Obadiah 1 (kjv)


The visionH2377 of ObadiahH5662. Thus saithH559 the LordH136 GODH3069 concerning EdomH123; We have heardH8085 a rumourH8052 from the LORDH3068, and an ambassadorH6735 is sentH7971 among the heathenH1471, AriseH6965 ye, and let us rise upH6965 against her in battleH4421.2Behold, I have madeH5414 thee smallH6996 among the heathenH1471: thou art greatlyH3966 despisedH959.

3The prideH2087 of thine heartH3820 hath deceivedH5377 thee, thou that dwellestH7931 in the cleftsH2288 of the rockH5553, whose habitationH3427 is highH4791; that saithH559 in his heartH3820, Who shall bring me downH3381 to the groundH776?4Though thou exaltH1361 thyself as the eagleH5404, and though thou setH7760 thy nestH7064 among the starsH3556, thence will I bring thee downH3381, saithH5002 the LORDH3068.5If thievesH1590 cameH935 to thee, if robbersH7703 by nightH3915, (how art thou cut offH1820 would they not have stolenH1589 till they had enoughH1767? if the grapegatherersH1219 cameH935 to thee, would they not leaveH7604 some grapesH5955?6How are the things of EsauH6215 searched outH2664 ! how are his hiddenH4710 things sought upH1158 !7All the menH582 of thy confederacyH1285 have broughtH7971 thee even to the borderH1366: the menH582 that were at peaceH7965 with thee have deceivedH5377 thee, and prevailedH3201 against thee; they that eat thy breadH3899 have laidH7760 a woundH4204 under thee: there is none understandingH8394 in him.8Shall I not in that dayH3117, saithH5002 the LORDH3068, even destroyH6 the wiseH2450 men out of EdomH123, and understandingH8394 out of the mountH2022 of EsauH6215?9And thy mightyH1368 men, O TemanH8487, shall be dismayedH2865, to the end that every oneH376 of the mountH2022 of EsauH6215 may be cut offH3772 by slaughterH6993.

10For thy violenceH2555 against thy brotherH251 JacobH3290 shameH955 shall coverH3680 thee, and thou shalt be cut offH3772 for everH5769.11In the dayH3117 that thou stoodestH5975 on the other side, in the dayH3117 that the strangersH2114 carried away captiveH7617 his forcesH2428, and foreignersH5237 enteredH935 into his gatesH8179, and castH3032 lotsH1486 upon JerusalemH3389, even thou wast as oneH259 of them.12But thou shouldest not have lookedH7200 on the dayH3117 of thy brotherH251 in the dayH3117 that he became a strangerH5235; neither shouldest thou have rejoicedH8055 over the childrenH1121 of JudahH3063 in the dayH3117 of their destructionH6; neither shouldest thou have spokenH6310 proudlyH1431 in the dayH3117 of distressH6869.13Thou shouldest not have enteredH935 into the gateH8179 of my peopleH5971 in the dayH3117 of their calamityH343; yea, thou shouldest not have lookedH7200 on their afflictionH7451 in the dayH3117 of their calamityH343, nor have laidH7971 hands on their substanceH2428 in the dayH3117 of their calamityH343;14Neither shouldest thou have stoodH5975 in the crosswayH6563, to cut offH3772 those of his that did escapeH6412; neither shouldest thou have delivered upH5462 those of his that did remainH8300 in the dayH3117 of distressH6869.15For the dayH3117 of the LORDH3068 is nearH7138 upon all the heathenH1471: as thou hast doneH6213, it shall be doneH6213 unto thee: thy rewardH1576 shall returnH7725 upon thine own headH7218.16For as ye have drunkH8354 upon my holyH6944 mountainH2022, so shall all the heathenH1471 drinkH8354 continuallyH8548, yea, they shall drinkH8354, and they shall swallow downH3886, and they shall be as though they had notH3808 been.

17But upon mountH2022 ZionH6726 shall be deliveranceH6413, and there shall be holinessH6944; and the houseH1004 of JacobH3290 shall possessH3423 their possessionsH4180.18And the houseH1004 of JacobH3290 shall be a fireH784, and the houseH1004 of JosephH3130 a flameH3852, and the houseH1004 of EsauH6215 for stubbleH7179, and they shall kindleH1814 in them, and devourH398 them; and there shall not be any remainingH8300 of the houseH1004 of EsauH6215; for the LORDH3068 hath spokenH1696 it.19And they of the southH5045 shall possessH3423 the mountH2022 of EsauH6215; and they of the plainH8219 the PhilistinesH6430: and they shall possessH3423 the fieldsH7704 of EphraimH669, and the fieldsH7704 of SamariaH8111: and BenjaminH1144 shall possess GileadH1568.20And the captivityH1546 of this hostH2426 of the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 shall possess that of the CanaanitesH3669, even unto ZarephathH6886; and the captivityH1546 of JerusalemH3389, which is in SepharadH5614, shall possessH3423 the citiesH5892 of the southH5045.21And savioursH3467 shall come upH5927 on mountH2022 ZionH6726 to judgeH8199 the mountH2022 of EsauH6215; and the kingdomH4410 shall be the LORD'SH3068.