Jonah 1 (kjv)


Now the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068 came unto JonahH3124 the sonH1121 of AmittaiH573, sayingH559,2AriseH6965, goH3212 to NinevehH5210, that greatH1419 cityH5892, and cryH7121 against it; for their wickednessH7451 is come upH5927 beforeH6440 me.3But JonahH3124 rose upH6965 to fleeH1272 unto TarshishH8659 from the presenceH6440 of the LORDH3068, and went downH3381 to JoppaH3305; and he foundH4672 a shipH591 goingH935 to TarshishH8659: so he paidH5414 the fareH7939 thereof, and went downH3381 into it, to goH935 with them unto TarshishH8659 from the presenceH6440 of the LORDH3068.

4But the LORDH3068 sent outH2904 a greatH1419 windH7307 into the seaH3220, and there was a mightyH1419 tempestH5591 in the seaH3220, so that the shipH591 was likeH2803 to be brokenH7665.5Then the marinersH4419 were afraidH3372, and criedH2199 every manH376 unto his godH430, and cast forthH2904 the waresH3627 that were in the shipH591 into the seaH3220, to lightenH7043 it of them. But JonahH3124 was gone downH3381 into the sidesH3411 of the shipH5600; and he layH7901, and was fast asleepH7290.6So the shipmasterH7227 H2259 cameH7126 to him, and saidH559 unto him, What meanest thou, O sleeperH7290? ariseH6965, callH7121 upon thy GodH430, if so be that GodH430 will thinkH6245 upon us, that we perishH6 not.7And they saidH559 every oneH376 to his fellowH7453, ComeH3212, and let us castH5307 lotsH1486, that we may knowH3045 for whose causeH7945 this evilH7451 is upon us. So they castH5307 lotsH1486, and the lotH1486 fellH5307 upon JonahH3124.8Then saidH559 they unto him, TellH5046 us, we pray thee, for whose cause this evilH7451 is upon us; What is thine occupationH4399? and whenceH370 comestH935 thou? what is thy countryH776? and of what peopleH5971 art thou?9And he saidH559 unto them, I am an HebrewH5680; and I fearH3373 the LORDH3068, the GodH430 of heavenH8064, which hath madeH6213 the seaH3220 and the dryH3004 land.10Then were the menH582 exceedinglyH1419 H3374 afraidH3372, and saidH559 unto him, Why hast thou doneH6213 this? For the menH582 knewH3045 that he fledH1272 from the presenceH6440 of the LORDH3068, because he had toldH5046 them.

11Then saidH559 they unto him, What shall we doH6213 unto thee, that the seaH3220 may be calmH8367 unto us? for the seaH3220 wroughtH1980, and was tempestuousH5590.12And he saidH559 unto them, Take me upH5375, and cast me forthH2904 into the seaH3220; so shall the seaH3220 be calmH8367 unto you: for I knowH3045 that for my sakeH7945 this greatH1419 tempestH5591 is upon you.13Nevertheless the menH582 rowed hardH2864 to bringH7725 it to the landH3004; but they couldH3201 not: for the seaH3220 wroughtH1980, and was tempestuousH5590 against them.14Wherefore they criedH7121 unto the LORDH3068, and saidH559, We beseech theeH577, O LORDH3068, we beseech thee, let us not perishH6 for this man'sH376 lifeH5315, and layH5414 not upon us innocentH5355 H5355 bloodH1818: for thou, O LORDH3068, hast doneH6213 as it pleasedH2654 thee.15So they took upH5375 JonahH3124, and cast him forthH2904 into the seaH3220: and the seaH3220 ceasedH5975 from her ragingH2197.16Then the menH582 fearedH3372 the LORDH3068 exceedinglyH1419 H3374, and offeredH2076 a sacrificeH2077 unto the LORDH3068, and madeH5087 vowsH5088.

17Now the LORDH3068 had preparedH4487 a greatH1419 fishH1709 to swallow upH1104 JonahH3124. And JonahH3124 was in the bellyH4578 of the fishH1709 threeH7969 daysH3117 and threeH7969 nightsH3915.