Philippians 2 (kjv)


If there be thereforeG3767 anyG1536 consolationG3874 inG1722 ChristG5547, if anyG1536 comfortG3890 of loveG26, if anyG1536 fellowshipG2842 of the SpiritG4151, if anyG1536 bowelsG4698 andG2532 merciesG3628,2Fulfil yeG4137 myG3450 joyG5479, thatG2443 ye be likemindedG846 G5426, havingG2192 the sameG846 loveG26, being of one accordG4861, of oneG1520 mindG5426.3Let nothingG3367 be done throughG2596 strifeG2052 orG2228 vaingloryG2754; butG235 in lowliness of mindG5012 letG2233 eachG240 esteemG2233 otherG240 better thanG5242 themselvesG1438.4LookG4648 notG3361 every manG1538 on his own thingsG1438, butG235 every manG1538 alsoG2532 on the thingsG3588 of othersG2087.5G1063 LetG5426 thisG5124 mind beG5426 inG1722 youG5213, whichG3739 was alsoG2532 inG1722 ChristG5547 JesusG2424:6WhoG3739, beingG5225 inG1722 the formG3444 of GodG2316, thought itG2233 notG3756 robberyG725 to beG1511 equalG2470 with GodG2316:7ButG235 madeG2758 himselfG1438 of no reputationG2758, and took upon himG2983 the formG3444 of a servantG1401, and was madeG1096 inG1722 the likenessG3667 of menG444:8AndG2532 being foundG2147 in fashionG4976 asG5613 a manG444, he humbledG5013 himselfG1438, and becameG1096 obedientG5255 untoG3360 deathG2288, evenG1161 the deathG2288 of the crossG4716.9WhereforeG1352 GodG2316 alsoG2532 hath highly exaltedG5251 himG846, andG2532 givenG5483 himG846 a nameG3686 whichG3588 is aboveG5228 everyG3956 nameG3686:10ThatG2443 atG1722 the nameG3686 of JesusG2424 everyG3956 kneeG1119 should bowG2578, of things in heavenG2032, andG2532 things in earthG1919, andG2532 things under the earthG2709;11AndG2532 that everyG3956 tongueG1100 should confessG1843 thatG3754 JesusG2424 ChristG5547 is LordG2962, toG1519 the gloryG1391 of GodG2316 the FatherG3962.12WhereforeG5620, myG3450 belovedG27, asG2531 ye haveG5219 alwaysG3842 obeyedG5219, notG3361 asG5613 inG1722 myG3450 presenceG3952 onlyG3440, butG235 nowG3568 muchG4183 moreG3123 inG1722 myG3450 absenceG666, work outG2716 your ownG1438 salvationG4991 withG3326 fearG5401 andG2532 tremblingG5156.13ForG1063 it isG2076 GodG2316 whichG3588 workethG1754 inG1722 youG5213 bothG2532 to willG2309 andG2532 to doG1754 ofG5228 his good pleasureG2107.14DoG4160 all thingsG3956 withoutG5565 murmuringsG1112 andG2532 disputingsG1261:15ThatG2443 ye may beG1096 blamelessG273 andG2532 harmlessG185, the sonsG5043 of GodG2316, without rebukeG298, inG1722 the midstG3319 of a crookedG4646 andG2532 perverseG1294 nationG1074, amongG1722 whomG3739 ye shineG5316 asG5613 lightsG5458 inG1722 the worldG2889;16Holding forthG1907 the wordG3056 of lifeG2222; thatG1519 IG1698 may rejoiceG2745 inG1519 the dayG2250 of ChristG5547, thatG3754 I haveG5143 notG3756 runG5143 inG1519 vainG2756, neitherG3761 labouredG2872 inG1519 vainG2756.17YeaG235, and ifG1499 I be offeredG4689 uponG1909 the sacrificeG2378 andG2532 serviceG3009 of yourG5216 faithG4102, I joyG5463, andG2532 rejoice withG4796 youG5213 allG3956.18ForG1161 the same causeG846 alsoG2532 doG5463 yeG5210 joyG5463, andG2532 rejoice withG4796 meG3427.19ButG1161 I trustG1679 inG1722 the LordG2962 JesusG2424 to sendG3992 TimotheusG5095 shortlyG5030 unto youG5213, thatG2443 I alsoG2504 may be of good comfortG2174, when I knowG1097 yourG5216 stateG4012.20ForG1063 I haveG2192 no manG3762 likemindedG2473, whoG3748 will naturallyG1104 careG3309 for yourG5216 stateG4012.21ForG1063 allG3956 seekG2212 their ownG1438, notG3756 the things which areG3588 JesusG2424 Christ'sG5547.22ButG1161 ye knowG1097 the proofG1382 of himG846, thatG3754, asG5613 a sonG5043 with the fatherG3962, he hath servedG1398 withG4862 meG1698 inG1519 the gospelG2098.23HimG3303 G5126 thereforeG3767 I hopeG1679 to sendG3992 presentlyG1824, so soon asG5613 IG302 shall seeG542 howG4012 it will go with meG1691.24ButG1161 I trustG3982 inG1722 the LordG2962 thatG3754 IG2064 alsoG2532 myselfG846 shall comeG2064 shortlyG5030.25YetG1161 I supposedG2233 it necessaryG316 to sendG3992 toG4314 youG5209 EpaphroditusG1891, myG3450 brotherG80, andG2532 companion in labourG4904, andG2532 fellowsoldierG4961, butG1161 yourG5216 messengerG652, andG2532 he that ministeredG3011 to myG3450 wantsG5532.26ForG1894 heG2258 longed afterG1971 youG5209 allG3956, andG2532 was full of heavinessG85, becauseG1360 that ye had heardG191 thatG3754 he had been sickG770.27ForG1063 indeedG2532 he was sickG770 nighG3897 unto deathG2288: butG235 GodG2316 had mercyG1653 on himG846; andG1161 notG3756 on himG846 onlyG3440, butG235 on meG1691 alsoG2532, lestG3363 I should haveG2192 sorrowG3077 uponG1909 sorrowG3077.28I sentG3992 himG846 thereforeG3767 the more carefullyG4708, thatG2443, when ye seeG1492 himG846 againG3825, ye may rejoiceG5463, and that IG2504 may beG5600 the less sorrowfulG253.29ReceiveG4327 himG846 thereforeG3767 inG1722 the LordG2962 withG3326 allG3956 gladnessG5479; andG2532 holdG2192 suchG5108 in reputationG1784:30BecauseG3754 forG1223 the workG2041 of ChristG5547 he was nighG1448 untoG3360 deathG2288, not regardingG3851 his lifeG5590, toG2443 supplyG378 yourG5216 lackG5303 of serviceG3009 towardG4314 meG3165.