Philippians 1 (kjv)


PaulG3972 andG2532 TimotheusG5095, the servantsG1401 of JesusG2424 ChristG5547, to allG3956 the saintsG40 inG1722 ChristG5547 JesusG2424 which areG5607 atG1722 PhilippiG5375, withG4862 the bishopsG1985 andG2532 deaconsG1249:2GraceG5485 be unto youG5213, andG2532 peaceG1515, fromG575 GodG2316 ourG2257 FatherG3962, andG2532 from the LordG2962 JesusG2424 ChristG5547.3I thankG2168 myG3450 GodG2316 uponG1909 everyG3956 remembranceG3417 of youG5216,4AlwaysG3842 inG1722 everyG3956 prayerG1162 of mineG3450 forG5228 youG5216 allG3956 makingG4160 requestG1162 withG3326 joyG5479,5ForG1909 yourG5216 fellowshipG2842 inG1519 the gospelG2098 fromG575 the firstG4413 dayG2250 untilG891 nowG3568;6Being confidentG3982 of thisG5124 very thingG846, thatG3754 he which hath begunG1728 a goodG18 workG2041 inG1722 youG5213 will performG2005 it untilG891 the dayG2250 of JesusG2424 ChristG5547:7Even asG2531 it isG2076 meetG1342 for meG1698 to thinkG5426 thisG5124 ofG5228 youG5216 allG3956, becauseG1223 I haveG2192 youG5209 inG1722 myG3165 heartG2588; inasmuch as bothG5037 inG1722 myG3450 bondsG1199, andG2532 in the defenceG627 andG2532 confirmationG951 of the gospelG2098, yeG5209 allG3956 areG5607 partakersG4791 of myG3450 graceG5485.8ForG1063 GodG2316 isG2076 myG3450 recordG3144, howG5613 greatly I long afterG1971 youG5209 allG3956 inG1722 the bowelsG4698 of JesusG2424 ChristG5547.9AndG2532 thisG5124 I prayG4336, thatG2443 yourG5216 loveG26 may aboundG4052 yetG2089 moreG3123 andG2532 moreG3123 inG1722 knowledgeG1922 andG2532 in allG3956 judgmentG144;10ThatG1519 yeG5209 may approveG1381 things that are excellentG1308; thatG2443 ye may beG5600 sincereG1506 andG2532 without offenceG677 tillG1519 the dayG2250 of ChristG5547;11Being filledG4137 with the fruitsG2590 of righteousnessG1343, whichG3588 are byG1223 JesusG2424 ChristG5547, untoG1519 the gloryG1391 andG2532 praiseG1868 of GodG2316.12ButG1161 I wouldG1014 yeG5209 should understandG1097, brethrenG80, thatG3754 the things which happened untoG2596 meG1691 have fallen outG2064 ratherG3123 untoG1519 the furtheranceG4297 of the gospelG2098;13So thatG5620 myG3450 bondsG1199 inG1722 ChristG5547 areG1096 manifestG5318 inG1722 allG3650 the palaceG4232, andG2532 in allG3956 otherG3062 places;14AndG2532 manyG4119 of the brethrenG80 inG1722 the LordG2962, waxing confidentG3982 by myG3450 bondsG1199, are much moreG4056 boldG5111 to speakG2980 the wordG3056 without fearG870.15SomeG5100 indeedG3303 preachG2784 ChristG5547 evenG2532 ofG1223 envyG5355 andG2532 strifeG2054; andG1161 someG5100 alsoG2532 ofG1223 good willG2107:16The oneG3303 preachG2605 ChristG5547 ofG1537 contentionG2052, notG3756 sincerelyG55, supposingG3633 to addG2018 afflictionG2347 to myG3450 bondsG1199:17ButG1161 the other ofG1537 loveG26, knowingG1492 thatG3754 I am setG2749 forG1519 the defenceG627 of the gospelG2098.18WhatG5101 thenG1063? notwithstandingG4133, everyG3956 wayG5158, whetherG1535 in pretenceG4392, orG1535 in truthG225, ChristG5547 is preachedG2605; andG2532 IG5463 thereinG1722 G5129 do rejoiceG5463, yeaG235, andG2532 will rejoiceG5463.19ForG1063 I knowG1492 thatG3754 thisG5124 shall turnG576 toG1519 myG3427 salvationG4991 throughG1223 yourG5216 prayerG1162, andG2532 the supplyG2024 of the SpiritG4151 of JesusG2424 ChristG5547,20AccordingG2596 to myG3450 earnest expectationG603 andG2532 my hopeG1680, thatG3754 inG1722 nothingG3762 I shall be ashamedG153, butG235 that withG1722 allG3956 boldnessG3954, asG5613 alwaysG3842, so nowG3568 alsoG2532 ChristG5547 shall be magnifiedG3170 inG1722 myG3450 bodyG4983, whetherG1535 it be byG1223 lifeG2222, orG1535 byG1223 deathG2288.21ForG1063 to meG1698 to liveG2198 is ChristG5547, andG2532 to dieG599 is gainG2771.22ButG1161 ifG1487 I liveG2198 inG1722 the fleshG4561, thisG5124 is the fruitG2590 of my labourG2041 G3427: yetG2532 whatG5101 I shall chooseG138 I wotG1107 notG3756.23ForG1063 I am in a straitG4912 betwixtG1537 twoG1417, havingG2192 a desireG1939 toG1519 departG360, andG2532 to beG1511 withG4862 ChristG5547; which is farG4183 G3123 betterG2908:24NeverthelessG1161 to abideG1961 inG1722 the fleshG4561 is more needfulG316 forG1223 youG5209.25AndG2532 having thisG5124 confidenceG3982, I knowG1492 thatG3754 I shall abideG3306 andG2532 continueG4839 with youG5213 allG3956 forG1519 yourG5216 furtheranceG4297 andG2532 joyG5479 of faithG4102;26ThatG2443 yourG5216 rejoicingG2745 may be more abundantG4052 inG1722 JesusG2424 ChristG5547 forG1722 meG1698 byG1223 myG1699 comingG3952 toG4314 youG5209 againG3825.27OnlyG3440 let your conversation beG4176 as it becomethG516 the gospelG2098 of ChristG5547: thatG2443 whetherG1535 I comeG2064 andG2532 seeG1492 youG5209, orG1535 else be absentG548, I may hearG191 of yourG5216 affairsG4012, thatG3754 ye stand fastG4739 inG1722 oneG1520 spiritG4151, with oneG3391 mindG5590 striving togetherG4866 for the faithG4102 of the gospelG2098;28AndG2532 inG1722 nothingG3367 G3361 terrifiedG4426 byG5259 your adversariesG480: whichG3748 isG2076 to themG846 G3303 an evident tokenG1732 of perditionG684, butG1161 to youG5213 of salvationG4991, andG2532 thatG5124 ofG575 GodG2316.29ForG3754 unto youG5213 it is givenG5483 in the behalfG5228 of ChristG5547, notG3756 onlyG3440 to believeG4100 onG1519 himG846, butG235 alsoG2532 to sufferG3958 forG5228 his sakeG846 G5228;30HavingG2192 the sameG846 conflictG73 whichG3634 ye sawG1492 G1492 inG1722 meG1698, andG2532 nowG3568 hearG191 to be inG1722 meG1698.