Zephaniah 3 (kjv)


WoeH1945 to her that is filthyH4754 and pollutedH1351, to the oppressingH3238 cityH5892!2She obeyedH8085 not the voiceH6963; she receivedH3947 not correctionH4148; she trustedH982 not in the LORDH3068; she drew not nearH7126 to her GodH430.3Her princesH8269 withinH7130 her are roaringH7580 lionsH738; her judgesH8199 are eveningH6153 wolvesH2061; they gnaw not the bonesH1633 till the morrowH1242.4Her prophetsH5030 are lightH6348 and treacherousH900 personsH582: her priestsH3548 have pollutedH2490 the sanctuaryH6944, they have done violenceH2554 to the lawH8451.5The justH6662 LORDH3068 is in the midstH7130 thereof; he will not doH6213 iniquityH5766: everyH1242 morningH1242 doth he bringH5414 his judgmentH4941 to lightH216, he failethH5737 not; but the unjustH5767 knowethH3045 no shameH1322.6I have cut offH3772 the nationsH1471: their towersH6438 are desolateH8074; I made their streetsH2351 wasteH2717, that none passeth byH5674: their citiesH5892 are destroyedH6658, so that there is no manH376, that there is none inhabitantH3427.7I saidH559, Surely thou wilt fearH3372 me, thou wilt receiveH3947 instructionH4148; so their dwellingH4583 should not be cut offH3772, howsoeverH834 H3605 I punishedH6485 them: butH403 they rose earlyH7925, and corruptedH7843 all their doingsH5949.8Therefore waitH2442 ye upon me, saithH5002 the LORDH3068, until the dayH3117 that I rise upH6965 to the preyH5706: for my determinationH4941 is to gatherH622 the nationsH1471, that I may assembleH6908 the kingdomsH4467, to pourH8210 upon them mine indignationH2195, even all my fierceH2740 angerH639: for all the earthH776 shall be devouredH398 with the fireH784 of my jealousyH7068.9For then will I turnH2015 to the peopleH5971 a pureH1305 languageH8193, that they may all callH7121 upon the nameH8034 of the LORDH3068, to serveH5647 him with oneH259 consentH7926.10From beyondH5676 the riversH5104 of EthiopiaH3568 my suppliantsH6282, even the daughterH1323 of my dispersedH6327, shall bringH2986 mine offeringH4503.11In that dayH3117 shalt thou not be ashamedH954 for all thy doingsH5949, wherein thou hast transgressedH6586 against me: for then I will take awayH5493 out of the midstH7130 of thee them that rejoiceH5947 in thy prideH1346, and thou shalt no moreH3254 be haughtyH1361 because of my holyH6944 mountainH2022.12I will also leaveH7604 in the midstH7130 of thee an afflictedH6041 and poorH1800 peopleH5971, and they shall trustH2620 in the nameH8034 of the LORDH3068.13The remnantH7611 of IsraelH3478 shall not doH6213 iniquityH5766, nor speakH1696 liesH3577; neither shall a deceitfulH8649 tongueH3956 be foundH4672 in their mouthH6310: for they shall feedH7462 and lie downH7257, and none shall make them afraidH2729.14SingH7442, O daughterH1323 of ZionH6726; shoutH7321, O IsraelH3478; be gladH8055 and rejoiceH5937 with all the heartH3820, O daughterH1323 of JerusalemH3389.15The LORDH3068 hath taken awayH5493 thy judgmentsH4941, he hath cast outH6437 thine enemyH341: the kingH4428 of IsraelH3478, even the LORDH3068, is in the midstH7130 of thee: thou shalt not seeH7200 evilH7451 any more.16In that dayH3117 it shall be saidH559 to JerusalemH3389, FearH3372 thou not: and to ZionH6726, Let not thine handsH3027 be slackH7503.17The LORDH3068 thy GodH430 in the midstH7130 of thee is mightyH1368; he will saveH3467, he will rejoiceH7797 over thee with joyH8057; he will restH2790 in his loveH160, he will joyH1523 over thee with singingH7440.18I will gatherH622 them that are sorrowfulH3013 for the solemn assemblyH4150, who are of thee, to whom the reproachH2781 of it was a burdenH4864.19Behold, at that timeH6256 I will undoH6213 all that afflictH6031 thee: and I will saveH3467 her that haltethH6760, and gatherH6908 her that was driven outH5080; and I will getH7760 them praiseH8416 and fameH8034 in every landH776 where they have been put to shameH1322.20At that timeH6256 will I bringH935 you again, even in the timeH6256 that I gatherH6908 you: for I will makeH5414 you a nameH8034 and a praiseH8416 among all peopleH5971 of the earthH776, when I turn backH7725 your captivityH7622 before your eyesH5869, saithH559 the LORDH3068.