I Kings 7 (kjv)


But SolomonH8010 was buildingH1129 his own houseH1004 thirteenH7969 H6240 yearsH8141, and he finishedH3615 all his houseH1004.

2He builtH1129 also the houseH1004 of the forestH3293 of LebanonH3844; the lengthH753 thereof was an hundredH3967 cubitsH520, and the breadthH7341 thereof fiftyH2572 cubitsH520, and the heightH6967 thereof thirtyH7970 cubitsH520, upon fourH702 rowsH2905 of cedarH730 pillarsH5982, with cedarH730 beamsH3773 upon the pillarsH5982.3And it was coveredH5603 with cedarH730 aboveH4605 upon the beamsH6763, that lay on fortyH705 fiveH2568 pillarsH5982, fifteenH6240 in a rowH2905.4And there were windowsH8261 in threeH7969 rowsH2905, and lightH4237 was against lightH4237 in threeH7969 ranksH6471.5And all the doorsH6607 and postsH4201 were squareH7251, with the windowsH8260: and lightH4237 was againstH4136 lightH4237 in threeH7969 ranksH6471.

6And he madeH6213 a porchH197 of pillarsH5982; the lengthH753 thereof was fiftyH2572 cubitsH520, and the breadthH7341 thereof thirtyH7970 cubitsH520: and the porchH197 was beforeH6440 them: and the other pillarsH5982 and the thick beamH5646 were before them.

7Then he madeH6213 a porchH197 for the throneH3678 where he might judgeH8199, even the porchH197 of judgmentH4941: and it was coveredH5603 with cedarH730 from one side of the floorH7172 to the otherH7172.

8And his houseH1004 where he dweltH3427 had anotherH312 courtH2691 withinH1004 the porchH197, which was of the like workH4639. SolomonH8010 madeH6213 also an houseH1004 for Pharaoh'sH6547 daughterH1323, whom he had takenH3947 to wife, like unto this porchH197.9All these were of costlyH3368 stonesH68, according to the measuresH4060 of hewed stonesH1496, sawedH1641 with sawsH4050, withinH1004 and withoutH2351, even from the foundationH4527 unto the copingH2947, and so on the outsideH2351 toward the greatH1419 courtH2691.10And the foundationH3245 was of costlyH3368 stonesH68, even greatH1419 stonesH68, stonesH68 of tenH6235 cubitsH520, and stonesH68 of eightH8083 cubitsH520.11And aboveH4605 were costlyH3368 stonesH68, after the measuresH4060 of hewed stonesH1496, and cedarsH730.12And the greatH1419 courtH2691 round aboutH5439 was with threeH7969 rowsH2905 of hewed stonesH1496, and a rowH2905 of cedarH730 beamsH3773, both for the innerH6442 courtH2691 of the houseH1004 of the LORDH3068, and for the porchH197 of the houseH1004.

13And kingH4428 SolomonH8010 sentH7971 and fetchedH3947 HiramH2438 out of TyreH6865.14He was a widow'sH802 H490 sonH1121 of the tribeH4294 of NaphtaliH5321, and his fatherH1 was a manH376 of TyreH6876, a workerH2790 in brassH5178: and he was filledH4390 with wisdomH2451, and understandingH8394, and cunningH1847 to workH6213 all worksH4399 in brassH5178. And he cameH935 to kingH4428 SolomonH8010, and wroughtH6213 all his workH4399.15For he castH6696 twoH8147 pillarsH5982 of brassH5178, of eighteenH8083 H6240 cubitsH520 highH6967 apieceH5982 H259: and a lineH2339 of twelveH8147 H6240 cubitsH520 did compassH5437 eitherH8145 of them aboutH5437.16And he madeH6213 twoH8147 chapitersH3805 of moltenH3332 brassH5178, to setH5414 upon the topsH7218 of the pillarsH5982: the heightH6967 of the oneH259 chapiterH3805 was fiveH2568 cubitsH520, and the heightH6967 of the otherH8145 chapiterH3805 was fiveH2568 cubitsH520:17And netsH7638 of checkerH7639 workH4639, and wreathsH1434 of chainH8333 workH4639, for the chapitersH3805 which were upon the topH7218 of the pillarsH5982; sevenH7651 for the oneH259 chapiterH3805, and sevenH7651 for the otherH8145 chapiterH3805.18And he madeH6213 the pillarsH5982, and twoH8147 rowsH2905 round aboutH5439 upon the oneH259 networkH7639, to coverH3680 the chapitersH3805 that were upon the topH7218, with pomegranatesH7416: and so didH6213 he for the otherH8145 chapiterH3805.19And the chapitersH3805 that were upon the topH7218 of the pillarsH5982 were of lilyH7799 workH4639 in the porchH197, fourH702 cubitsH520.20And the chapitersH3805 upon the twoH8147 pillarsH5982 had pomegranates also aboveH4605, over againstH5980 the bellyH990 which was byH5676 the networkH7639: and the pomegranatesH7416 were two hundredH3967 in rowsH2905 round aboutH5439 upon the otherH8145 chapiterH3805.21And he set upH6965 the pillarsH5982 in the porchH197 of the templeH1964: and he set upH6965 the rightH3233 pillarH5982, and calledH7121 the nameH8034 thereof JachinH3199: and he set upH6965 the leftH8042 pillarH5982, and calledH7121 the nameH8034 thereof BoazH1162.22And upon the topH7218 of the pillarsH5982 was lilyH7799 workH4639: so was the workH4399 of the pillarsH5982 finishedH8552.

23And he madeH6213 a moltenH3332 seaH3220, tenH6235 cubitsH520 from the one brimH8193 to the otherH8193: it was roundH5696 all aboutH5439, and his heightH6967 was fiveH2568 cubitsH520: and a lineH6957 H6961 of thirtyH7970 cubitsH520 did compassH5437 it round aboutH5439.24And under the brimH8193 of it round aboutH5439 there were knopsH6497 compassingH5437 it, tenH6235 in a cubitH520, compassingH5362 the seaH3220 round aboutH5439: the knopsH6497 were castH3333 in twoH8147 rowsH2905, when it was castH3332.25It stoodH5975 upon twelveH8147 H6240 oxenH1241, threeH7969 lookingH6437 toward the northH6828, and threeH7969 lookingH6437 toward the westH3220, and threeH7969 lookingH6437 toward the southH5045, and threeH7969 lookingH6437 toward the eastH4217: and the seaH3220 was set aboveH4605 upon them, and all their hinder partsH268 were inwardH1004.26And it was an hand breadthH2947 thickH5672, and the brimH8193 thereof was wroughtH4639 like the brimH8193 of a cupH3563, with flowersH6525 of liliesH7799: it containedH3557 two thousandH505 bathsH1324.

27And he madeH6213 tenH6235 basesH4350 of brassH5178; fourH702 cubitsH520 was the lengthH753 of oneH259 baseH4350, and fourH702 cubitsH520 the breadthH7341 thereof, and threeH7969 cubitsH520 the heightH6967 of it.28And the workH4639 of the basesH4350 was on this manner: they had bordersH4526, and the bordersH4526 were between the ledgesH7948:29And on the bordersH4526 that were between the ledgesH7948 were lionsH738, oxenH1241, and cherubimsH3742: and upon the ledgesH7948 there was a baseH3653 aboveH4605: and beneath the lionsH738 and oxenH1241 were certain additionsH3914 made of thinH4174 workH4639.30And everyH259 baseH4350 had fourH702 brasenH5178 wheelsH212, and platesH5633 of brassH5178: and the fourH702 cornersH6471 thereof had undersettersH3802: under the laverH3595 were undersettersH3802 moltenH3332, at the sideH5676 of everyH376 additionH3914.31And the mouthH6310 of it withinH1004 the chapiterH3805 and aboveH4605 was a cubitH520: but the mouthH6310 thereof was roundH5696 after the workH4639 of the baseH3653, a cubitH520 and an halfH2677: and also upon the mouthH6310 of it were gravingsH4734 with their bordersH4526, foursquareH7251, not roundH5696.32And underH8478 the bordersH4526 were fourH702 wheelsH212; and the axletreesH3027 of the wheelsH212 were joined to the baseH4350: and the heightH6967 of aH259 wheelH212 was a cubitH520 and halfH2677 a cubitH520.33And the workH4639 of the wheelsH212 was like the workH4639 of a chariotH4818 wheelH212: their axletreesH3027, and their navesH1354, and their felloesH2839, and their spokesH2840, were all moltenH3332.34And there were fourH702 undersettersH3802 to the fourH702 cornersH6438 of oneH259 baseH4350: and the undersettersH3802 were of the very baseH4350 itself.35And in the topH7218 of the baseH4350 was there a roundH5696 compassH5439 of halfH2677 a cubitH520 highH6967: and on the topH7218 of the baseH4350 the ledgesH3027 thereof and the bordersH4526 thereof were of the same.36For on the platesH3871 of the ledgesH3027 thereof, and on the bordersH4526 thereof, he gravedH6605 cherubimsH3742, lionsH738, and palm treesH8561, according to the proportionH4626 of every oneH376, and additionsH3914 round aboutH5439.37After this manner he madeH6213 the tenH6235 basesH4350: all of them had oneH259 castingH4165, oneH259 measureH4060, and oneH259 sizeH7095.

38Then madeH6213 he tenH6235 laversH3595 of brassH5178: oneH259 laverH3595 containedH3557 fortyH705 bathsH1324: and everyH259 laverH3595 was fourH702 cubitsH520: and upon every oneH259 of the tenH6235 basesH4350 oneH259 laverH3595.39And he putH5414 fiveH2568 basesH4350 on the rightH3225 sideH3802 of the houseH1004, and fiveH2568 on the leftH8040 sideH3802 of the houseH1004: and he setH5414 the seaH3220 on the rightH3233 sideH3802 of the houseH1004 eastwardH6924 over againstH4136 the southH5045.

40And HiramH2438 madeH6213 the laversH3595, and the shovelsH3257, and the basonsH4219. So HiramH2438 madeH3615 an end of doingH6213 all the workH4399 that he madeH6213 kingH4428 SolomonH8010 for the houseH1004 of the LORDH3068:41The twoH8147 pillarsH5982, and the two bowlsH1543 of the chapitersH3805 that were on the topH7218 of the twoH8147 pillarsH5982; and the twoH8147 networksH7639, to coverH3680 the twoH8147 bowlsH1543 of the chapitersH3805 which were upon the topH7218 of the pillarsH5982;42And fourH702 hundredH3967 pomegranatesH7416 for the twoH8147 networksH7639, even twoH8147 rowsH2905 of pomegranatesH7416 for oneH259 networkH7639, to coverH3680 the twoH8147 bowlsH1543 of the chapitersH3805 that were uponH6440 the pillarsH5982;43And the tenH6235 basesH4350, and tenH6235 laversH3595 on the basesH4350;44And oneH259 seaH3220, and twelveH8147 H6240 oxenH1241 under the seaH3220;45And the potsH5518, and the shovelsH3257, and the basonsH4219: and all these vesselsH3627, which HiramH2438 madeH6213 to kingH4428 SolomonH8010 for the houseH1004 of the LORDH3068, were of brightH4178 brassH5178.46In the plainH3603 of JordanH3383 did the kingH4428 castH3332 them, in the clayH4568 groundH127 between SuccothH5523 and ZarthanH6891.47And SolomonH8010 leftH3240 all the vesselsH3627 unweighed, because they were exceedingH3966 H3966 manyH7230: neither was the weightH4948 of the brassH5178 found outH2713.48And SolomonH8010 madeH6213 all the vesselsH3627 that pertained unto the houseH1004 of the LORDH3068: the altarH4196 of goldH2091, and the tableH7979 of goldH2091, whereupon the shewbreadH3899 H6440 was,49And the candlesticksH4501 of pureH5462 goldH2091, fiveH2568 on the rightH3225 side, and fiveH2568 on the leftH8040, beforeH6440 the oracleH1687, with the flowersH6525, and the lampsH5216, and the tongsH4457 of goldH2091,50And the bowlsH5592, and the snuffersH4212, and the basonsH4219, and the spoonsH3709, and the censersH4289 of pureH5462 goldH2091; and the hingesH6596 of goldH2091, both for the doorsH1817 of the innerH6442 houseH1004, the mostH6944 holyH6944 place, and for the doorsH1817 of the houseH1004, to wit, of the templeH1964.51So was endedH7999 all the workH4399 that kingH4428 SolomonH8010 madeH6213 for the houseH1004 of the LORDH3068. And SolomonH8010 brought inH935 the things which DavidH1732 his fatherH1 had dedicatedH6944; even the silverH3701, and the goldH2091, and the vesselsH3627, did he putH5414 among the treasuresH214 of the houseH1004 of the LORDH3068.