I Chronicles 20 (kjv)


And it came to pass, that afterH6256 the yearH8141 was expiredH8666, at the timeH6256 that kingsH4428 go outH3318 to battle, JoabH3097 led forthH5090 the powerH2428 of the armyH6635, and wastedH7843 the countryH776 of the childrenH1121 of AmmonH5983, and cameH935 and besiegedH6696 RabbahH7237. But DavidH1732 tarriedH3427 at JerusalemH3389. And JoabH3097 smoteH5221 RabbahH7237, and destroyedH2040 it.2And DavidH1732 tookH3947 the crownH5850 of their kingH4428 from off his headH7218, and foundH4672 it to weighH4948 a talentH3603 of goldH2091, and there were preciousH3368 stonesH68 in it; and it was set upon David'sH1732 headH7218: and he broughtH3318 also exceedingH3966 muchH7235 spoilH7998 out of the cityH5892.3And he brought outH3318 the peopleH5971 that were in it, and cutH7787 them with sawsH4050, and with harrowsH2757 of ironH1270, and with axesH4050. Even so dealtH6213 DavidH1732 with all the citiesH5892 of the childrenH1121 of AmmonH5983. And DavidH1732 and all the peopleH5971 returnedH7725 to JerusalemH3389.

4And it came to pass after thisH310, that there aroseH5975 warH4421 at GezerH1507 with the PhilistinesH6430; at which timeH227 SibbechaiH5444 the HushathiteH2843 slewH5221 SippaiH5598, that was of the childrenH3211 of the giantH7497: and they were subduedH3665.5And there was warH4421 again with the PhilistinesH6430; and ElhananH445 the sonH1121 of JairH3265 slewH5221 LahmiH3902 the brotherH251 of GoliathH1555 the GittiteH1663, whose spearH2595 staffH6086 was like a weaver'sH707 beamH4500.6And yet again there was warH4421 at GathH1661, where was a manH376 of great statureH4060, whose fingersH676 and toesH676 were fourH702 and twentyH6242, sixH8337 on each hand, and sixH8337 on each foot: and he also was the sonH3205 of the giantH7497.7But when he defiedH2778 IsraelH3478, JonathanH3083 the sonH1121 of ShimeaH8092 David'sH1732 brotherH251 slewH5221 him.8TheseH411 were bornH3205 unto the giantH7497 in GathH1661; and they fellH5307 by the handH3027 of DavidH1732, and by the handH3027 of his servantsH5650.