I Corinthians 5 (kjv)


It is reportedG191 commonlyG3654 that there is fornicationG4202 amongG1722 youG5213, andG2532 suchG5108 fornicationG4202 asG3748 isG3687 not so muchG3761 as namedG3687 amongG1722 the GentilesG1484, thatG5620 oneG5100 should haveG2192 his father'sG3962 wifeG1135.2AndG2532 yeG5210 areG2075 puffed upG5448, andG2532 haveG3996 notG3780 ratherG3123 mournedG3996, thatG2443 he that hath doneG4160 thisG5124 deedG2041 might be taken awayG1808 fromG1537 amongG3319 youG5216.3ForG1063 IG1473 verilyG3303, asG5613 absentG548 in bodyG4983, butG1161 presentG3918 in spiritG4151, have judgedG2919 alreadyG2235, asG5613 though I were presentG3918, concerning him that hathG2716 soG3779 doneG2716 this deedG5124,4InG1722 the nameG3686 of ourG2257 LordG2962 JesusG2424 ChristG5547, when yeG5216 are gathered togetherG4863, andG2532 myG1699 spiritG4151, withG4862 the powerG1411 of ourG2257 LordG2962 JesusG2424 ChristG5547,5To deliverG3860 such an oneG5108 unto SatanG4567 forG1519 the destructionG3639 of the fleshG4561, thatG2443 the spiritG4151 may be savedG4982 inG1722 the dayG2250 of the LordG2962 JesusG2424.6YourG5216 gloryingG2745 is notG3756 goodG2570. Know yeG1492 notG3756 thatG3754 a littleG3398 leavenG2219 leavenethG2220 the wholeG3650 lumpG5445?7Purge outG1571 thereforeG3767 the oldG3820 leavenG2219, thatG2443 ye may beG5600 a newG3501 lumpG5445, asG2531 ye areG2075 unleavenedG106. ForG1063 evenG2532 ChristG5547 ourG2257 passoverG3957 is sacrificedG2380 forG5228 usG2257:8ThereforeG5620 let us keep the feastG1858, notG3361 withG1722 oldG3820 leavenG2219, neitherG3366 withG1722 the leavenG2219 of maliceG2549 andG2532 wickednessG4189; butG235 withG1722 the unleavenedG106 bread of sincerityG1505 andG2532 truthG225.9I wroteG1125 unto youG5213 inG1722 an epistleG1992 notG3361 to companyG4874 with fornicatorsG4205:10YetG2532 notG3756 altogetherG3843 with the fornicatorsG4205 of thisG5127 worldG2889, orG2228 with the covetousG4123, orG2228 extortionersG727, orG2228 with idolatersG1496; forG1893 thenG686 must ye needsG3784 goG1831 out ofG1537 the worldG2889.11ButG1161 nowG3570 I have writtenG1125 unto youG5213 notG3361 to keep companyG4874, ifG1437 any manG5100 that is calledG3687 a brotherG80 beG2228 a fornicatorG4205, orG2228 covetousG4123, orG2228 an idolaterG1496, orG2228 a railerG3060, orG2228 a drunkardG3183, orG2228 an extortionerG727; with such an oneG5108 no notG3366 to eatG4906.12ForG1063 whatG5101 have IG3427 to do to judgeG2919 them alsoG2532 that are withoutG1854? doG2919 notG3780 yeG5210 judgeG2919 them that are withinG2080?13ButG1161 them that are withoutG1854 GodG2316 judgethG2919. ThereforeG2532 put awayG1808 fromG1537 among yourselvesG5216 thatG846 wicked personG4190.