I Chronicles 21 (kjv)


And SatanH7854 stood upH5975 against IsraelH3478, and provokedH5496 DavidH1732 to numberH4487 IsraelH3478.2And DavidH1732 saidH559 to JoabH3097 and to the rulersH8269 of the peopleH5971, GoH3212, numberH5608 IsraelH3478 from BeershebaH884 even to DanH1835; and bringH935 the numberH4557 of them to me, that I may knowH3045 it.3And JoabH3097 answeredH559, The LORDH3068 make his peopleH5971 an hundredH3967 timesH6471 so many moreH3254 as theyH1992 be: but, my lordH113 the kingH4428, are they not all my lord'sH113 servantsH5650? why then doth my lordH113 requireH1245 this thing? why will he be a cause of trespassH819 to IsraelH3478?4Nevertheless the king'sH4428 wordH1697 prevailedH2388 against JoabH3097. Wherefore JoabH3097 departedH3318, and wentH1980 throughout all IsraelH3478, and cameH935 to JerusalemH3389.

5And JoabH3097 gaveH5414 the sumH4557 of the numberH4662 of the peopleH5971 unto DavidH1732. And all they of IsraelH3478 were a thousandH505 thousandH505 and an hundredH3967 thousandH505 menH376 that drewH8025 swordH2719: and JudahH3063 was fourH702 hundredH3967 threescore and tenH7657 thousandH505 menH376 that drewH8025 swordH2719.6But LeviH3878 and BenjaminH1144 countedH6485 he not amongH8432 them: for the king'sH4428 wordH1697 was abominableH8581 to JoabH3097.7And GodH430 was displeasedH3415 H5869 with this thingH1697; therefore he smoteH5221 IsraelH3478.8And DavidH1732 saidH559 unto GodH430, I have sinnedH2398 greatlyH3966, because I have doneH6213 this thingH1697: but now, I beseech thee, do awayH5674 the iniquityH5771 of thy servantH5650; for I have done veryH3966 foolishlyH5528.

9And the LORDH3068 spakeH1696 unto GadH1410, David'sH1732 seerH2374, sayingH559,10GoH3212 and tellH1696 DavidH1732, sayingH559, Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068, I offerH5186 thee threeH7969 things: chooseH977 thee oneH259 of themH2007, that I may doH6213 it unto thee.11So GadH1410 cameH935 to DavidH1732, and saidH559 unto him, Thus saithH559 the LORDH3068, ChooseH6901 thee12Either threeH7969 yearsH8141' famineH7458; or threeH7969 monthsH2320 to be destroyedH5595 beforeH6440 thy foesH6862, while that the swordH2719 of thine enemiesH341 overtakethH5381 thee; orH518 else threeH7969 daysH3117 the swordH2719 of the LORDH3068, even the pestilenceH1698, in the landH776, and the angelH4397 of the LORDH3068 destroyingH7843 throughout all the coastsH1366 of IsraelH3478. Now therefore adviseH7200 thyself what wordH1697 I shall bring againH7725 to him that sentH7971 me.13And DavidH1732 saidH559 unto GadH1410, I am in a greatH3966 straitH6887: let me fallH5307 now into the handH3027 of the LORDH3068; for veryH3966 greatH7227 are his merciesH7356: but let me not fallH5307 into the handH3027 of manH120.

14So the LORDH3068 sentH5414 pestilenceH1698 upon IsraelH3478: and there fellH5307 of IsraelH3478 seventyH7657 thousandH505 menH376.15And GodH430 sentH7971 an angelH4397 unto JerusalemH3389 to destroyH7843 it: and as he was destroyingH7843, the LORDH3068 beheldH7200, and he repentedH5162 him of the evilH7451, and saidH559 to the angelH4397 that destroyedH7843, It is enoughH7227, stayH7503 now thine handH3027. And the angelH4397 of the LORDH3068 stoodH5975 by the threshingfloorH1637 of OrnanH771 the JebusiteH2983.16And DavidH1732 lifted upH5375 his eyesH5869, and sawH7200 the angelH4397 of the LORDH3068 standH5975 between the earthH776 and the heavenH8064, having a drawnH8025 swordH2719 in his handH3027 stretched outH5186 over JerusalemH3389. Then DavidH1732 and the eldersH2205 of Israel, who were clothedH3680 in sackclothH8242, fellH5307 upon their facesH6440.17And DavidH1732 saidH559 unto GodH430, Is it not I that commandedH559 the peopleH5971 to be numberedH4487? even I it is that have sinnedH2398 and done evilH7489 indeedH7489; but as for these sheepH6629, what have they doneH6213? let thine handH3027, I pray thee, O LORDH3068 my GodH430, be on me, and on my father'sH1 houseH1004; but not on thy peopleH5971, that they should be plaguedH4046.

18Then the angelH4397 of the LORDH3068 commandedH559 GadH1410 to sayH559 to DavidH1732, that DavidH1732 should go upH5927, and set upH6965 an altarH4196 unto the LORDH3068 in the threshingfloorH1637 of OrnanH771 the JebusiteH2983.19And DavidH1732 went upH5927 at the sayingH1697 of GadH1410, which he spakeH1696 in the nameH8034 of the LORDH3068.20And OrnanH771 turned backH7725, and sawH7200 the angelH4397; and his fourH702 sonsH1121 with him hidH2244 themselves. Now OrnanH771 was threshingH1758 wheatH2406.21And as DavidH1732 cameH935 to OrnanH771, OrnanH771 lookedH5027 and sawH7200 DavidH1732, and went outH3318 of the threshingfloorH1637, and bowedH7812 himself to DavidH1732 with his faceH639 to the groundH776.22Then DavidH1732 saidH559 to OrnanH771, GrantH5414 me the placeH4725 of this threshingfloorH1637, that I may buildH1129 an altarH4196 therein unto the LORDH3068: thou shalt grantH5414 it me for the fullH4392 priceH3701: that the plagueH4046 may be stayedH6113 from the peopleH5971.23And OrnanH771 saidH559 unto DavidH1732, TakeH3947 it to thee, and let my lordH113 the kingH4428 doH6213 that which is goodH2896 in his eyesH5869: loH7200, I giveH5414 thee the oxenH1241 also for burnt offeringsH5930, and the threshing instrumentsH4173 for woodH6086, and the wheatH2406 for the meat offeringH4503; I giveH5414 it all.24And kingH4428 DavidH1732 saidH559 to OrnanH771, Nay; but I will verilyH7069 buyH7069 it for the fullH4392 priceH3701: for I will not takeH5375 that which is thine for the LORDH3068, nor offerH5927 burnt offeringsH5930 without costH2600.25So DavidH1732 gaveH5414 to OrnanH771 for the placeH4725 sixH8337 hundredH3967 shekelsH8255 of goldH2091 by weightH4948.

26And DavidH1732 builtH1129 there an altarH4196 unto the LORDH3068, and offeredH5927 burnt offeringsH5930 and peace offeringsH8002, and calledH7121 upon the LORDH3068; and he answeredH6030 him from heavenH8064 by fireH784 upon the altarH4196 of burnt offeringH5930.27And the LORDH3068 commandedH559 the angelH4397; and he put upH7725 his swordH2719 againH7725 into the sheathH5084 thereof.

28At that timeH6256 when DavidH1732 sawH7200 that the LORDH3068 had answeredH6030 him in the threshingfloorH1637 of OrnanH771 the JebusiteH2983, then he sacrificedH2076 there.29For the tabernacleH4908 of the LORDH3068, which MosesH4872 madeH6213 in the wildernessH4057, and the altarH4196 of the burnt offeringH5930, were at that seasonH6256 in the high placeH1116 at GibeonH1391.30But DavidH1732 couldH3201 not goH3212 beforeH6440 it to enquireH1875 of GodH430: for he was afraidH1204 becauseH6440 of the swordH2719 of the angelH4397 of the LORDH3068.