I Kings 6 (kjv)


And it came to pass in the fourH702 hundredH3967 H8141 and eightiethH8084 yearH8141 after the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 were come outH3318 of the landH776 of EgyptH4714, in the fourthH7243 yearH8141 of Solomon'sH8010 reignH4427 over IsraelH3478, in the monthH2320 ZifH2099, which is the secondH8145 monthH2320, that he began to buildH1129 the houseH1004 of the LORDH3068.2And the houseH1004 which kingH4428 SolomonH8010 builtH1129 for the LORDH3068, the lengthH753 thereof was threescoreH8346 cubitsH520, and the breadthH7341 thereof twentyH6242 cubits, and the heightH6967 thereof thirtyH7970 cubitsH520.3And the porchH197 beforeH6440 the templeH1964 of the houseH1004, twentyH6242 cubitsH520 was the lengthH753 thereof, according to the breadthH7341 of the houseH1004; and tenH6235 cubitsH520 was the breadthH7341 thereof before the houseH1004.4And for the houseH1004 he madeH6213 windowsH2474 of narrowH331 lightsH8261.

5And against the wallH7023 of the houseH1004 he builtH1129 chambersH3326 H3326 round aboutH5439, against the wallsH7023 of the houseH1004 round aboutH5439, both of the templeH1964 and of the oracleH1687: and he madeH6213 chambersH6763 round aboutH5439:6The nethermostH8481 chamberH3326 H3326 was fiveH2568 cubitsH520 broadH7341, and the middleH8484 was sixH8337 cubitsH520 broadH7341, and the thirdH7992 was sevenH7651 cubitsH520 broadH7341: for without in the wall ofH2351 the houseH1004 he madeH5414 narrowed restsH4052 round aboutH5439, that the beams should not be fastenedH270 in the wallsH7023 of the houseH1004.7And the houseH1004, when it was in buildingH1129, was builtH1129 of stoneH68 made readyH8003 before it was broughtH4551 thither: so that there was neither hammerH4717 nor axeH1631 nor any toolH3627 of ironH1270 heardH8085 in the houseH1004, while it was in buildingH1129.8The doorH6607 for the middleH8484 chamberH6763 was in the rightH3233 sideH3802 of the houseH1004: and they went upH5927 with winding stairsH3883 into the middleH8484 chamber, and out of the middleH8484 into the thirdH7992.9So he builtH1129 the houseH1004, and finishedH3615 it; and coveredH5603 the houseH1004 with beamsH1356 and boardsH7713 of cedarH730.10And then he builtH1129 chambersH3326 H3326 against all the houseH1004, fiveH2568 cubitsH520 highH6967: and they restedH270 on the houseH1004 with timberH6086 of cedarH730.

11And the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068 came to SolomonH8010, sayingH559,12Concerning this houseH1004 which thou art in buildingH1129, if thou wilt walkH3212 in my statutesH2708, and executeH6213 my judgmentsH4941, and keepH8104 all my commandmentsH4687 to walkH3212 in them; then will I performH6965 my wordH1697 with thee, which I spakeH1696 unto DavidH1732 thy fatherH1:13And I will dwellH7931 amongH8432 the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478, and will not forsakeH5800 my peopleH5971 IsraelH3478.14So SolomonH8010 builtH1129 the houseH1004, and finishedH3615 it.

15And he builtH1129 the wallsH7023 of the houseH1004 withinH1004 with boardsH6763 of cedarH730, both the floorH7172 of the houseH1004, and the wallsH7023 of the cielingH5604: and he coveredH6823 them on the insideH1004 with woodH6086, and coveredH6823 the floorH7172 of the houseH1004 with planksH6763 of firH1265.16And he builtH1129 twentyH6242 cubitsH520 on the sidesH3411 of the houseH1004, bothH4480 the floorH7172 and the wallsH7023 with boardsH6763 of cedarH730: he even builtH1129 them for it withinH1004, even for the oracleH1687, even for the mostH6944 holyH6944 place.17And the houseH1004, that is, the templeH1964 beforeH3942 it, was fortyH705 cubitsH520 long.18And the cedarH730 of the houseH1004 withinH6441 was carvedH4734 with knopsH6497 and openH6362 flowersH6731: all was cedarH730; there was no stoneH68 seenH7200.19And the oracleH1687 he preparedH3559 inH8432 the houseH1004 withinH6441, to setH5414 there the arkH727 of the covenantH1285 of the LORDH3068.20And the oracleH1687 in the forepartH6440 was twentyH6242 cubitsH520 in lengthH753, and twentyH6242 cubitsH520 in breadthH7341, and twentyH6242 cubitsH520 in the heightH6967 thereof: and he overlaidH6823 it with pureH5462 goldH2091; and so coveredH6823 the altarH4196 which was of cedarH730.21So SolomonH8010 overlaidH6823 the houseH1004 withinH6441 with pureH5462 goldH2091: and he made a partitionH5674 by the chainsH7572 H7572 of goldH2091 beforeH6440 the oracleH1687; and he overlaidH6823 it with goldH2091.22And the whole houseH1004 he overlaidH6823 with goldH2091, until he had finishedH8552 all the houseH1004: also the whole altarH4196 that was by the oracleH1687 he overlaidH6823 with goldH2091.

23And within the oracleH1687 he madeH6213 twoH8147 cherubimsH3742 of oliveH8081 treeH6086, each tenH6235 cubitsH520 highH6967.24And fiveH2568 cubitsH520 was the oneH259 wingH3671 of the cherubH3742, and fiveH2568 cubitsH520 the otherH8145 wingH3671 of the cherubH3742: from the uttermost partH7098 of the one wingH3671 unto the uttermost partH7098 of the otherH3671 were tenH6235 cubitsH520.25And the otherH8145 cherubH3742 was tenH6235 cubitsH520: bothH8147 the cherubimsH3742 were of oneH259 measureH4060 and oneH259 sizeH7095.26The heightH6967 of the oneH259 cherubH3742 was tenH6235 cubitsH520, and so was it of the otherH8145 cherubH3742.27And he setH5414 the cherubimsH3742 withinH8432 the innerH6442 houseH1004: and they stretched forthH6566 the wingsH3671 of the cherubimsH3742, so that the wingH3671 of the oneH259 touchedH5060 the one wallH7023, and the wingH3671 of the otherH8145 cherubH3742 touchedH5060 the otherH8145 wallH7023; and their wingsH3671 touchedH5060 oneH3671 anotherH3671 in the midstH8432 of the houseH1004.28And he overlaidH6823 the cherubimsH3742 with goldH2091.29And he carvedH7049 all the wallsH7023 of the houseH1004 round aboutH4524 with carvedH6603 figuresH4734 of cherubimsH3742 and palm treesH8561 and openH6362 flowersH6731, withinH6441 and withoutH2435.30And the floorH7172 of the houseH1004 he overlaidH6823 with goldH2091, withinH6441 and withoutH2435.

31And for the enteringH6607 of the oracleH1687 he madeH6213 doorsH1817 of oliveH8081 treeH6086: the lintelH352 and side postsH4201 were a fifth partH2549 of the wall.32The twoH8147 doorsH1817 also were of oliveH8081 treeH6086; and he carvedH7049 upon them carvingsH4734 of cherubimsH3742 and palm treesH8561 and openH6362 flowersH6731, and overlaidH6823 them with goldH2091, and spreadH7286 goldH2091 upon the cherubimsH3742, and upon the palm treesH8561.33So also madeH6213 he for the doorH6607 of the templeH1964 postsH4201 of oliveH8081 treeH6086, a fourth partH7243 of the wall.34And the twoH8147 doorsH1817 were of firH1265 treeH6086: the twoH8147 leavesH6763 of the oneH259 doorH1817 were foldingH1550, and the twoH8147 leavesH7050 of the otherH8145 doorH1817 were foldingH1550.35And he carvedH7049 thereon cherubimsH3742 and palm treesH8561 and openH6362 flowersH6731: and coveredH6823 them with goldH2091 fittedH3474 upon the carved workH2707.

36And he builtH1129 the innerH6442 courtH2691 with threeH7969 rowsH2905 of hewed stoneH1496, and a rowH2905 of cedarH730 beamsH3773.

37In the fourthH7243 yearH8141 was the foundationH3245 of the houseH1004 of the LORDH3068 laidH3245, in the monthH3391 ZifH2099:38And in the eleventhH259 H6240 yearH8141, in the monthH3391 BulH945, which is the eighthH8066 monthH2320, was the houseH1004 finishedH3615 throughout all the partsH1697 thereof, and according to all the fashionH4941 of it. So was he sevenH7651 yearsH8141 in buildingH1129 it.