I Kings 5 (kjv)


And HiramH2438 kingH4428 of TyreH6865 sentH7971 his servantsH5650 unto SolomonH8010; for he had heardH8085 that they had anointedH4886 him kingH4428 in the room of his fatherH1: for HiramH2438 was everH3117 a loverH157 of DavidH1732.2And SolomonH8010 sentH7971 to HiramH2438, sayingH559,3Thou knowestH3045 how that DavidH1732 my fatherH1 couldH3201 not buildH1129 an houseH1004 unto the nameH8034 of the LORDH3068 his GodH430 forH6440 the warsH4421 which were about him on every sideH5437, until the LORDH3068 putH5414 them under the solesH3709 of his feetH7272.4But now the LORDH3068 my GodH430 hath given me restH5117 on every sideH5439, so that there is neither adversaryH7854 nor evilH7451 occurrentH6294.5And, behold, I purposeH559 to buildH1129 an houseH1004 unto the nameH8034 of the LORDH3068 my GodH430, as the LORDH3068 spakeH1696 unto DavidH1732 my fatherH1, sayingH559, Thy sonH1121, whom I will setH5414 upon thy throneH3678 in thy room, he shall buildH1129 an houseH1004 unto my nameH8034.6Now therefore commandH6680 thou that they hewH3772 me cedar treesH730 out of LebanonH3844; and my servantsH5650 shall be with thy servantsH5650: and unto thee will I giveH5414 hireH7939 for thy servantsH5650 according to all that thou shalt appointH559: for thou knowestH3045 that there is not among us anyH376 that can skillH3045 to hewH3772 timberH6086 like unto the SidoniansH6722.

7And it came to pass, when HiramH2438 heardH8085 the wordsH1697 of SolomonH8010, that he rejoicedH8055 greatlyH3966, and saidH559, BlessedH1288 be the LORDH3068 this dayH3117, which hath givenH5414 unto DavidH1732 a wiseH2450 sonH1121 over this greatH7227 peopleH5971.8And HiramH2438 sentH7971 to SolomonH8010, sayingH559, I have consideredH8085 the things which thou sentestH7971 to me for: and I will doH6213 all thy desireH2656 concerning timberH6086 of cedarH730, and concerning timberH6086 of firH1265.9My servantsH5650 shall bring them downH3381 from LebanonH3844 unto the seaH3220: and I will conveyH7760 them by seaH3220 in floatsH1702 unto the placeH4725 that thou shalt appointH7971 me, and will cause them to be dischargedH5310 there, and thou shalt receiveH5375 them: and thou shalt accomplishH6213 my desireH2656, in givingH5414 foodH3899 for my householdH1004.10So HiramH2438 gaveH5414 SolomonH8010 cedarH730 treesH6086 and firH1265 treesH6086 according to all his desireH2656.11And SolomonH8010 gaveH5414 HiramH2438 twentyH6242 thousandH505 measuresH3734 of wheatH2406 for foodH4361 to his householdH1004, and twentyH6242 measuresH3734 of pureH3795 oilH8081: thus gaveH5414 SolomonH8010 to HiramH2438 yearH8141 by yearH8141.12And the LORDH3068 gaveH5414 SolomonH8010 wisdomH2451, as he promisedH1696 him: and there was peaceH7965 between HiramH2438 and SolomonH8010; and they twoH8147 madeH3772 a leagueH1285 togetherH8147.

13And kingH4428 SolomonH8010 raisedH5927 a levyH4522 out of all IsraelH3478; and the levyH4522 was thirtyH7970 thousandH505 menH376.14And he sentH7971 them to LebanonH3844, tenH6235 thousandH505 a monthH2320 by coursesH2487: a monthH2320 they were in LebanonH3844, and twoH8147 monthsH2320 at homeH1004: and AdoniramH141 was over the levyH4522.15And SolomonH8010 had threescore and tenH7657 thousandH505 that bareH5375 burdensH5449, and fourscoreH8084 thousandH505 hewersH2672 in the mountainsH2022;16Beside the chiefH8269 of Solomon'sH8010 officersH5324 which were over the workH4399, threeH7969 thousandH505 and threeH7969 hundredH3967, which ruledH7287 over the peopleH5971 that wroughtH6213 in the workH4399.17And the kingH4428 commandedH6680, and they broughtH5265 greatH1419 stonesH68, costlyH3368 stonesH68, and hewedH1496 stonesH68, to lay the foundationH3245 of the houseH1004.18And Solomon'sH8010 buildersH1129 and Hiram'sH2438 buildersH1129 did hewH6458 them, and the stonesquarersH1382: so they preparedH3559 timberH6086 and stonesH68 to buildH1129 the houseH1004.