754; but mine own vineyardH3754 have I not keptH5201.

7TellH5046 me, O thou whom my soulH5315 lovethH157, where thou feedestH7462, whereH349 thou makest thy flock to restH7257 at noonH6672: forH4100 why should I be as one that turneth asideH5844 by the flocksH5739 of thy companionsH2270?

8If thou knowH3045 not, O thou fairestH3303 among womenH802, go thy way forthH3318 by the footstepsH6119 of the flockH6629, and feedH7462 thy kidsH1429 beside the shepherdsH7462 ' tentsH4908.

9I have comparedH1819 thee, O my loveH7474, to a company of horsesH5484 in Pharaoh'sH6547 chariotsH7393.10Thy cheeksH3895 are comelyH4998 with rowsH8447 of jewels, thy neckH6677 with chainsH2737 of gold.

11We will makeH6213 thee bordersH8447 of goldH2091 with studsH5351 of silverH3701.

12While the kingH4428 sitteth at his tableH4524, my spikenardH5373 sendeth forthH5414 the smellH7381 thereof.13A bundleH6872 of myrrhH4753 is my wellbelovedH1730 unto me; he shall lieH3885 all night betwixt my breastsH7699.14My belovedH1730 is unto me as a clusterH811 of camphireH3724 in the vineyardsH3754 of EngediH5872.15Behold, thou art fairH3303, my loveH7474; behold, thou art fairH3303; thou hast dovesH3123' eyesH5869.16Behold, thou art fairH3303, my belovedH1730, yea, pleasantH5273: also our bedH6210 is greenH7488.17The beamsH6982 of our houseH1004 are cedarH730, and our raftersH7351 H7351 of firH1266.