Ephesians 6 (kjv)


ChildrenG5043, obeyG5219 yourG5216 parentsG1118 inG1722 the LordG2962: forG1063 thisG5124 isG2076 rightG1342.2HonourG5091 thyG4675 fatherG3962 andG2532 motherG3384; (whichG3748 isG2076 the firstG4413 commandmentG1785 withG1722 promiseG1860;)3ThatG2443 it may beG1096 wellG2095 with theeG4671, andG2532 thou mayestG2071 live longG3118 onG1909 the earthG1093.4AndG2532, ye fathersG3962, provokeG3949 notG3361 yourG5216 childrenG5043 to wrathG3949: butG235 bringG1625 themG846 upG1625 inG1722 the nurtureG3809 andG2532 admonitionG3559 of the LordG2962.5ServantsG1401, be obedientG5219 to them that are your mastersG2962 according toG2596 the fleshG4561, withG3326 fearG5401 andG2532 tremblingG5156, inG1722 singlenessG572 of yourG5216 heartG2588, asG5613 unto ChristG5547;6NotG3361 withG2596 eyeserviceG3787, asG5613 menpleasersG441; butG235 asG5613 the servantsG1401 of ChristG5547, doingG4160 the willG2307 of GodG2316 fromG1537 the heartG5590;7WithG3326 good willG2133 doing serviceG1398, as to the LordG2962, andG2532 notG3756 to menG444:8KnowingG1492 thatG3754 whatsoeverG3739 G1437 G5100 good thingG18 any manG1538 doethG4160, the sameG5124 shall he receiveG2865 ofG3844 the LordG2962, whetherG1535 he be bondG1401 orG1535 freeG1658.9AndG2532, ye mastersG2962, doG4160 the same thingsG846 untoG4314 themG846, forbearingG447 threateningG547: knowingG1492 thatG3754 yourG5216 G846 MasterG2962 alsoG2532 isG2076 inG1722 heavenG3772; neitherG2532 G3756 is thereG2076 respect of personsG4382 withG3844 himG846.10FinallyG3063, myG3450 brethrenG80, be strongG1743 inG1722 the LordG2962, andG2532 inG1722 the powerG2904 of hisG846 mightG2479.11Put onG1746 the whole armourG3833 of GodG2316, thatG4314 yeG5209 may be ableG1410 to standG2476 againstG4314 the wilesG3180 of the devilG1228.12ForG3754 weG2254 wrestleG3823 notG3756 againstG2076 G4314 fleshG4561 andG2532 bloodG129, butG235 againstG4314 principalitiesG746, againstG4314 powersG1849, againstG4314 the rulersG2888 of the darknessG4655 of thisG5127 worldG165, againstG4314 spiritualG4152 wickednessG4189 inG1722 highG2032 places.13WhereforeG1223 G5124 take unto youG353 the whole armourG3833 of GodG2316, thatG2443 ye may be ableG1410 to withstandG436 inG1722 the evilG4190 dayG2250, andG2532 having doneG2716 allG537, to standG2476.14StandG2476 thereforeG3767, havingG4024 yourG5216 loinsG3751 girt aboutG4024 withG1722 truthG225, andG2532 having onG1746 the breastplateG2382 of righteousnessG1343;15AndG2532 your feetG4228 shodG5265 withG1722 the preparationG2091 of the gospelG2098 of peaceG1515;16AboveG1909 allG3956, takingG353 the shieldG2375 of faithG4102, wherewithG1722 G3739 ye shall be ableG1410 to quenchG4570 allG3956 the fieryG4448 dartsG956 of the wickedG4190.17AndG2532 takeG1209 the helmetG4030 of salvationG4992, andG2532 the swordG3162 of the SpiritG4151, which isG3603 the wordG4487 of GodG2316:18PrayingG4336 alwaysG1722 G2540 G3956 withG1223 allG3956 prayerG4335 andG2532 supplicationG1162 inG1722 the SpiritG4151, andG2532 watchingG69 thereuntoG1519 G5124 G846 withG1722 allG3956 perseveranceG4343 andG2532 supplicationG1162 forG4012 allG3956 saintsG40;19AndG2532 forG5228 meG1700, thatG2443 utteranceG3056 may be givenG1325 unto meG3427, that I may openG1722 G457 myG3450 mouthG4750 boldlyG1722 G3954, to make knownG1107 the mysteryG3466 of the gospelG2098,20ForG5228 whichG3739 I am an ambassadorG4243 inG1722 bondsG254: thatG2443 thereinG1722 G846 I may speak boldlyG3955, asG5613 IG3165 oughtG1163 to speakG2980.21ButG1161 thatG2443 yeG5210 alsoG2532 may knowG1492 myG1691 affairsG2596, and howG5101 I doG4238, TychicusG5190, a belovedG27 brotherG80 andG2532 faithfulG4103 ministerG1249 inG1722 the LordG2962, shall make knownG1107 to youG5213 all thingsG3956:22WhomG3739 I have sentG3992 untoG4314 youG5209 forG1519 the sameG846 purposeG5124, thatG2443 ye might knowG1097 ourG2257 affairsG4012, andG2532 that he might comfortG3870 yourG5216 heartsG2588.23PeaceG1515 be to the brethrenG80, andG2532 loveG26 withG3326 faithG4102, fromG575 GodG2316 the FatherG3962 andG2532 the LordG2962 JesusG2424 ChristG5547.24GraceG5485 be withG3326 allG3956 them that loveG25 ourG2257 LordG2962 JesusG2424 ChristG5547 inG1722 sincerityG861. AmenG281.