I Corinthians 4 (kjv)


LetG3049 a manG444 soG3779 accountG3049 of usG2248, asG5613 of the ministersG5257 of ChristG5547, andG2532 stewardsG3623 of the mysteriesG3466 of GodG2316.2G3739 G1161 MoreoverG3063 it is requiredG2212 inG1722 stewardsG3623, thatG2443 a manG5100 be foundG2147 faithfulG4103.3ButG1161 with meG1698 it isG2076 a very small thingG1519 G1646 thatG2443 I should be judgedG350 ofG5259 youG5216, orG2228 ofG5259 man'sG442 judgmentG2250: yeaG235, I judgeG350 notG3761 mine own selfG1683.4ForG1063 I knowG4894 nothingG3762 by myselfG1683; yetG235 am IG1344 notG3756 herebyG1722 G5129 justifiedG1344: butG1161 he that judgethG350 meG3165 isG2076 the LordG2962.5ThereforeG5620 judgeG2919 nothingG3361 G5100 beforeG4253 the timeG2540, untilG2193 G302 the LordG2962 comeG2064, whoG3739 bothG2532 will bring to lightG5461 the hidden thingsG2927 of darknessG4655, andG2532 will make manifestG5319 the counselsG1012 of the heartsG2588: andG2532 thenG5119 shall every manG1538 haveG1096 praiseG1868 ofG575 GodG2316.6AndG1161 these thingsG5023, brethrenG80, I have in a figure transferredG3345 toG1519 myselfG1683 andG2532 to ApollosG625 forG1223 your sakesG5209; thatG2443 ye might learnG3129 inG1722 usG2254 notG3361 to thinkG5426 of men aboveG5228 thatG2443 whichG3739 is writtenG1125, that noG3363 oneG1520 of you be puffed upG5448 forG5228 oneG1520 againstG2596 anotherG2087.7ForG1063 whoG5101 makethG1252 theeG4571 to differG1252 from another? andG1161 whatG5101 hast thouG2192 thatG3739 thou didstG2983 notG3756 receiveG2983?G1161 now ifG1499 thou didst receiveG2983 it, whyG5101 dost thou gloryG2744, asG5613 if thou hadstG2983 notG3361 receivedG2983 it?8NowG2235 ye areG2075 fullG2880, nowG2235 ye are richG4147, ye have reigned as kingsG936 withoutG5565 usG2257: andG2532 I would to GodG3785 G1065 ye did reignG936, thatG2443 weG2249 alsoG2532 might reign withG4821 youG5213.9ForG1063 I thinkG1380 thatG3754 GodG2316 hath set forthG584 usG2248 the apostlesG652 lastG2078, asG5613 it were appointed to deathG1935: forG3754 we are madeG1096 a spectacleG2302 unto the worldG2889, andG2532 to angelsG32, andG2532 to menG444.10WeG2249 are foolsG3474 forG1223 Christ'sG5547 sakeG1223, butG1161 yeG5210 are wiseG5429 inG1722 ChristG5547; weG2249 are weakG772, butG1161 yeG5210 are strongG2478; yeG5210 are honourableG1741, butG1161 weG2249 are despisedG820.11EvenG891 unto this presentG737 hourG5610 weG3983 bothG2532 hungerG3983, andG2532 thirstG1372, andG2532 are nakedG1130, andG2532 are buffetedG2852, andG2532 have no certain dwellingplaceG790;12AndG2532 labourG2872, workingG2038 with our ownG2398 handsG5495: being reviledG3058, we blessG2127; being persecutedG1377, we suffer itG430:13Being defamedG987, we intreatG3870: we are madeG1096 asG5613 the filthG4027 of the worldG2889, and are the offscouringG4067 of all thingsG3956 untoG2193 this dayG737.14I writeG1125 notG3756 these thingsG5023 to shameG1788 youG5209, butG235 asG5613 myG3450 belovedG27 sonsG5043 I warnG3560 you.15ForG1063 thoughG1437 ye haveG2192 ten thousandG3463 instructorsG3807 inG1722 ChristG5547, yetG235 have ye notG3756 manyG4183 fathersG3962: forG1063 inG1722 ChristG5547 JesusG2424 IG1473 have begottenG1080 youG5209 throughG1223 the gospelG2098.16WhereforeG3767 I beseechG3870 youG5209, be yeG1096 followersG3402 of meG3450.17ForG1223 thisG5124 causeG1223 have I sentG3992 unto youG5213 TimotheusG5095, whoG3739 isG2076 myG3450 belovedG27 sonG5043, andG2532 faithfulG4103 inG1722 the LordG2962, whoG3739 shall bringG363 youG5209 into remembranceG363 of myG3450 waysG3598 whichG3588 be inG1722 ChristG5547, asG2531 I teachG1321 every whereG3837 inG1722 everyG3956 churchG1577.18NowG1161 someG5100 are puffed upG5448, as thoughG5613 IG3450 wouldG2064 notG3361 comeG2064 toG4314 youG5209.19ButG1161 I will comeG2064 toG4314 youG5209 shortlyG5030, ifG1437 the LordG2962 willG2309, andG2532 will knowG1097, notG3756 the speechG3056 of them which are puffed upG5448, butG235 the powerG1411.20ForG1063 the kingdomG932 of GodG2316 is notG3756 inG1722 wordG3056, butG235 inG1722 powerG1411.21WhatG5101 will yeG2309? shall I comeG2064 untoG4314 youG5209 withG1722 a rodG4464, orG2228 inG1722 loveG26, andG5037 in the spiritG4151 of meeknessG4236?