I Chronicles 9 (kjv)


So all IsraelH3478 were reckoned by genealogiesH3187; and, behold, they were writtenH3789 in the bookH5612 of the kingsH4428 of IsraelH3478 and JudahH3063, who were carried awayH1540 to BabylonH894 for their transgressionH4604.

2Now the firstH7223 inhabitantsH3427 that dwelt in their possessionsH272 in their citiesH5892 were, the IsraelitesH3478, the priestsH3548, LevitesH3881, and the NethinimsH5411.3And in JerusalemH3389 dweltH3427 of the childrenH1121 of JudahH3063, and of the childrenH1121 of BenjaminH1144, and of the childrenH1121 of EphraimH669, and ManassehH4519;4UthaiH5793 the sonH1121 of AmmihudH5989, the sonH1121 of OmriH6018, the sonH1121 of ImriH566, the sonH1121 of BaniH1137, of the childrenH1121 of PharezH6557 the sonH1121 of JudahH3063.5And of the ShilonitesH7888; AsaiahH6222 the firstbornH1060, and his sonsH1121.6And of the sonsH1121 of ZerahH2226; JeuelH3262, and their brethrenH251, sixH8337 hundredH3967 and ninetyH8673.7And of the sonsH1121 of BenjaminH1144; SalluH5543 the sonH1121 of MeshullamH4918, the sonH1121 of HodaviahH1938, the sonH1121 of HasenuahH5574,8And IbneiahH2997 the sonH1121 of JerohamH3395, and ElahH425 the sonH1121 of UzziH5813, the sonH1121 of MichriH4381, and MeshullamH4918 the sonH1121 of ShephathiahH8203, the sonH1121 of ReuelH7467, the sonH1121 of IbnijahH2998;9And their brethrenH251, according to their generationsH8435, nineH8672 hundredH3967 and fiftyH2572 and sixH8337. All these menH582 were chiefH7218 of the fathersH1 in the houseH1004 of their fathersH1.

10And of the priestsH3548; JedaiahH3048, and JehoiaribH3080, and JachinH3199,11And AzariahH5838 the sonH1121 of HilkiahH2518, the sonH1121 of MeshullamH4918, the sonH1121 of ZadokH6659, the sonH1121 of MeraiothH4812, the sonH1121 of AhitubH285, the rulerH5057 of the houseH1004 of GodH430;12And AdaiahH5718 the sonH1121 of JerohamH3395, the sonH1121 of PashurH6583, the sonH1121 of MalchijahH4441, and MaasiaiH4640 the sonH1121 of AdielH5717, the sonH1121 of JahzerahH3170, the sonH1121 of MeshullamH4918, the sonH1121 of MeshillemithH4921, the sonH1121 of ImmerH564;13And their brethrenH251, headsH7218 of the houseH1004 of their fathersH1, a thousandH505 and sevenH7651 hundredH3967 and threescoreH8346; very ableH2428 menH1368 for the workH4399 of the serviceH5656 of the houseH1004 of GodH430.

14And of the LevitesH3881; ShemaiahH8098 the sonH1121 of HasshubH2815, the sonH1121 of AzrikamH5840, the sonH1121 of HashabiahH2811, of the sonsH1121 of MerariH4847;15And BakbakkarH1230, HereshH2792, and GalalH1559, and MattaniahH4983 the sonH1121 of MicahH4316, the sonH1121 of ZichriH2147, the sonH1121 of AsaphH623;16And ObadiahH5662 the sonH1121 of ShemaiahH8098, the sonH1121 of GalalH1559, the sonH1121 of JeduthunH3038, and BerechiahH1296 the sonH1121 of AsaH609, the sonH1121 of ElkanahH511, that dweltH3427 in the villagesH2691 of the NetophathitesH5200.17And the portersH7778 were, ShallumH7967, and AkkubH6126, and TalmonH2929, and AhimanH289, and their brethrenH251: ShallumH7967 was the chiefH7218;18Who hitherto waited in the king'sH4428 gateH8179 eastwardH4217: they were portersH7778 in the companiesH4264 of the childrenH1121 of LeviH3878.19And ShallumH7967 the sonH1121 of KoreH6981, the sonH1121 of EbiasaphH43, the sonH1121 of KorahH7141, and his brethrenH251, of the houseH1004 of his fatherH1, the KorahitesH7145, were over the workH4399 of the serviceH5656, keepersH8104 of the gatesH5592 of the tabernacleH168: and their fathersH1, being over the hostH4264 of the LORDH3068, were keepersH8104 of the entryH3996.20And PhinehasH6372 the sonH1121 of EleazarH499 was the rulerH5057 over them in time pastH6440, and the LORDH3068 was with him.21And ZechariahH2148 the sonH1121 of MeshelemiahH4920 was porterH7778 of the doorH6607 of the tabernacleH168 of the congregationH4150.22All these which were chosenH1305 to be portersH7778 in the gatesH5592 were two hundredH3967 and twelveH8147 H6240. These were reckoned by their genealogyH3187 in their villagesH2691, whomH1992 DavidH1732 and SamuelH8050 the seerH7200 did ordainH3245 in their set officeH530.23So they and their childrenH1121 had the oversight of the gatesH8179 of the houseH1004 of the LORDH3068, namely, the houseH1004 of the tabernacleH168, by wardsH4931.24In fourH702 quartersH7307 were the portersH7778, toward the eastH4217, westH3220, northH6828, and southH5045.25And their brethrenH251, which were in their villagesH2691, were to comeH935 after sevenH7651 daysH3117 from timeH6256 to timeH6256 with them.26For these LevitesH3881, the fourH702 chiefH1368 portersH7778, were in their set officeH530, and were over the chambersH3957 and treasuriesH214 of the houseH1004 of GodH430.

27And they lodgedH3885 round aboutH5439 the houseH1004 of GodH430, because the chargeH4931 was upon them, and the openingH4668 thereof every morningH1242 pertained to them.28And certain of them had the charge ofH5921 the ministeringH5656 vesselsH3627, that they should bring them inH935 and outH3318 by taleH4557 H4557.29Some of them also were appointedH4487 to oversee the vesselsH3627, and all the instrumentsH3627 of the sanctuaryH6944, and the fine flourH5560, and the wineH3196, and the oilH8081, and the frankincenseH3828, and the spicesH1314.30And some of the sonsH1121 of the priestsH3548 madeH7543 the ointmentH4842 of the spicesH1314.31And MattithiahH4993, one of the LevitesH3881, who was the firstbornH1060 of ShallumH7967 the KorahiteH7145, had the set officeH530 over the things that were madeH4639 in the pansH2281.32And other of their brethrenH251, of the sonsH1121 of the KohathitesH6956, were over the shewbreadH3899 H4635, to prepareH3559 it every sabbathH7676.33And these are the singersH7891, chiefH7218 of the fathersH1 of the LevitesH3881, who remaining in the chambersH3957 were freeH6362 H6359: for they were employed in that workH4399 dayH3119 and nightH3915.34These chiefH7218 fathersH1 of the LevitesH3881 were chiefH7218 throughout their generationsH8435; these dweltH3427 at JerusalemH3389.

35And in GibeonH1391 dweltH3427 the fatherH1 of GibeonH1391 H25, JehielH3273, whose wife'sH802 nameH8034 was MaachahH4601:36And his firstbornH1060 sonH1121 AbdonH5658, then ZurH6698, and KishH7027, and BaalH1168, and NerH5369, and NadabH5070,37And GedorH1446, and AhioH283, and ZechariahH2148, and MiklothH4732.38And MiklothH4732 begatH3205 ShimeamH8043. And they also dweltH3427 with their brethrenH251 at JerusalemH3389, over against their brethrenH251.39And NerH5369 begatH3205 KishH7027; and KishH7027 begatH3205 SaulH7586; and SaulH7586 begatH3205 JonathanH3083, and MalchishuaH4444, and AbinadabH41, and EshbaalH792.40And the sonH1121 of JonathanH3083 was MeribbaalH4807: and MeribbaalH4810 begatH3205 MicahH4318.41And the sonsH1121 of MicahH4318 were, PithonH6377, and MelechH4429, and TahreaH8475, and Ahaz.42And AhazH271 begatH3205 JarahH3294; and JarahH3294 begatH3205 AlemethH5964, and AzmavethH5820, and ZimriH2174; and ZimriH2174 begatH3205 MozaH4162;43And MozaH4162 begatH3205 BineaH1150; and RephaiahH7509 his sonH1121, EleasahH501 his sonH1121, AzelH682 his sonH1121.44And AzelH682 had sixH8337 sonsH1121, whose namesH8034 are these, AzrikamH5840, BocheruH1074, and IshmaelH3458, and SheariahH8187, and ObadiahH5662, and HananH2605: these were the sonsH1121 of AzelH682.