Zephaniah 2 (kjv)


Gather yourselves togetherH7197, yea, gather togetherH7197, O nationH1471 not desiredH3700;2Before the decreeH2706 bring forthH3205, before the dayH3117 passH5674 as the chaffH4671, beforeH3808 the fierceH2740 angerH639 of the LORDH3068 comeH935 upon you, before the dayH3117 of the LORD'SH3068 angerH639 comeH935 upon you.3SeekH1245 ye the LORDH3068, all ye meekH6035 of the earthH776, which have wroughtH6466 his judgmentH4941; seekH1245 righteousnessH6664, seekH1245 meeknessH6038: it may beH194 ye shall be hidH5641 in the dayH3117 of the LORD'SH3068 angerH639.4For GazaH5804 shall be forsakenH5800, and AshkelonH831 a desolationH8077: they shall drive outH1644 AshdodH795 at the noon dayH6672, and EkronH6138 shall be rooted upH6131.5WoeH1945 unto the inhabitantsH3427 of the seaH3220 coastH2256, the nationH1471 of the CherethitesH3774! the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068 is against you; O CanaanH3667, the landH776 of the PhilistinesH6430, I will even destroyH6 thee, that there shall be no inhabitantH3427.6And the seaH3220 coastH2256 shall be dwellingsH5116 and cottagesH3741 for shepherdsH7462, and foldsH1448 for flocksH6629.7And the coastH2256 shall be for the remnantH7611 of the houseH1004 of JudahH3063; they shall feedH7462 thereupon: in the housesH1004 of AshkelonH831 shall they lie downH7257 in the eveningH6153: for the LORDH3068 their GodH430 shall visitH6485 them, and turn awayH7725 their captivityH7622 H7622.8I have heardH8085 the reproachH2781 of MoabH4124, and the revilingsH1421 of the childrenH1121 of AmmonH5983, whereby they have reproachedH2778 my peopleH5971, and magnifiedH1431 themselves against their borderH1366.9Therefore as I liveH2416, saithH5002 the LORDH3068 of hostsH6635, the GodH430 of IsraelH3478, Surely MoabH4124 shall be as SodomH5467, and the childrenH1121 of AmmonH5983 as GomorrahH6017, even the breedingH4476 of nettlesH2738, and saltpitsH4379 H4417, and a perpetualH5704 H5769 desolationH8077: the residueH7611 of my peopleH5971 shall spoilH962 them, and the remnantH3499 of my peopleH1471 shall possessH5157 them.10This shall they have for their prideH1347, because they have reproachedH2778 and magnifiedH1431 themselves against the peopleH5971 of the LORDH3068 of hostsH6635.11The LORDH3068 will be terribleH3372 unto them: for he will famishH7329 all the godsH430 of the earthH776; and men shall worshipH7812 him, every oneH376 from his placeH4725, even all the islesH339 of the heathenH1471.12Ye EthiopiansH3569 also, yeH1992 shall be slainH2491 by my swordH2719.13And he will stretch outH5186 his handH3027 against the northH6828, and destroyH6 AssyriaH804; and will makeH7760 NinevehH5210 a desolationH8077, and dryH6723 like a wildernessH4057.14And flocksH5739 shall lie downH7257 in the midstH8432 of her, all the beastsH2416 of the nationsH1471: both the cormorantH6893 and the bitternH7090 shall lodgeH3885 in the upper lintelsH3730 of it; their voiceH6963 shall singH7891 in the windowsH2474; desolationH2721 shall be in the thresholdsH5592: for he shall uncoverH6168 the cedar workH731.15This is the rejoicingH5947 cityH5892 that dweltH3427 carelesslyH983, that saidH559 in her heartH3824, I am, and there is none besideH657 me: how is she become a desolationH8047, a place for beastsH2416 to lie down inH4769! every one that passeth byH5674 her shall hissH8319, and wagH5128 his handH3027.