I Kings 4 (kjv)


So kingH4428 SolomonH8010 was kingH4428 over all IsraelH3478.2And these were the princesH8269 which he had; AzariahH5838 the sonH1121 of ZadokH6659 the priestH3548,3ElihorephH456 and AhiahH281, the sonsH1121 of ShishaH7894, scribesH5608; JehoshaphatH3092 the sonH1121 of AhiludH286, the recorderH2142.4And BenaiahH1141 the sonH1121 of JehoiadaH3077 was over the hostH6635: and ZadokH6659 and AbiatharH54 were the priestsH3548:5And AzariahH5838 the sonH1121 of NathanH5416 was over the officersH5324: and ZabudH2071 the sonH1121 of NathanH5416 was principal officerH3548, and the king'sH4428 friendH7463:6And AhisharH301 was over the householdH1004: and AdoniramH141 the sonH1121 of AbdaH5653 was over the tributeH4522.

7And SolomonH8010 had twelveH8147 H6240 officersH5324 over all IsraelH3478, which provided victualsH3557 for the kingH4428 and his householdH1004: each manH259 his monthH2320 in a yearH8141 made provisionH3557.8And these are their namesH8034: The son of HurH1133, in mountH2022 EphraimH669:9The son of DekarH1128 H1857, in MakazH4739, and in ShaalbimH8169, and BethshemeshH1053, and ElonbethhananH358:10The son of HesedH1136 H2618, in ArubothH700; to him pertained SochohH7755, and all the landH776 of HepherH2660:11The son of AbinadabH1125, in all the regionH5299 of DorH1756; which had TaphathH2955 the daughterH1323 of SolomonH8010 to wifeH802:12BaanaH1195 the sonH1121 of AhiludH286; to him pertained TaanachH8590 and MegiddoH4023, and all BethsheanH1052, which is byH681 ZartanahH6891 beneath JezreelH3157, from BethsheanH1052 to AbelmeholahH65, even unto the place that is beyondH5676 JokneamH3361:13The son of GeberH1127, in RamothgileadH1568 H7433; to him pertained the townsH2333 of JairH2971 the sonH1121 of ManassehH4519, which are in GileadH1568; to him also pertained the regionH2256 of ArgobH709, which is in BashanH1316, threescoreH8346 greatH1419 citiesH5892 with wallsH2346 and brasenH5178 barsH1280:14AhinadabH292 the sonH1121 of IddoH5714 had MahanaimH4266:15AhimaazH290 was in NaphtaliH5321; he also tookH3947 BasmathH1315 the daughterH1323 of SolomonH8010 to wifeH802:16BaanahH1195 the sonH1121 of HushaiH2365 was in AsherH836 and in AlothH1175:17JehoshaphatH3092 the sonH1121 of ParuahH6515, in IssacharH3485:18ShimeiH8096 the sonH1121 of ElahH414, in BenjaminH1144:19GeberH1398 the sonH1121 of UriH221 was in the countryH776 of GileadH1568, in the countryH776 of SihonH5511 kingH4428 of the AmoritesH567, and of OgH5747 kingH4428 of BashanH1316; and he was the onlyH259 officerH5333 which was in the landH776.

20JudahH3063 and IsraelH3478 were manyH7227, as the sandH2344 which is by the seaH3220 in multitudeH7230, eatingH398 and drinkingH8354, and making merryH8056.21And SolomonH8010 reignedH4910 over all kingdomsH4467 from the riverH5104 unto the landH776 of the PhilistinesH6430, and unto the borderH1366 of EgyptH4714: they broughtH5066 presentsH4503, and servedH5647 SolomonH8010 all the daysH3117 of his lifeH2416.

22And Solomon'sH8010 provisionH3899 for oneH259 dayH3117 was thirtyH7970 measuresH3734 of fine flourH5560, and threescoreH8346 measuresH3734 of mealH7058,23TenH6235 fatH1277 oxenH1241, and twentyH6242 oxenH1241 out of the pasturesH7471, and an hundredH3967 sheepH6629, beside hartsH354, and roebucksH6643, and fallowdeerH3180, and fattedH75 fowlH1257.24For he had dominionH7287 over all the region on this sideH5676 the riverH5104, from TiphsahH8607 even to AzzahH5804, over all the kingsH4428 on this sideH5676 the riverH5104: and he had peaceH7965 on all sidesH5650 H5676 round aboutH5439 him.25And JudahH3063 and IsraelH3478 dweltH3427 safelyH983, every manH376 under his vineH1612 and under his fig treeH8384, from DanH1835 even to BeershebaH884, all the daysH3117 of SolomonH8010.

26And SolomonH8010 had fortyH705 thousandH505 stallsH723 of horsesH5483 for his chariotsH4817, and twelveH8147 H6240 thousandH505 horsemenH6571.27And those officersH5324 provided victualH3557 for kingH4428 SolomonH8010, and for all that cameH7131 unto kingH4428 Solomon'sH8010 tableH7979, every manH376 in his monthH2320: they lackedH5737 nothingH1697.28BarleyH8184 also and strawH8401 for the horsesH5483 and dromedariesH7409 broughtH935 they unto the placeH4725 where the officers were, every manH376 according to his chargeH4941.

29And GodH430 gaveH5414 SolomonH8010 wisdomH2451 and understandingH8394 exceedingH3966 muchH7235, and largenessH7341 of heartH3820, even as the sandH2344 that is on the seaH3220 shoreH8193.30And Solomon'sH8010 wisdomH2451 excelledH7235 the wisdomH2451 of all the childrenH1121 of the east countryH6924, and all the wisdomH2451 of EgyptH4714.31For he was wiserH2449 than all menH120; than EthanH387 the EzrahiteH250, and HemanH1968, and ChalcolH3633, and DardaH1862, the sonsH1121 of MaholH4235: and his fameH8034 was in all nationsH1471 round aboutH5439.32And he spakeH1696 threeH7969 thousandH505 proverbsH4912: and his songsH7892 were a thousandH505 and fiveH2568.33And he spakeH1696 of treesH6086, from the cedar treeH730 that is in LebanonH3844 even unto the hyssopH231 that springeth outH3318 of the wallH7023: he spakeH1696 also of beastsH929, and of fowlH5775, and of creeping thingsH7431, and of fishesH1709.34And there cameH935 of all peopleH5971 to hearH8085 the wisdomH2451 of SolomonH8010, from all kingsH4428 of the earthH776, which had heardH8085 of his wisdomH2451.